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ParanoiaThe cut-throat world of technology
  and corporate power is about to get
  nastier, as a young and gifted new
  recruit is to find out when he ends up
  in the middle of a deadly and bitter battle
  between the world’s most powerful
  tech billionaires in the high-octane
  corporate espionage thriller Paranoia..

AMBITIOUS AND DETERMINED TO REACH the brighter lights across the river, Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth: The Hunger Games) finally finds himself working for one of the world's most powerful tech billionaires, the utterly ruthless Nicolas Wyatt (Gary Oldman: The Dark Knight) who owns Wyatt Corp — "one of the top companies on the planet".

Since the death of Adam's mother he has felt responsible for his father Frank (Richard Dreyfuss: Jaws), who is continually unwell and his medical costs have become financially draining. Adam has always had a dream of becoming someone else; someone successful.

A tense and riveting
action movie
that benefits from
a creative, talented and
high-profile cast...”
When he and his team fail to produce the impossibly-high standards expected of them, they find themselves out of work and go on an expensive night out clubbing with the company credit card. At the club, Adam meets the enigmatic Judith Boton (Embeth Davidtz), who has a PhD in behavioural psychology and offers to help him achieve his ambitions.

Wyatt's gofer Miles Meacham (Julien McMahon) has tracked Adam down and hauled him before Wyatt, who is furious with Adam for using $16,000 of company money and he wants it back. But he also has a deal up his sleeve; one that would see Adam and his friends back in their jobs but sailing close to the wind.

With the staunch support of Meacham and his Head of Marketing, Emma James (Amber Heard: Drive Angry), Wyatt uses every conceivable means to further his empire even if it is highly illegal. His only rule is that nobody is indispensable.

No stranger to insider trading and double-dealing, Wyatt is a dangerous man to cross. Either Adam accepts the deal or he will end up in prison for credit card fraud. Going his own way, Adam plays Wyatt off against his bitter enemy, Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford: Ender's Game) of rival company Eikon but then finds himself manipulated by both Wyatt and Goddard.

Stopping at nothing even murder to outwit, take over or destroy each other's business empires, Wyatt and Goddard's life-and-death game of corporate espionage is played out with Adam trapped between them.

In this tense and riveting action movie that benefits from a creative, talented and high-profile cast, lives and money can be dispensed with all too easily to further the billionaires' own ends. Before Adam can untangle himself from his precarious position, he has become too deeply involved and knows too much to be allowed to walk away.

In his attempt to better himself and help his father, Adam has put his own life and that of those he loves in very real danger. And neither Wyatt nor Goddard is prepared to stop until one of them is out of the picture for good.

Paranoia also features: Josh Holloway as Agent Gamble; and Lucas Till as Kevin. Music is by Junkie XL; Music Supervisor is Bob Bowen; Director of Photography is David Tattersall, BSC; Based on the New York Times bestselling novel written by Joseph Finder; Produced by Alexandra Milchan, William D Johnson, Scott Lambert and Deepak Nayar; Directed by Australian Director Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde; 21).

* In a war between kings, even a pawn can change the game as the high-octane espionage thriller Paranoia is released in the UK on Blu-ray and DVD on 10 March 2014.

Extras Deleted Scenes: Piracy is Dead; The Paranoia Begins; The Players | Cat No DVD: MP1239D / Blu-ray: MP1239BR | Barcode DVD: 5055744700308 / Blu-ray: 5055744700315.

"Paranoia [a] tense and riveting action movie that benefits from a creative, talented and high-profile cast" Maggie Woods

"Trust is the Holy Grail of espionage" quote from the film