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Not Now Comrade
Not Now Comrade“Over the top and a typically Seventies-
  style farce, Not Now Comrade is a
  classic comedy centred around a male
  Russian ballet star intent on defecting
  to the West, helped by a sexy stripper
  who manages to rope in a number of
  innocent bystanders with hilarious

AT THE END OF THE FAREWELL PERFORMANCE of The Russian National Ballet at The Albert Hall in London, flamboyant star Rudi Petrovyan (Lewis Fiander) decides to defect and seek political asylum in England.

Sexy stripper Barbara Wilcox (Carol Hawkins) creates a shocking diversion as the Press interview the star and whisks him away to hide in the boot of her car, a yellow Triumph Stag.

“Not Now Comrade
warms up into a comic,
utterly absurd and
watchable farce
as chaos ensues
However, Rudi who cannot speak English mistakenly jumps into the boot of a yellow Bentley owned by Commander Rimmington (Leslie Phillips), who works for the Ministry of Defence.

Barbara follows him back to his home, little realising that two Russian Security officers have also followed them.

The Commander's daughter Nancy (Michele Dotrice) and her new boyfriend Gerry Buss (Ian Lavender), the PA to the PPS to the PM, enlist the help of the Rimmington's gardener Hoskins (Roy Kinnear) to hide Rudi and Barbara and keep her father and her mother Janet (June Whitfield) unaware of what is happening.

But the unexpected appearance of a man from MI6, Mr Laver (Ray Cooney), to see the Commander, and a local Police officer, Constable Pulford (Windsor Davies) adds to the confusion when, in an attempt to cover up the defection, they assume other identities.

Mistaken identities, assumed names, double-takes and triple entendres are thrown in to the melee with hilarious consequences but how will all this affect Rudi…?

Although a little slow with the comedy to begin with, Not Now Comrade warms up into a comic, utterly absurd and watchable farce as chaos ensues. Part of The British Film Collection, the film benefits from a talented cast that includes comedy veterans that take it to a different level.

Also featuring: Don Estelle as Bobby Hargreaves. Music is by Harry Robinson; Song Not Now Sung by Don Estelle, Lyrics by Sammy Cahn and Composed by Walter Ridley; Cinematography by Jack Hildyard, BSC; Screenplay by Ray Cooney; Produced by Martin C Schute; and Directed by Harold Snoad and Ray Cooney.

* An uproarious British movie farce, Not Now Comrade is available to own on 30 September 2013. Running Time: 87 Minutes Approximately | RRP: £9.99.

"Not Now Comrade warms up into a comic, utterly absurd and watchable British farce as chaos ensues"
Maggie Woods |