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Obsessed“Is her handsome, successful husband
  having an affair or is he being innocently
  targeted by a sick and dangerous
  fantasist? That is the dilemma facing
  attractive Sharon Charles in the sexy hit
  thriller Obsessed...”

IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE, but the quality thriller Obsessed does it so well. Sharon Charles (superbly played by the lovely Beyoncé Knowles: Cadillac Records; Dreamgirls) has it all — a beautiful house in a new Los Angeles neighbourhood, a happy marriage to her handsome, successful former boss and an adorable little boy, Kyle (Nathan and Nicolas Myers).

But all that is about to change with the arrival of beautiful but predatory and manipulative temp Lisa (Ali Larter: television's Heroes; Resident Evil: Extinction) who is coldly determined to get her man. That is, Sharon's man, Derek Charles (the gorgeous Idris Elba: television's The Wire; and The Office).

Derek works for Joe Gage (Bruce McGill) as Executive Vice President at Gage Bendix and has just clinched a multi-million-dollar deal. But the Golden Boy is about to get a short, sharp shock.

Into his life walks sex-on-legs Lisa, who temps for him when his assistant Patrick (Matthew Humphries) is off sick. "A lot of single girls see the workplace as their hunting ground," warns his friend Ben (Jerry O'Connell: television's Crossing Jordan; Jerry McGuire). And sure enough, Lisa blocks Sharon's calls, plays the sympathy card with a story of a broken romance, traps Derek in the executive bathroom and appears half-naked in his car.

Derek unwittingly gives Lisa all the ammunition she needs to hit on him and he hesitates over telling Sharon — who has taken an instant dislike to the girl — because she has just found out that her brother-in-law Tim has cheated on her sister Sheila.

Despite his protestations, Lisa convinces herself that Derek will leave Sharon for her. Lisa is the stalker from hell, listening in to his telephone calls, following him wherever he goes and engineering situations that she passes off as misunderstandings. Finally events spiral completely out of control, and Derek finds himself fighting for his career and his marriage and Sharon fighting for her life.

Will history repeat itself and Derek succumb to temptation? Or will Sharon fight for her man? When Lisa is moved by the temp agency, can Sharon and Derek breathe a sigh of relief? Can Derek convince Detective Monica Reese (Christine Lahti: Smart People; Running On Empty) — and Sharon — that Lisa lives in a fantasy world? Life is just about to get a whole lot messier as Lisa resorts to every dirty trick in the book — and more — to ensnare Derek. Because he has fallen foul of a woman who is fanatically Obsessed.

A taut and riveting thriller, Obsessed is an abject lesson in how careless words can get you into Deep Trouble. With a hot cast and solid acting support, this steamy (but not too explicit) film benefits from creditable performances and surprise twists. The catfight between the female leads has become "the most talked about in ages" and there are some tempting bonus features. The great soundtrack includes Beyoncé's Smash Into You.

Obsessed marks the feature directorial debut of acclaimed television director Steve Shill, whose credits include the award-winning series Big Love, Dexter and The Tudors. Obsessed was Written by David Loughery (Lakeview Terrace; Money Train) and produced by William Packer (This Christmas; Stomp The Yard).

Also featured are: Bonnie Perlman as Marge; Scout Taylor Compton (Rob Zombie's Halloween; H2) as Samantha; Ron Roggé as Roger; Richard Ruccola as Hank; and Dana Cuomo as Rachel. Obsessed was filmed at Sony Pictures Studios and Culver City, California.

All's fair in love and war when the sexy hit thriller Obsessed seduces movie lovers with a debut on DVD and Blu-ray, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, on 26 October (2009). Certificate: 12.

"…the quality thriller Obsessed does it so well" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

DVD and Blu-ray Bonus Material

Behind-the-Scenes Featurette: Girl Fight! (Director Steve Shill and stunt co-ordinator Lance Gilbert talk about the film's climatic fight sequence between Beyoncé Knowles and Ali Larter) | Behind-the-Scenes Featurette: Playing Together Nicely (Director Steve Shill, Producer Will Packer and Screenwriter David Loughrey discuss assembling the perfect cast) | Behind-the-Scenes Featurette: Obsessed: Dressed to Kill (a costume-themed featurette in which costume designer Maya Lieberman discusses the look of the characters).