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Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear
Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear    Not just another revenge film, the
  remarkable Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear
  sees a man who returns home to
  find someone has violently murdered
  his beloved wife and their unborn
  child and sets out from Japan to
  Thailand to hone his skills, then to
  Myanmar to track down the killer and
  exact retribution

HAVING SLIPPED OUT TO THE LOCAL SHOP to buy a bar of chocolate for his pregnant wife Namiko (Mika Hijii), a distraught Casey Bowman (Scott Adkins: The Expendables 3) returns home to find his life has been shattered.

Namiko has been brutally murdered, the marks of barbed wire around her neck a possible clue to the assassin. The loss of his lovely wife and his unborn child leaves Casey only one thing left to live for. Vengeance.

Finely-paced and
with brilliant action sequences,
Shadow Of A Tear
is not to be
Believing that two men who had attacked him and stolen his wallet earlier that day may be linked to Namiko's death, Casey talks to his closest friend, Nakabara (Kane Kosugi), who suggests that he should join him at his dojo, founded by his father in Thailand after the Second World War, to find some peace within himself.

Initially Casey wants some time alone; but once he has discovered the identity of the two men who attacked him he tracks them down and forces them to tell him who was responsible for the death of his wife they tell him it was a ruthless drugs baron called Goro (Shun Sugata) who operates out of Myanmar (formerly Burma).

At Nakabara's dojo in Bangkok, Casey hones his already fine martial arts skills to become the perfect Ninja warrior. He is now ready to confront Goro; but in a supposed case of mistaken identity one of Nakabara's most senior pupils, Lucas (Jawed El Berni), is killed by an unseen assailant in the same manner as Namiko.

Casey primes himself as a one-man fighting machine; a truly deadly, vigilant and agile Ninja warrior. After enlisting the services of taxi-driver Mike (Mukesh Bhatt), he faces danger and torture from an unexpected quarter in Myanmar as he prepares to enter the dark jungles of Rangoon to face Goro. The death of his wife will be avenged even if he has to go to hell and back.

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear is described as a non-stop adrenaline-fuelled ride, and is acknowledged as benefiting from some of the most impressive action scenes in a movie ever. Finely-paced and with brilliant action sequences, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear is not to be missed.

Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear also features: Vithaya Pansringarm as General Sung; Tim Man as Myat; Saichia Wong Wirot as Suu; Shogo Tanikawa as Assistant Instructor; and Futoshi Hashimoto as Toji.

Music is by Logan Mader and Gerard Maring; Director of Photography is Ross Clarkson, HKSC, ASC; Written by David White; Based on the Novel Ninja, Written by Andy Hurst and Boaz Davidson; Producer is Tom Waller; Produced by Boaz Davidson and Frank DeMartini; and Directed by Isaac Florentine.

* Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear is released in the UK by Lionsgate UK on Blu-ray and DVD on 12 May 2014. Running Time: 91 Minutes Approximately | Languages: English and Japanese | Subtitles: English For The Hearing Impaired | Catalogue Numbers: LGD95112; LGB95112UV. Extras: The Making Of Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear.

"Finely-paced and with brilliant action sequences, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear is not to be missed" Maggie Woods

"Fast, furious and brutal; Adkins' skills are on another level" Sam Ashurst, Total Film

"They don't make action movies like this any more. One of the best American martial arts films ever made" Gary Ogden, PopBitch