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New Worlds
New Worlds“An epic story of love and loss, the
  gripping lavish period drama New
takes place during the reign of
  King Charles II in England and on the
  other side of the Atlantic in the early
  days of English Colonialism as promises
  are broken and, despite a bloody civil
  war, tyranny and terror still thrive

AGAINST THE TURBULENT BACKDROP OF THE RETURN OF THE MONARCHY, New Worlds is set during the reign of King Charles II (Jeremy Northam: The Tudors), who took back his father's throne with promises of peace and better days. Four young people struggle to choose their paths in the harsh reality of changing times that continue to be turbulent.

The bloody English Civil War has been over for two decades but still King Charles hunts down those he believes betrayed him and were responsible for his father's execution, out to wreak a terrible revenge on them and anyone who gives them shelter.

A marvellous costume
drama —
fascinating, gripping,
gritty and at
times a raw and stark
reflection of
the age”
The decadence and excesses at Court are far removed from the shortages and drudgery of the poor and torture and executions await those who are seen as traitors.

Some Puritans have fled to the perceived safety of Massachusetts, New England, where the remaining regicides have gone into hiding but, as new settlers arrive each day to escape the tyranny of the king, the townspeople quickly realise that the Indians are not the only threat to their lives.

Angelica Fanshawe (Eve Best: Nurse Jackie) is living peacefully and quietly in the Oxfordshire countryside, unaware that she and her family will soon be in grave danger. Married to the kind and doting John Francis (Patrick Malahide), she does not flaunt her Catholic faith but openly entertains Monmouth (Tom Payne), the illegitimate son of Charles who is supported by Lord Shaftesbury (Andrew Woodall) on his right to the throne.

Angelica's daughter Beth (Freya Mavor: The White Queen) is kidnapped by the rebellious outlaw Abe (man-of-the-moment Jamie Dornan: The Fall; soon to be seen in 50 Shades of Grey), who fights against the repression of the poor. She little realises that her loving and tranquil life is about to be changed forever.

Angelica has incurred the wrath of the cruel Hardwick (Michael Maloney), who is desperate for her land on which he can build clay pits for bricks to rebuild a London devastated by war. Currying the King's favour, he also proposes building a new and grand palace.

Hardwick denounces Angelica as a traitor and "the devil's whore" and blackmails young Will Blood (James McCordell) to be "the king's eyes and ears" at Fanshaw House by suggesting that he will spare the life of Will's condemned father, Colonel Thomas Blood (Stanley Townsend), who is languishing in The Tower along with other supposed traitors and thieves awaiting barbaric torture, execution and burning at the stake.

Across the Atlantic John Hawkins (Michael McElhatton) has established his company, the Hawkins' Bay Company, and is ruthlessly staking a claim to Indian lands and raising the rents of the settlers in an ironical and chilling echo of the tyranny from which the settlers seek to escape.

His son Ned (Joe Dempsie: Game Of Thrones) disapproves of his father's hard-nosed tactics as much as his father disapproves of his son's love for Hope (Alice Englert: Beautiful Creatures), the tough and fearless daughter of Pastor Russell (Sean Baker) and a true frontierswoman.

Hope has helped her father to conceal the last known regicide, William Goffe (James Cosmo), from the king's men. She has an enemy: Ned's stepmother who, while Ned is safely in England, promotes the girl's marriage to widower Henry Cresswell (Geoffrey Streatfield).

Beth, Hope, Abe and Ned face tough decisions and, as their lives are turned upside down, they will find their love and their loyalties tried and tested. New Worlds is a story of love and loss; the fight for justice and the human price paid for the freedoms enjoyed today. A marvellous costume drama; fascinating, gripping, gritty and at times a raw and stark reflection of the age.

The people of two New Worlds the changing world of England and the newly-discovered land on the other side of the Atlantic in America struggle for survival against tyranny and oppression in a sweeping epic historical drama where bloodshed, power and passion rule along with the vengeful King Charles II. Be prepared for scenes of torture and gore.

New Worlds also features: Alex Meraz as Masca; Pip Carter as Judge Jeffreys; Michael Fox as Luke; Amy Marston as Martha Hawkins; Malcolm Storry as Adam; Holli Dempsey as Agnes; Guy Henry as Randolph; Morgan Jones as Timothy; Paul Hamilton as Zacharia; Sarah Finnegan as Abigail; Niall Hayes as Benjamin; Miranda Stewart as Barbara; and Morfydd Clark as Amelia.

Director of Photography is David Raedeker; Created by Martine Brant and Peter Flannery, who are also Executive Producers; Produced by Johann Knobel; Directed by Charles Martin. The Voices of The Choristers of St Thomas On-The-Bourne.

* Set in the uncertain days of the 17th Century, this lavish period piece with a stellar cast first aired on Channel 4 on 1 April (2014) followed by the DVD release in the UK from RLJ Entertainment on 19 May 2014. Running Time: 260 Minutes on two discs | Catalogue No: AV3162 | RRP: 19.99.

Special Features Include: Four Featurettes | Cast Interviews | Behind The Scenes.

"New Worlds A marvellous costume drama; fascinating, gripping, gritty and at times a raw and stark reflection of the age" Maggie Woods