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Oz And James Drink To Britain

Oz And James Drink To BritainTheyve taken France and America
  by storm — now ‘odd couple
Oz Clarke
  and James May want to find the drinks
  that speak to modern Britain in this
  light-hearted DVD from the series Oz
  And James Drink To Britain

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS THEY MAY BE, but international wine expert Oz Clarke and Top Gear's James May made compelling viewing as they travelled through France in a classic Jaguar convertible and then to California to sample the best wines the Sunshine State has to offer.

And yes, they certainly did their fair share of bickering on the way as James tried to get one over on Oz. Despite being unlikely travelling companions — Oz is a seasoned wine connoisseur and proud of it; James is a less cultured, beer-drinking, fast car fanatic — the last two journeys proved such a massive hit with viewers that they're back on home turf for Oz And James Drink To Britain.

Arranging to meet high up on the White Cliffs of Dover — the 'Gateway to Britain', Oz and James reacquaint themselves with each other before setting off to spend a fantastic summer with a mission: to find the drink that speaks for the nation.

Wedged into a classic 1982 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible and a banged up Sprite caravan, the two erstwhile travellers tour the length and breadth of the UK seeking a drink that defines Britain — with a lot more bickering along the way.

From Kent the pair travel 300 miles to the Tan Hill Inn, at the highest point of the Yorkshire Moors, where regular customers are milk-drinking sheep and the pint is the best of British Yorkshire Bitter.

Then it's on to the Head Office of Thomas Fawcett & Sons, who have been turning barley into malt for 200 years, before setting off to Derbyshire and then on to meet an Italian and a New Zealand brewer who work on a large estate near a stately home.

Two men, one cramped caravan and a whole load of arguments about who gets to drive. Oz And James Drink To Britain is a defiant celebration of British drinks by two patriots who, despite ranting and raving at one another, enjoy each other's company. With bed-stealing micro breweries and humungous hangovers aplenty, Oz And James Drink To Britain is an interesting venture into the realms of Great Britain with all its tipples, bevies and poisons. And no venture into British drink would be complete without a visit to Gateshead and the home of Newcastle Brown.

Things get worse for James as he discovers that Oz is as clued up on beer, stout, cider, whisky and lager as he is about wine. But as James begins to air his knowledge, Oz soon struggles to keep the upper hand.

Learn how beer is made and the language of brewing as Oz and James visit Patsy's Brewery — which is a serious business, run from her mother's garage in Wigan — then set off for The West Riding licensed refreshment rooms: a former waiting room on Dewsbury Station. It has been voted Pub of the Year and is stocked with Real Ale. But there are two more station pubs down the line and it is just as well that the guys are travelling by train...

Setting challenges to brew their own Beer of Britain as they rib each other and generally over-drink and over-act, Oz and James dabble with the clubbers and end up at the Northumberland coast where Christine Forsyth and her daughter Hannah now brew their own beer for their own pub — including one called Dolly Daydream.

This hilarious and endearing third helping of Oz and James' latest escapades arrives on DVD as a two-disc set on 2 March 2009 courtesy of Acorn Media. Photography is by Ian Salvage, the Executive producer for the BBC is Lisa Edwards and the Series Director is Michael Davies. If you like crazy wit and repartee served up with a light-hearted exploration into the Great British drink, Oz And James Drink To Britain is definitely for you!

Oz And James Drink To Britain | Catalogue No: AV9665 | Running Time: 240 minutes Approximately | RRP: 19.99.

"As always with these two, their enjoyment is contagious" — The Times

"If you like crazy wit and repartee served up with a light-hearted exploration into the Great British drink, Oz And James Drink To Britain is definitely for you!" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar