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Predestination“Described as a ‘mind-bending ride
  through time’, Predestination is an
  intriguing movie that explores the
  possibility of being able to interact
  with oneself and influence an outcome
  in the past, and therefore alter the
  present, during time travel..

STRETCHING THE IMAGINATION to suppose that going back in time and meeting your younger self would offer a chance to change lives for the better, the compellingly bizarre Predestination offers another slant on the fascinating subject of time travel.

A time traveller suffers an horrific accident and a reconstruction of his face while attempting to complete his final mission before being decommissioned. A Temporal Agent who is one of The Elite, with exceptional abilities and no past, he has been sent on a series of intricate time-travel journeys in order to prevent crimes before they are committed.

is a mesmeric
roller-coaster trip
across the
Assigned by his boss Mr Robertson (Noah Taylor), his final mission is a leap into the past to eliminate a man known as "The Fizzle Bomber" who has struck fear into the heart of New Yorkers by threatening to devastate the city. His identity is not known and he has escaped detection across time.

A mysterious New York barkeep (perfect character development as always by Ethan Hawke) strikes up a conversation with a young man who speaks of a tragic past. He now writes a column in a newspaper under the name of "The Unmarried Mother" (talented rising star Sarah Snook) and offers to swap his story for free drinks; beginning his heart-breaking tale with the words "When I was a little girl…".

The Unmarried Mother was left on the steps of an orphanage as a baby. Called Jane, she longed for a normal existence with a proper family; but she is far from normal, harbouring a secret that even she does not fully understand. Fascinated by space travel, she is smart and tough and well able to look after herself.

Given the opportunity to join a space programme, Jane is rejected at the end of the selection process, despite being a star pupil. She then works as a mother's help and sees herself through college before finally meeting and falling in love with a very special man; one she never thought she would find.

But tragedy is about to strike and Jane, who has been called a freak all her life, finds herself abandoned and suffering distress at two terrible injustices that are forced upon her. The barman asks her if she would be prepared to return to the past to deal with those who caused her anguish.

Can a terrible wrong be put right? Can the past really be changed for the better? Predestination is a mesmeric roller-coaster trip across the years that brings into question whether time travel would make it possible to influence your past self over different periods of time a conundrum that has resulted in Predestination looking set to be the most talked-about sci-fi thriller of 2015.

Based on the classic short story All You Zombies by Robert A Heinlein, Predestination also features: Christopher Kirby as Mr Miles; Christopher Sommers as Mr Miller; Kuni Kashimoto as Dr Fujimoto; Ben Prendergast as Dr Clarke; Cate Wolfe as Beth; Sara El-Yafi as Lab Technician; and Christopher Bunworth as Jerry.

Music is by Peter Spierig; Director of Photography is Ben Nott ACS; Produced by Paddy McDonald, Tim McGahan and Peter and Michael Spierig; Written and Directed by Michael and Peter Spierig (The Spierig Brothers: Daybreakers).

* Predestination leaps onto Blu-ray, DVD & Digital in the UK from Signature Entertainment on Monday 6 April 2015. Certificate: 15 (UK & Ireland) | Running Time: 95 Minutes | Catalogue Number DVD: SIG290; Blu-ray: SIG301.

"Predestination is a mesmeric roller-coaster trip across the years." Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"You will love this film *****" Bleeding Cool

"Best film of the year *****" Movie Ramblings

"*****" Empire

Quote From Predestination: "It's never too late to be who you might have been"