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PlentyAfter working in German-occupied
  France as a Special Operative
  with the French Resistance and her
  life constantly in danger, a young
  Englishwoman struggles to find
  fulfilment, stability and happiness
  when she returns to post-war England
  in Plenty

AS A MEMBER OF THE SOE WORKING AGAINST the Germans in Nazi-occupied France, lovely young Susan Traherne (a superb performance by Oscar-winning Meryl Streep) leads an exciting and full, if extremely perilous, life as part of the French Resistance helping to free France from German rule.

While receiving equipment and supplies dropped by plane from Britain, she meets a dashing Englishman known by his codename Lazar (Sam Neill), takes him back to her home in the village of St Benoît near Poitiers and has a brief liaison with him before he leaves for Toulouse to complete his mission.

At the end of the war, Susan is waiting at the British Embassy in Brussels to return to England with her friend, former wireless operator Tony Radleigh (James Taylor). Tragically, Tony has a heart attack and dies and Ambassador Sir Leonard Darwin (John Gielgud) helps her, aided by Third Secretary Raymond Brock (Charles Dance), who invites her to dinner, and continues to see her when they both return to London.

Plenty is a wonderful,
highly-watchable and
film with sympathetic
by a hugely
talented cast...”
Susan believes post-war London to be tougher than during the hostilities. She works for shipping agent Mr Medicott (Ian Wallace) alongside the fun, amoral, outgoing and outspoken young Alice Park (a terrific character portrayal by Tracey Ullman), whom she moves in with her.

Raymond has been promoted at the Foreign Office and is scheduled to go overseas, but Susan demands a separation rather than leave London. Deciding she would like to have a child, she approaches the youthful Mick (Sting), whom she barely knows, asking him to father her child with no strings attached.

Having failed to get pregnant, Susan returns to Raymond and they marry; but Susan begins to find her marriage dull and unfulfilling, comparing it to the danger and excitement of her wartime days. While she struggles to build a new life amid the apathy of post-war England, her fragile mental and emotional stability is shattered. He is posted to Jordan and Susan brings Alice out with her; but as she becomes more and more out of control, Raymond finally realises the depth of her problems.

Spanning two decades in the life of an English French Resistance operative one of the few women flown in from England and one of the youngest from her perilous wartime work in occupied France through to her mundane yet privileged existence as the wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, Plenty features a stellar supporting cast and won a brace of awards and nominations on its theatrical release in 1985.

A clever and absorbing story in which a woman searches for fulfilment and happiness in a changing world, Plenty is a wonderful, highly-watchable and thought-provoking film with sympathetic characterisation by a hugely talented cast. Filmed on location in England, Belgium, France, Tunisia and Thorn EMI Studios at Elstree, England.

Plenty also features: Ian McKellen as Sir Andrew Charleson; Hugh Laurie as Michael; Burt Kwouk as Mr Aung, Secretary of the Burmese Embassy; Andre Maranne as Villon; Pik Sen Lim as Madame Aung; Ian Wallace as Medicott; James Taylor as Tony; Andy de la Tour as Randall; Richard Hope as Alistair and Terry Lightfoot and his Band.

Music Composed by Bruce Smeaton; Director of Photographer is Ian Baker; Screenplay by David Hare, based on his stage play; Produced by Edward R Pressman and Joseph Papp; and Directed by Fred Schepisi.

* A masterly feature presented in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, Plenty is released in the UK on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Network Distributing's The British Film Collection, on 11 August 2014. Running Time: 120 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: DVD 7954148; Blu-ray 7957086 | RRP: DVD £9.99; Blu-ray £14.99.

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"Plenty is a wonderful, highly-watchable and thought-provoking film with sympathetic characterisation by a hugely talented cast" Maggie Woods