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Our Girl: Complete Series Three
Our Girl:    “Taking the viewer on the exotic world-
  wide and sometimes dangerous
  combat and humanitarian tours of duty
  of a popular young female British
  Army medic in extreme conditions,
  is the third series of one of the most
  successful primetime dramas on
  BBC One, Our Girl

STOCKPORT-BORN BRITISH ARMY MEDIC Corporal Georgie Lane (good to see Coronation Street favourite Michelle Keegan: Tina and Bobby) has travelled the world on humanitarian and combat missions as a valued member of the close-knit Two Section in the acclaimed military drama series Our Girl.

Brave and strong, Georgie undertakes challenging tasks in Nepal, Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh, steeling herself to be prepared for anything while trying to come to terms with the death of her former fiancé, Elvis (Luke Pasqualino: The Musketeers).

Our Girl
is an incredibly
absorbing military
drama series
that could
keep you up
all night...”
Enduring highly dangerous encounters and difficult situations where she has to think on her feet, Georgie's time in Nigeria begins reasonably peacefully at a medical outreach project, training and mentoring a section of the Nigerian army.

Georgie and three fellow soldiers, including young Maisie Richards (Shalom Brune-Franklin: Doctor, Doctor) whom she has persuaded to go off-grid in search of missing schoolgirls despite orders to the contrary from Commanding Officer Captain Charles James (Ben Aldridge: Fleabag), are kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

Taken with the two young women is Rab (Harki Bhambra) and a Nigerian soldier and as they go ahead with a planned rescue, the soldiers are stopped in their tracks as they realise they have made a terrible mistake that could have far-reaching consequences.

Captain James was a close friend of Elvis and believes he was responsible for Elvis' death, a belief complicated by the growing attraction he has for Georgie.

While recuperating in Belize, Two Section undertakes a jungle training exercise that becomes life threatening and then turns deadly as Captain James suffers an horrendous accident which leaves he and Georgie facing the wrath of vengeful drug runners.

In Bangladesh, Two Section is detailed to work at a refugee camp run by Inspector Chowdhrey (Navin Chowdhry) and his wife Barsha (Farzana Dua Elahe) who have a son Sumon (Imran Khan), where families fleeing war-torn villages in Myanmar across the border river are being given food and medical treatment.

Two new recruits join the ranks: Private Fingers Stille (Sean Ward), who was part of the original team and is disappointed not to be selected for Special Services, and troubled Jason "Ruby" Curry (Patrick McNamee)

Facing a world of desperation and corruption, a deliberately planted bomb, possibly human trafficking, drug smuggling and a cholera outbreak, danger seems to lurk at every corner as Georgie carries out her demanding medical work. And with Captain James out of commission, tough Special Forces Captain "Bones" McClyde (Olly Rix) is now in charge.

Will Captain Charles James and Georgie manage to keep the feelings they appear to have for each other under control? Georgie has already faced challenges in the post-earthquake Nepal where she had to face a dangerous criminal gang and came a little too close to young engineer Milan (Rudi Dharmalingam: Rellik).

Our Girl — a powerful twelve-part series that follows the highs and lows of brave and resourceful army medic Georgie Lane — is an incredibly absorbing military drama series that could keep you up all night.

Our Girl also features: Simon Lennon as Brains; Sean Sagar as Monk; Rolan Bell as Sgt King; Mark Armstrong as Spanner; Nick Preston as Mansfield Mike; Angela Lonsdale as Grace Lane; Dwane Walcott as Peanut; Lawrence Walker as Dangleberries; Iwan Rheon as Dylan "Smurf" Smith; Patrick Sithole as Adewole; and John Richie as The Brigadier.

Series Music by Ben Foster; Series Cinematography by Lance Gewell, Simon Tindall, Giulio Biccari and Shane Daly; Written by Tony Ground (The Dinner Party); Series Executive Producers are: Tony Grounds, Caroline Skinner, Mona Oureshi, Christopher Aird and Hilary Salmon; Producers are: Lizzie Rusbridger and Tim Whitby; and Series Directed by: Tim Fywell, Jon Wright, Rob Evans, Brian Grant, Noreen Kershaw and Sara O'Gorman.

* Following its run on BBC One, Our Girl: Complete Series Three (including the Nepal Tour) will be released in the UK by Acorn Media International on 30 July 2018, alongside Our Girl: The Complete Collection 1-3 Box Set.

Also available as single DVD releases: Our Girl: Series Three Nigeria & Belize and Our Girl: Series Three Bangladesh.

Our Girl: The Nigeria & Belize Tour DVD: Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 240 Minutes Approximately on 1 Disc | Catalogue Number: AV3466 | RRP: £19.99.

Our Girl: The Bangladesh Tour DVD: Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 240 Minutes Approximately on 1 Disc | Catalogue Number: AV3476 | RRP: £19.99.

Our Girl: The Complete Series Three
Featuring Nepal, Belize & Bangladesh Tours DVD: Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 720 Minutes Approximately on 3 Discs | Catalogue Number: AV3485 | RRP: £39.99.

Our Girl: The Complete Series 1-3 DVD: Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 1,326 Minutes Approximately on 7 Disc | Catalogue Number: AV3477 | RRP: £49.99.

"Our Girl is an incredibly absorbing military drama series that could keep you up all night"
**** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar