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Not Another Happy Ending
Not Another Happy Ending“A successful author suffers a
  prolonged bout of writer
s block
  to the dismay of the maverick
  publisher who relies on the significant
  sales of her books to keep his
  business going, but as he tries to
  stimulate her interest in writing again
  he realises he is falling in love with
  her in the romantic comedy Not
  Another Happy Ending

BLISSFULLY HAPPY WITH HER LIFE as a successful author following the publication of her first novel, Jane Lockhart (Karen Gillan: Doctor Who; Guardians of the Galaxy) seems in no hurry to follow up her good fortune with a second book in the quirky romantic comedy Not Another Happy Ending.

After literally papering her wall with refusals, Jane finds someone willing to give her a chance. Struggling Glasgow publisher Tom Duval (Stanley Weber: Thérèse; Borgia) edits her book for her and, in spite of its tragic content, it becomes a best-seller.

Not Another
Happy Ending
develops nicely into
a delightfully
funny farce,
with cute and sassy
Having won the Best New Writer Of The Year award for her heartstring-tugging best-selling novel Happy Ending, Jane has moved in with the high-profile scriptwriter who presented her award to her the pompous has-been Willie Scott (Henry Ian Cusick: Lost), whom she has asked to turn her book into a script.

She has fallen out with Tom for daring to change the title of her novel and has been offered a contract by another publishing house once she has fulfilled her two-book contract with Tom. But she does not seem to be able to shift her writer's block, even or especially when her father Benny (Gary Lewis: Gangs of New York; Billy Elliot) comes back into her life after walking out on her and her mother when she was a child.

All bad news for struggling publisher Tom, who desperately needs another best-seller from Jane to save his business she is his only successful author. He has realised that the first book was written from the heart and from personal experience, and Jane needs to be emotionally-driven in order to unlock her creativity.

So he sets out to make her miserable, drawing his friend, teacher Roddy (Iain de Caestecker: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Filth) into the fray as he sets her up; but he only serves to push her further away and she will not believe that Willie is only using her. Jane believes Tom is only interested in saving his publishing company, and will not listen to him as she makes plans to get on with her life without him.

As his efforts to make her unhappy get worse and worse, Tom suddenly wakes up to the fact that he is in love with Jane. Not Another Happy Ending develops nicely into a delightfully funny farce, with cute and sassy scenes as Tom tries to put both their lives together and Jane has amazing conversations with the lovely Darcie (Amy Mason: Being Human), the lead character in her book, who stalks her constantly.

Will Jane stick with Willie or will the voice of reason be enough to put Jane and Tom's lives back on track to make another happy ending?

Filmed entirely in the City of Glasgow and Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, this movie is dedicated to Bobby Howat (1934 to 2013).

Not Another Happy Ending also features: Freya Mavor (Sunshine On Leith; Skins) as Nicola Ball; Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones; Prometheus) as Anna Le Fevre; and Cora Bissett as Book Shop Owner.

Original Music is by Lorne Balfe; Director of Photography is George Cameron Geddes; Written by David Solomons (Five Children And It); Producer is Claire Mundell; Co-Producer is Wendy Griffin; Director is John McKay (We'll Take Manhattan).

* Sometimes love needs a rewrite but will it get it in Not Another Happy Ending, released on DVD in the UK from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment on 10 February 2014. Catalogue Number: KAL8321 | RRP: £15.99. Extras: Claire Mundell Interview | Wendy Griffin Interview | John McKay Interview | Theatrical Trailer.

"Not Another Happy Ending develops nicely into a delightfully funny farce, with cute and sassy scenes" Maggie Woods