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The Pillars Of The Earth

The Pillars Of The Earth“Based on Ken Follett’s worldwide
best-selling novel, Channel 4s
  critically-acclaimed eight-part epic
  mini-series The Pillars Of The Earth
  is a fascinating melting pot of romance,
  political intrigue, war, power struggles,
  envy and religious turmoil set in
  12th Century England

COMPELLING, ENTHRALLING AND SUPERBLY PRODUCED, The Pillars Of The Earth is full of twists and turns that take you from castle halls to the street to the construction of a magnificent cathedral that is at the centre of this historical drama.

Emerging from the war-torn shadows of England's Dark Ages, Tom Builder (Rufus Sewell: The Holiday) is an idealistic mason; a master craftsman who is employed by Prior Phillip (Matthew Macfadyen: Robin Hood) to rebuild a ruined church into a glorious cathedral bathed in light in the village of Kingsbridge. But the light is about to fall onto the dark secrets of the sinister and ruthlessly ambitious Bishop Waleran Bigod (Ian McShane: Television's Deadwood; Sexy Beast), who has a violent and bloody past.

Mystery surrounds the sinking of a white ship, during which King Henry's sole heir has drowned, throwing England into chaos. Henry's daughter Maud (Alison Pill: Milk) and his bastard son Gloucester (Matt Devere) are bitter enemies of the king's nephew Stephen (Tony Curran: Television's 24), who seizes the throne.

An enduring love story is played out against the violence and uncertainty of 12th Century England, where superstition is rife and danger lurks in every shadow as Queen Maud and King Stephen fight for the ultimate power.

Denounced as a witch, former nun Ellen (Natalia Wörner) has seen her lover brutally killed at the behest of three men who have something to hide and whom she has cursed. Ellen and her son Jack Jackson (Eddie Redmayne: The Good Shepherd), go to live with Tom Builder after the death of his wife and Tom discovers Jack's extraordinary talents.

However, it seems that bad luck dogs the family and when Jack meets Aliena (Hayley Atwell: The Duchess), a noblewoman whose father, the Earl of Shiring, was killed for supporting Maud, he falls in love with her. Lord William Hamleigh (David Oakes) had forced himself on Aliena and she and her brother Richard (Sam Claflin) fled to safety, losing everything they owned.

But even that love is ill-fated. Jack has become a monk and Aliena, whose fortunes have changed for the better, is to marry Tom's son Alfred (Liam Garrigan). But Alfred's resentment of Jack is set to boil over and to lead to a further tragedy.

William Hamleigh is now out of control and attacks Kingsbridge for a second time. He has already married thirteen-year-old Countess Elizabeth (Skye Louri), who then suffers his abuse, but he would appear to have friends in high places.

This is an England where loyalties are fickle and allegiances tested; where nobody is safe from accusations and execution — not even the good Prior. In spite of many setbacks, can the cathedral be completed? Why is Waleran Bigod so determined that Jack should die? And what is the dreadful secret that Ellen carries with her?

Ken Follett's best-selling novel, The Pillars Of The Earth, was first published in 1989 and sold more than 14 million copies worldwide having been published in more than 30 languages. The pages are brought to life in this critically-acclaimed mini-series that boasts an all-star cast. The Pillars Of The Earth is a wonderful story; an epic, compelling mini-series with a talented and creative cast.

The series also features: Sarah Paris (Merlin) as Regan Hamleigh; Anatole Taubman as Remigius; Göts Otto as Walter; David Bark-Jones as Francis; Jody Halse as Johnny Eightpence; John Pielmeier as Cuthbert; Skye Bennett as Martha; Sidney Johnston as Little Brother Jonathan; Lisa Millet as Kate; Robert Bathurst as Percy Hamleigh; Clive Wood as King Henry; Donald Sutherland (The Italian Job) as Bartholomew; and Gordon Pinsent as The Archbishop.

Filmed in Hungary and Austria, The Pillars Of The Earth is Produced by: Executive Producers are Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David Rosemont, Jonas Bauer, Tim Halkin, Michael Prupas, David W Zucker and Rola Bauer; Producers are Ron Diamond, Howard Ellis, Adam Goodman and John Ryan; Co-Producer is Malcolm Reeve; Series Original Music by Trevor Morris; Series Cinematography by Attila Szalay; Series Writing Credits by Ken Follett and John Pielmeier; and Directed by three-time DGA award-winning Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (Television's Heroes).

* The Pillars Of The Earth battles its way to DVD with an all-star cast, released on 22 November 2010. Certificate: 15 | Number of Discs: 3 | RRP: £29.99 | Running Time: Approximately 428 Minutes.

Bonus Features

Includes All-New Featurettes: The Making Of The Pillars Of The Earth | Visual Effects Progression | Main Titles Progression.

"The Pillars Of The Earth is a fascinating melting pot of romance, political intrigue, war, power struggles, envy and religious turmoil set in 12th Century England"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar