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Overhaulin’ — The Complete Series Two

Overhaulin' -- The Complete Series TwoOverhaulin’ is a popular automotive
  reality TV show that ‘steals
’ someone’s
  car (with the help of the owner’s friends
  or family) and then, in just seven days,
  totally overhauls it, transforming it into
  a custom masterpiece before reuniting
  it with the unsuspecting owner... But
  will they like their new dream car?”

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if your beloved classic car, inherited from your father, was stolen and you were led to believe that when found it was in even worse condition than it was before? That was the upsetting situation that Connie Eastman found herself in when she was told that her 1964 Corvette had been hijacked.

The 'hijacker' was her husband Pete, who had contacted the Overhaulin' team and, when Connie was finally reunited with her vehicle, this "cool as a classic car can be" Corvette had been given a makeover beyond Connie's wildest dreams.

Now Overhaulin' The Complete Series Two comes to DVD, so you can watch your favourite makeovers (and there are lots of them!) whenever you wish. The programme follows the team as they seize the wheels from under the nose of the 'mark' and, with the help of 'insiders' among friends and family, keep the car for the week-long transformation. Tears of frustration turn to tears of happiness as life-long ambitions are fulfilled.

Followed by the Overhaulin' cameras, hosts Chris Jacobs and Courtney Hansen duck and dive with world-renowned designer Chip Foose; posing as lawyers, repo men, surf enthusiasts, tow truck drivers, mechanics and even local charities as they employ every trick in the book to keep car and panicking owner apart for the duration of the overhaul. Every step of the renovation process is recorded and includes fun and games, devilish pranks and a whole lot of emotion as the end justifies the means. Or does it?

The programme includes a little information on each car and a brilliant artist's impression of what the finished project will look like. The Overhaulin' team work with new, recycled or reworked parts and Chip Foose kicks the team into action. Safety is of paramount concern, along with the need for the remade car to look totally cool.

Who else but Overhaulin' could have enlisted the help of Steve Luvisi, one of the top Corvette doctors in the business, and top line racer and engine consultant Camee Edelbrock to join the show's 'A-Plus Team' headed by Chip himself — who has also roped in his father, automotive expert Sam.

Make-up artist Katy Eyer from Orange County loves her '67 Nova but her family think it needs a bit of pampering so it has 'vanished' into the depths of the Overhaulin' workshop for some masterful TLC. And what if a world-famous singer decides to surprise her well-known boyfriend with a special gift? No problems there either — singer Sheryl Crow called in the Overhaulin' team to give the full treatment to the stock GTO world champion cyclist Lance Armstrong had always wanted.

Confident that nobody could get one over on him, Rayce Denton was horrified to see the spoof photograph showing a smashed screen and bullet holes in his beloved 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Wife Linda and best friend Mike thought Rayce deserved special treatment and the Overhaulin' team called in Sean Roberts from Extreme Automotive along with his father Tim, another ace car-builder.

But the car doesn't have to be conventionally glamorous. Student John's 1952 pickup from GMC was given a "giant seven-day hug" and his tatty transport with shot suspension became an instant cool classic. But what if the snatched project turns out to be nothing more than a pile of junk? Houston, we have a problem…

A number of the vehicles are in a sad and sorry state but the Overhaulin' team "knock themselves dead in the water" turning over the car in just seven days — often with the clock running against them. "We don't just build cars, we produce products here on Overhaulin'," says Chris as they have to do some smart thinking to get a replacement part.

How on Earth could you thank a soldier who had served his time in Iraq? Here's one way: Frankie's parents arranged for Overhaulin' to nab his classic '66 Chevelle Malibu and give it a new lease of life — including a totally unique NASCAR rear-end.

Overhaulin' is riveting television, with a genuine feel-good factor and infectious enthusiasm — right up to the moment when a delighted owner is shown their pride and joy in all its glory. The best reality show ever, and certainly worth investing in the DVD — but be warned: this stuff is addictive… Awesome, Dude!

The hit Discovery Real Time show that all car enthusiasts have been looking forward to — Overhaulin' The Complete Series Two — is available on DVD from all good retailers from 9 June (2008). RRP: £34.99 | Catalogue Number: PAR61378.

"Overhaulin' is riveting television, with a genuine feel-good factor and infectious enthusiasm — right up to the moment when a delighted owner is shown their pride and joy in all its glory. The best reality show ever… Awesome, Dude!" — MotorBar