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Mystery Road Series 2
Mystery Road Series 2“Riveting, emotive and thoroughly
  absorbing, the Australian television
  police series Mystery Road moves into
  its second series to follow an Indigenous
  detective as he investigates drug-
  dealing, corruption and murder while
  respecting his culture and protecting
  his family...”

AGAINST THE HARSHNESS OF THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, indigenous detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen: Jack Irish) tries to balance his job as a lawman with his heritage; respecting his roots while tracking down criminals in the second series of the absolutely must-see Mystery Road.

Jay is a hard-nosed, hard-drinking but dedicated man with a strong sense of justice and a steely determination to protect both his family and his people.

Riveting, emotive
and thoroughly
A superb, finely-scripted
series that oozes
thought-provoking racial
themes and tightly-
woven action, and
stirs the senses.
Utterly compulsive
A spin-off from Ivan Sen's multi-award-winning feature film of the same name and its follow-on Goldstone (and taking place between the two), the gripping televised first season of Mystery Road aired to great acclaim and was hailed as Australia's answer to True Detective. Aaron Pedersen reprises his critically-acclaimed role in both films as Detective Jay Swan for the two six-episode television series.

Mystery Road is a traditional, Western-inspired tale of a detective who lives between two worlds and whose unorthodox methods do not always sit well with his fellow lawmen. Entering its second season, the series explores Jay's respect for his roots and his relationship with his former wife Mary (Tasma Walton: Home and Away), who lives in Gideon.

Opening with the grisly discovery of a headless body in the ocean close to the shore and the expectation of more to come, Jay is called to the remote outback settlement of Gideon to investigate, where he is joined by indigenous local Policewoman Fran Davis (a well-cast Jada Alberts: Cleverman) as they search the mangroves close to the small coastal town for clues.

Fran joined the police after suffering the loss of her cousin ZoŽ, who disappeared some years before after leaving town with her boyfriend. ZoŽ had been promised to Amos (Rob Collins) as his second wife, a tradition that seems to have been accepted by his 'number one' wife.

Amos is now overseeing an archaeological dig led by Professor Claire Sims (Sofia Helin: The Bridge's original Nordic Noir star), who is excited to be researching the Aboriginal heritage on their sacred land, which she considers to be of great importance to the world. Although there is a lot of resistance from the indigenous locals, who are protesting about the invasion of their homeland and disrespect for their sacred grounds, she is proud to be given permission to continue with her work.

However, this may change as it appears there is concern that Claire may uncover things that are best left alone. Local head man Jimmy (Stan Yarramunua) considers himself to be the big man and may know more than he is prepared to say about the local crimes.

Another body is found, but are these killings linked and are they drug related? As Jay investigates the murders and local drug trafficking, he is forced to come to terms with Mary's relationship with former police officer Simon (Callan Mulvey), whom he does not trust. Mary is still trying to come to terms with the fallout events of the first series and the effects on her family.

Claire may be instrumental in solving the case but the archaeologist already has a secret that has caused a rift between her and Reverend Tom (Keith Robinson) and could well mean the end of the dig which is so important to her. She also may not be able to keep a promise she made to Fran's sister Leonie (Ngaire Pigram) which could cost her a vital ally.

Mary has befriended Shevorne Shields (Tasia Zalar) who, with her young daughter Ava (Ava Farrer), has come to live with her. Shevorne has begun to see Fran's cousin Phillip (Rhimi Johnson), who has been badly affected by the disappearance of his beloved sister ZoŽ and is possibly involved with the drug-runners.

Clashing with Station Senior Sergeant Owen Cross (Mark Mitchinson), who is resistant to Jay's style of policing, Jay finds support from PC McBride (Joel Jackson). Owen has befriended local Brahman Bar owner Suzi-John Harris (sympathetically played by Kirk Page), whom Jay believes may also be able to help his enquiries.

Jay needs to show the indigenous community that he is very much on their side and respects his roots while ensuring he satisfies the local white laws. Indigenous people are seeing their homeland invaded, protests are erupting and sacred lands being misused, and Jay and the law are seen as being on the side of the white invaders.

Jay will have to put aside his domestic problems while dealing with a treacherous enemy, unconstrained drug trafficking and a plethora of secrets and lies. A credible cast ensures the tight storylines knit well together.

The superb, finely-scripted series, oozing with thought-provoking racial themes and tightly-woven action, stirs the senses. It's utterly compulsive viewing as Jay attempts to get past the suspicion and deceit to uncover the trail of underhand dealings and unsolved crimes that litter Mystery Road.

Mystery Road Series 2 was filmed in Broome and Kimberley and on the Dampier Peninsular in North Western Australia. The episode To Live With The Living was dedicated to the memory of actor Stephen B'Aamba Albert.

Mystery Road Series 2 also features: Fletcher Humphrys as Dyland Lindwall; Ursula Yovich as Pansy; Gary Sweet as Alkemi; Sri Sacdpraseuth as Wayan; Vanessa Poelina as Auntie Margie; Shinji Ikefuji as Ngyuen; Eve Morey as Kayla; Teigan McCarty as Jessica; Poppy Henschke-Jones as Estelle; Tornina Torres as Dalcie; and The Fitzroy Xpress Band is: Danny Marr, Victor Marr, Duane Shaw and Joseph Williams.

Series Music is by Antony Partos and Matteo Zingales; Series Cinematography is by Mark Wareham and Warwick Thornton; Producers are David Jowsey and Greer Simpkin; Written by Steven McGregor, Kodie Bedford, Timothy Lee, Blake Ayshford and Danielle MacLean; and Directed by Warwick Thornton (Sweet Country; Samson and Delilah) and Wayne Blair (Cleverman; Top End Wedding; The Sapphires).

* Following the airing of the socially-aware Australian detective crime drama Mystery Road Series 2 on BBC4 on 19 September, 2020, Mystery Road Series 2 and Mystery Road Series 1 and 2 Boxset arrives, courtesy of Acorn Media International, in the UK on DVD and Digital on 5 October 2020.

Mystery Road Series 2 DVD: Certificate 15 | Running Time: 360 Minutes on 2 Discs | RRP: £24.99. Mystery Road Series 1 and Series 2 DVD Boxset: Certificate 15 | Running Time: 720 Minutes on 4 Discs | RRP £34.99. Special Features: 12 bonus featurettes consisting of interviews with Cast and Crew.

"Riveting, emotive and thoroughly absorbing. A superb, finely-scripted series that oozes thought-provoking racial themes and tightly-woven action, and stirs the senses. Utterly compulsive viewing" ***** Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Closely plotted social racial and political nuances set this series apartÖ crackles with tension" ***** Financial Times

"Magnificent version of the wild westÖ exotic and distinctive" **** Sydney Morning Herald

"Shock twists, car chases and confrontations with villainsÖ the action scenes have a real kick to them but it is the depth and scope of the script that keeps you thinking long after the credits roll" **** The Guardian