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Murray Walkers Motorsport Madness

Murray Walker's Motorsport MadnessDon’t miss Murray Walker’s Motor-
  sport Madness
as it arrives on DVD
  on 24 November (2008), just in time
  for Christmas — Murray has gathered
  together some of the most exciting,
  spectacular and jaw-dropping clips from
  the hi-octane world of Motorsport...”

IN HIS INTRODUCTION TO Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness, Murray promises "more crashes than the US stock market, more daring driving than rush hour on the M4 and more death-defying, action-packed adrenaline-fuelled stunts than a Hollywood blockbuster."

First up is an experiment by the Honda Formula One Team in 2003, to find out which is fastest over a mile —
an 800hp Formula One race-car, a state-of-the-art powerbike or a 150mph racing power boat. A special area is needed to have all three racing together at the same time and London City Airport's runway with its unique location alongside the Thames proves ideal.

The car is driven by Formula One's Jenson Button; the bike ridden by winner of 26 British Superbike Championship races Michael "The Blade" Rutter and Steve Curtis, who is considered the best international powerboat racer of all time, takes to the water. It's got to be a close call, but who will win?

A great way to start off Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness; so prepare yourself for an exhilarating ride through a catalogue of amazing and crazy stunts, incredible feats of skill, astonishing races and some of the most unforgettable moments of Motorsport.

The legendary 'Voice of Motorsport', Murray Walker takes us on a white-knuckle ride through the greatest crashes, explosions and stunts in sporting history —
from F1 cars, MotoGP, British Touring Cars, GT Racing and the crazy world of Aero GP along with many, many more adrenaline-fuelled sports.

Featuring brand new footage spanning the globe, Murray brings his unique wealth of experience as an absolute legend in the world of racing and his style of unbridled enthusiasm to this must-see, hi-octane DVD, full of twisted metal, shocking impacts and the most jaw-dropping scenes of Motorsport carnage. Witness F1 superstar Jenson Button throw down the gauntlet in a high-speed showdown, MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi's heavy metal spins and incredible death-defying crashes from the World Rally Championships. Even losing parts of the vehicle doesn't stop a true professional driver and rallying through narrow country lanes sometimes means dodging deer, cattle or even horse riders.

Viewers can also expect trademark Murray-isms, too —
the quips that have made him a firm favourite in a career spanning more than 50 years. Put yourself in Murray's hands and give yourself an hour to remember with Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness.

Rare outings are recorded, such as Formula 1 ace Nick Heidfeld taking his V8-engined, 220mph racing car onto the treacherous ice on the frozen lake at St Moritz and also a new series Aero GP where highly-skilled pilots take to the air for heart-stopping aerobatics —
sometimes skimming the waves at 300mph.

Emotions run high in Motorsport and sometimes the relief and sheer joy of winning is too much. Even five-times MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi —
famed for his aggressive and determined racing style — is not afraid to show his feelings.

You might expect Italian supercar racing to be more civilised with such expensive cars at risk, but accidents at high speed with heavy metal spinning and sliding in all directions is par for the course. And in Iceland, supercharged V8-engined off-road vehicles climb a 200-foot cliff with nothing but a reinforced steel roll cage to protect the drivers if they roll back down the steep incline. The hardy Icelanders can't wait to get back up to have another go!

Drag boat racing at speeds of approaching 250mph make for high-impact spills, while home-made buggies crawling over huge boulders is very visual. Murray even explores lawnmower, double-stacked cars, snowmobile and Reliant Robin Racing and —
unbelievably — racing with a caravan in tow.

Murray has them all: a Land Rover seemingly stuck forever in wet mud; a rally car packed with hi-octane fuel going up in flames and GT racing hampered by extreme weather conditions. Thrill to exciting wins and empathise with soul-destroying bad luck —
even Nelson Piquet once stalled his racing car at the start line.

In the USA, the home of drag racing for decades, heavily modified cars can rocket from 0 to 200mph in under five seconds. Americans love speed and you can see cars performing wheelies and 200mph speedboats, fitted with jet engines, doing nose lifts.

So get ready for the best crashes, out of control spins, wild driving and dramatic collisions as Formula One legend Murray Walker, OBE, presents Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness, released exclusively on DVD through Revolver Entertainment on Monday 24 November, 2008.

Best known for his over-excitable style of F1 commentary, Murray's interest in Motorsport began with motorbike racing, following in the footsteps of his father, motorcycle TT champion Graham Walker. He took a sideways step into commentary after serving in the army, making it his full-time career in 1978.

He quickly became the UK's voice of Formula 1 and his high-pitched, high-speed delivery has made even the most routine of developments seem exciting; becoming a major factor in the enjoyment of watching F1 in the UK for all Brits. Although retired in 2001, Murray's not been able to stay far away from the business he loves, remaining an active and opinionated force within the industry, reprising his role as commentator as recently as July 2008 for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Of Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness, Murray comments: "F1 and motorsports have been a huge part of my life for such a long time that I feel privileged to bring together the best and most dramatic Motorsport moments of this fantastic DVD. There are thrills and spills aplenty here for every sports fan!"

Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness is the ultimate DVD for lovers of high-octane Motorsport madness, mayhem and mishaps and is out on DVD on November 24 (2008), courtesy of Revolver Entertainment. Running Time: 54 minutes | Certificate: E | Catalogue No: REVD2258 | Barcode 5 060018 49030 4 | RRP: £19.99.

"Put yourself in Murray's hands and give yourself an hour to remember with Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness" —
Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Unless I am very much mistaken… this has to be the best collection of crashes and smashes in Motorsport history!" —
Tagline for Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness