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PassengersFasten your seat belts — you are
  in for a rough ride when the super-
  natural thriller Passengers makes
  an impact as it crashes onto DVD
  from the big screen

CLEVERLY SCRIPTED TO KEEP YOU GUESSING, Passengers begins with a traumatic plane crash in which there are only a handful of survivors — and those few are unable to agree on the events that happened prior to the crash.

Representing the airline is the mysterious Mr Arkin (David Morse: The Crossing Guard; The Green Mile) who seems to be making excuses for the dead pilot and the company. But helping the survivors through the trauma is therapist Claire Summers (Oscar-nominee Anne Hathaway: The Devil Wears Prada; Brokeback Mountain; Rachel Getting Married; Get Smart), who is assigned by her mentor Perry (Andre Braugher: Homicide: Life On The Street; Poseidon) to gently coerce them to face up to their ordeal.

Strangely refusing her help and seeming to know a lot more about Claire than he should, Eric (Patrick Wilson: The Watchmen; Hard Candy; Little Children) says that the engine blew up right outside his window and is using the crash as an excuse to behave improperly and openly court her. Odd things happen around them and a dog similar to the one he used to have as a youngster keeps appearing.

Dean (Ryan Robbins) recalls a flash and a loud noise; Norman (Don Thompson) suspects a conspiracy theory, believing the airline is trying to cover something up, and he reveals that somebody is following him; Shannon (Clea Duvall: Identity; 21 Grams) becomes very difficult and keeps seeing a man and a woman looking at her. And then a man approaches Claire and says he was following Norman because he looked familiar and asks her to help him because he cannot remember who he is.

Claire is drawn towards Eric but struggles to maintain a professional distance from him while she helps her patients try to piece together their memories of the accident, which are completely at odds with the airline's official explanation.

And with the recollection of a possible mid-air explosion comes the disappearance of the passengers and a suspicious Claire begins to believe that the airline is behind it. Determined to uncover the truth, she is drawn ever deeper into the conspiracy that will lead her towards an explosive twist of fate as her relationship with Eric escalates out of control.

Is the cynical Perry all that he seems? And who is the mysterious Toni (two time Oscar-winner Dianne Wiest: Hannah And Her Sisters; Bullets Over Broadway) and why does the older woman encourage a relationship between Claire and Eric? Are the survivors paranoid or are they being targeted by the airline? As Claire tries in vain to contact her sister to try and heal their rift, can she really trust Eric?

Is Mr Arkin really trying to cover something up on behalf of the airline? The answer is likely to astound you. Passengers is a terrific supernatural thriller that adds a new dimension to the genre with a totally plausible account of the 'other side'.

Passengers also features: William B Davis as Jack; Andrew Wheeler as The Man; Chelah Horsdale as Janice; Karen Austin as Hospital Receptionist; Young Emma is Elzanne Fourie; Stacy Grant as Emma; Young Claire as Conner Dwelly; and Robert Gauvin as Paul. The film is Directed by Rodrigo Garcia; Written by Ronnie Christensen; Produced by Keri Selig; Matthew Rhodes, Judd Payne and Julie Lynn; Director of Photography is Igor Jadue-Lillo. And the beautifully haunting music is by Edward Shearmur.

Mandate Pictures' thriller Passengers is Directed by Rodrigo Garcia (Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her; Nine Lives) from a screenplay by Ronnie Christensen and Produced by Keri Selig (The Stepford Wives; Three To Tango); Matthew Rhodes (Southland Tales; Walker Payne); Judd Payne (Southland Tales; Walker Payne); and Julie Lynn (10 Items Or Less; Nine Lives). Mandate's Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane executive produce with Kelli Konop and Mary Lee co-producing.

The line between this world and the next is about to be crossed as Lionsgate Home Entertainment releases the chilling supernatural thriller Passengers on DVD and Blu-ray on 27 July (2009). Running Time: 89 Minutes (Approximately) | Certificate: 12 (Eire 15) | DVD RRP: 12.99 | Blu-ray RRP 22.99.

Extras: Audio Commentary with Director Rodrigo Garcia and Actor Patrick Wilson | The Manifest & Making Of Passengers | Analysis of the Plane Crash | Deleted Scenes.

"Passengers is a terrific supernatural thriller that adds a new dimension to the genre with a totally plausible account of the other side" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar