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Pressed“Luke Goss stars in the tense thriller
  Pressed as a redundant high-flying
  sales director who, with the threat of
  bankruptcy looming, is persuaded to
  use his savings to invest in a drugs
  deal that goes disastrously wrong

FEAR OF BANKRUPTCY FOLLOWING REDUNDANCY from his job as a sales director in an investment company leaves Brian Parker (Luke Goss: Blade 2; Hellboy II; The Golden Army) so desperate that he will do anything to bring his finances back into balance.

Determined that his wife Leanne (Erica Carroll) and young son Zack (Ethan Sawyer) will not suffer, Brian foregoes their yearly visit to the mountains; only too aware that he has spent too much time working and so little time with his family.

Having exhausted his pool of contacts, Brian is warned by his financial adviser that if he cashes in his Portfolio the Bank may well pull the plug on him. But Brian has already suffered as a result of his father being made Bankrupt when he was young and it is not a route he is prepared to go down.

Frantically looking for a way out, Brian drowns his sorrows at a bar owned by Jimmy (Michael Eklund), who turns out to have been in the same class as Brian at school. And Jimmy has a proposal for him after proving that he could turn the $300 he had in his wallet into a thousand.

Jimmy sets up a deal whereby Brian puts up his entire savings to fund the purchase of drugs. He arranges with nasty drug baron Joey 'The Boss' (Craig Stanghetta) that he should leave a briefcase with the money in the back of his car. But before it can be picked up, the car is stolen by two teenaged boys, Sam (Jeffrey Ballad) and Jesse (Tyler Johnston).

Although the sensitive Sam is from a privileged background, Jesse comes from the wrong side of the tracks and is streetwise. It is not long before the boys are splashing money around the town indiscreetly.

A misunderstanding with Jimmy ends with Brian becoming more involved and the quick-fix deal he was hoping for has turned into an unthinkable stalemate from which he cannot return. As Brian tries to take things into his own hands, the situation escalates until he, Sam and Jesse are in terrible danger and at least one of them is destined to die.

Pressed is an exciting, fast-paced action movie with the empathetic Luke Goss leading a team of talented actors creating plausible characters. Jesse speaks of the city dying, bankruptcy, prostitution, and despair — a life that Brian believes himself to be free of and yet somehow becomes entangled with.

Although Brian was never supposed to be part of the drug deal, he has been thrust into it unwillingly, owing the merciless drug lord money that actually belongs to him — too late he has come to realise that "there is no such thing as easy money".

This remarkable film shows how easy it is to become embroiled in the crime world with your life hanging on the line purely because everything has been taken away from you. Pressed comes from Peter Allen Associates Studios in Vancouver, Canada, and was filmed in West Kelowna.

The film also features Tanya Champoux as Brian's Mother; Michelle Brezinski as Lynn, Jesse's Mother; Cameron Gordon as Chuck; and Chris Ippolito as Gus.

Music is by Peter Allen; Director of Photography is Norm Li; Produced by Navid Soofi, Justin Donnelly and Joanathan DuBois; and Written and Directed by Justin Donnelly, making his impressive directorial debut.

Pressed is released on DVD on 23 January, 2012. Catalogue Number: G2P0655 | RRP: 15.99 | Certificate: 18.

"Pressed is an exciting, fast-paced action movie with the empathetic Luke Goss leading a team of talented actors creating plausible characters"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Stylish, tense, thrilling" — Zap! Bang! Magazine