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Point Blank

Point BlankPolice corruption and betrayal is
bare in Point Blank as an innocent
  nurse’s aide is dragged into the
  hazardous criminal underworld when
  his heavily-pregnant wife is kidnapped
  to force him to release a dangerous
  patient being guarded by the police...”

HAPPILY MARRIED AND LOOKING FORWARD to the birth of their first child, trainee nurse Samuel Pierret (Gilles Lellouche: Tell No One; Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows) and his wife Nadia (Elena Anaya: Van Helsing; Mesrine) see their peaceful life shattered after Samuel saves the life of a killer.

Hugo Sartet (Roschdy Zem: London River) has been attacked and wounded by two unknown assailants and is bleeding badly. He has called his brother to rescue him, but when Luc (Adel Bencherif) arrives he finds that Hugo has been hit by a motorbike and can only watch helplessly as he is taken to hospital.

As Hugo lies unconscious a man breaks into the ward to kill him and cuts the oxygen tubes keeping him breathing. He begins to suffocate but Samuel, who is on duty, discovers what has happened and resuscitates Hugo, saving his life. He is unaware that Hugo has already been linked by the Police to the murder of tycoon Francis Meyer and is therefore being kept under close scrutiny.

Unaware that he has been followed home from the hospital, Samuel is relaxing with his wife — who has been told that unless she has complete rest she could lose the baby — when he is attacked and, as he loses consciousness, sees his wife being abducted.

Waking up to his mobile phone ringing, he is told that Nadia will die unless he gets Hugo out of hospital — he is given just three hours to exchange the killer for his wife. Driven to desperate measures, Samuel knocks out the detective guarding Hugo, steals his gun and smuggles Hugo out.

In a fast-paced, non-stop action chase through the city, Samuel is to discover that making the exchange is not going to be easy. The two men who have been pursuing Hugo also turn up at the meeting point just as Samuel is within sprinting distance of Nadia.

Finding himself one of the most wanted men in the city, Samuel has to keep one step ahead of Commandant Catherine Fabré (Mireille Perrier) and her team of detectives and rival Commandant Patrick Werner (Gerard Lanvin), whose assignment to capture Francis Meyer's killer has crossed with that of Catherine's.

With corrupt police hot on his trail and with Nadia and her unborn child at risk, Samuel discovers he has been framed for the murder of a police officer. But when he and Hugo arrive at Pantin, where his wife was being held, there is no sign of her and they make a shocking discovery.

Samuel now has no choice other than to go underground among the criminal fraternity. And no option but to join forces with the ruthless Hugo in order to find out who has taken his wife and where she is being held before it is too late.

Hugo also has a personal score to settle with Commandant Werner and he will not rest until he has had his showdown with the detective. How do the Police know where to find Samuel and Hugo? Where is the safest place they could possible go, and will they find Nadia and save her and her unborn child before those who have the most to hide can reach them? Time is running out and Samuel has everything to lose.

Fast-paced chases, double-crosses, murder and treachery combine to make Point Blank a thrilling, chilling, absolutely riveting and thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Point Blank also features: Claire Perot as Capitaine Anaïs Susini; Moussa Maaskri as Capitaine Vogel; and Pierre Benoist as Capitaine Mercier.

Cinematography is by Alain Duplantier; Original Music is by Klaus Badelt; Produced by Cyril Colbeau-Justin and Jean-Baptiste Dupont; and Directed by Fred Cavayé (Anything For Her).

The spectacular and critically-acclaimed action thriller Point Blank comes to Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, on 3 October 2011. RRP: Blu-ray £19.99; DVD £15.99 | Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 81 Minutes.

DVD and Blu-ray Bonus Features — The Making of Point Blank | Photo Gallery | Trailer.

"Point Blank — a thrilling, chilling, absolutely riveting and thoroughly enjoyable movie" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A muscular thrill ride ****" — The Times

"Pulse-pounding ****" — Metro

"Thrilling ****" — Empire

"Taken to the power of ten ****" — Total Film