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Raging Phoenix

Raging Phoenix“From the producers of Ong Bak,
  Born To Fight and The Warrior King
  comes Raging Phoenix
a fast-
  paced movie about a vulnerable girl
  who masters ‘drunken fighting’
  and helps exact revenge upon a
  ruthless criminal gang...”

DEVASTATED BY THE BETRAYAL of her boyfriend, abandoned by her family and kicked out of the band she played with, Deu (Jija Yanin: Chocolate) loses herself by hitting the bottle and having conversations with her dead father.

Drunk and out of control, she wanders through bleak and deserted buildings before being abducted by a gang who bundle her into their van. Her captors are planning to sell her to the notorious Jaguar Gang, a brutal crime ring that imprisons young women to extract their pheromones to sell as a potent aphrodisiac on the black market.

Fighting violence with violence, she manages to throw herself from the van and is rescued by the handsome Sanim (Kazu Patrick Tang) who agrees to teach her his brand of 'drunken fighting' known as Meyraiyuth. But Sanim has a secret. His wife Pai (Sarocha Ruampaothai) has been taken by the Jaguars and he wants to get her back at all costs.

Along with his friends Kee-Muu "Pig" (Nui "B Boy Mr Go Rock" Sandano), Kee-Mha "Dog" (Sompong "B Boy Haste" Leartyimolkasame) and Kee-Kwai (Boonprusert "B Boy Oman" Solongam), Sanim teaches Deu how to master their unique method of combat. And there are some harsh lessons along the way as she learns of the grudges they have against the Jaguars.

Using Deu as bait, Sanim and his friends manage to get into the Jaguar Gang's cavernous lair where they aim to rescue Pai and bring down the lucrative and exploitative people trafficking empire. Face to face with a horde of cold-hearted and violent criminals, Deu, Sanim, Kee-Muu, Kee-Mha and Kee-Kwai will have to fight with every ounce of available strength to defeat a merciless enemy that has all their skills of martial arts to hand.

Raging Phoenix
is a different, exciting, ferocious and breathtaking tale of revenge. The brilliant and brutal fight sequences are supervised by acclaimed Thai producer, director and fight choreographer Panna Rittikrai. Raging Phoenix features a unique martial arts action that combines Muay Thai techniques with Drunken Boxing and dazzling hip-hop dance moves to deliver a real fights, real injuries action extravaganza the like of which has never been seen before. Raging Phoenix takes the full-contact combat thrills seen in Chocolate to an inventive and unprecedented level with deceptively casual, dance-like moves.

Following the phenomenal success of her explosive screen debut in Chocolate, Thailand's young female martial arts sensation Jija Yanin shines once again in Raging Phoenix — an awe-inspiring action adventure packed with incredible hi-impact martial arts, breathtaking free running and bone crunching stunts that will leave martial arts enthusiasts and action movie fans wondering what Thai cinema's latest action hero will come up with next!

Action Supervisor is Panna Rittikrau; Action Choregaphy Director is Weerapon Phuimatfon; Produced by Prachya Pinkaew; Story by Rashane Limtrakul and Sompape Vejchapipat; Screenplay by Sompape Vejchapipat; Directed by Rashane Limtrakul.

Raging Phoenix is released on DVD on 12 April (2010). Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 109 Minutes | RRP — DVD: 17.99; Blu-ray 24.99 | In Thai with optional English subtitles. Special Features: Interview Gallery | B-Roll Action Scene footage | Trailer Gallery.

"Raging Phoenix is a different, exciting, ferocious and breathtaking tale of revenge" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar