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My Neighbour Totoro
My Neighbour Totoro“From the Academy Award-winning
  Studio Ghibli, My Neighbour Totoro is
  a venture into childhood; cleverly woven
  around sorrow and uplifting fantasy,
— whatever your age is an
  enchanting, must-see animé..

DRAWING FROM EXPERIENCES and places from his own childhood, Hayao Miyazaki once again brilliantly takes his viewers back into a world of fantasy — this time to the days of childhood and innocence, where he weaves a magical story around two young children.

Set in the Kanto area of Japan during the 1950s, My Neighbour Totoro follows the lives of ten-year-old Satsuki (voice of Dakota Fanning) and her four-year-old sister Mei (voice of Elle Fanning), whose mother (voice of Lea Salonga) is in hospital and is, of course, sorely missed.

The children's father (voice of Tim Daly) moves the children from the busy city into the peaceful countryside to be closer to the hospital; to a spooky old house that has some strange inhabitants. He enlists the help of an elderly lady (voice of Pat Carroll), whom everyone calls Granny. Luckily, Granny is kind and sensitive and knows all about the folklore of the area and is able to reassure the children.

“My Neighbour Totoro:
A wonderful, heart-
warming and visually
delightful animé
Satsuki takes on the role of little mother to Mei, who understandably given the circumstances of not being able to see their mother is given to the odd tantrum. She is so inquisitive that she takes to wandering off on her own and the children's adventures lead them to discover a mysterious place of spirits and magic, where woodland creatures dwell around a huge Camphor tree.

Satsuki and Mei are befriended by the big, fluffy Totoro, who takes them under his wing and introduces them to the magical Bus-Cat (inspired by the shape-shifting cat from Japanese folklore), who steps in to help them in times of trouble. Only children can see these spirit creatures and Satsuki and Mei are given companionship and protection as they explore their new neighbourhood.

A wonderful, heart-warming and visually delightful animé, My Neighbour Totoro was conceived as a family film and it echoes with the joy of country living and childhood dreams. The film unites the unique vision of Director Hayao Miyazaki with an elegy to two ever-fading miracles the fairytale world of childhood and the poignancy of the disappearing countryside.

My Neighbour Totoro portrays perfectly the beauty of Japan and the nobility of the innocent; capturing perfectly the ways and the movements of the children. In a lovely countryside scene teeming with butterflies with pools full of tadpoles, the Director excels himself as he rediscovers his love for the Japanese countryside. He has recreated the emotions of a child to the natural world around him; showing how a child from the city would react to the country and also to a missing parent.

Original music by Joe Hisaishi; cinematography by Mark Henley; and Writer and Director is Hayao Miyazaki.

* The delightful My Neighbour Totoro from Studio Ghibli makes its UK Blu-ray premiere and is out to own on Double Play on 12 November 2012. Feature Running Time: 86 Minutes | English Language and Japanese With Subtitles | Catalogue No: OPTBD0290 | RRP: £24.99.

Extras: Storyboards | Creating My Neighbour Totoro (new) | Creating the Characters (new) | The Totoro Experience (new) | Producer's Perspective: Creating Ghibli (new) | The Locations of Totoro (new) | Scoring Miyazaki (new) | Behind The Microphone | Textless Opening | Textless Closing | Original Japanese Theatrical Trailers | Studio Ghibli Collection Trailers.

"My Neighbour Totoro… A wonderful, heart-warming and visually delightful animé" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Totoro's an out-and-out joy to watch; a subtle, atmospheric slice of childhood, perfectly capturing the naïveté, the delight and the mystery that is part of being young" Empire