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Real: The Movie
Real: The Movie "They've won more European trophies than any other club in the world. The players are not just superstars; they are known as Galacticos, with star names from across the globe. They are Real Madrid, one of the biggest and wealthiest teams in football and this is Real: The Movie, out for the first time on DVD."

THIS FABULOUS, INNOVATIVE FILM is not only about Real Madrid and football. It is about people and passions and is part documentary and part fiction. The story follows Real Madrid fans from different parts of the world and shows how millions of people are touched by the team. Real: The Movie explores the affect the team has upon the lives of five people and how the fervour and adulation for Real Madrid FC is felt across the globe.

The thread that runs through the film and ties it all in with Real Madrid is the determination of history teacher Tomas Vias (Javier Albala, Second Skin) to try to understand why the team has captured so many people's hearts. What is the special bond that makes fans so passion-ate about the most famous club in the world? Tomas has never liked football but, because of his curiosity, he studies the club's history and finds himself at the magnificent Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, waiting to watch a match — courtesy of Alfredo Di Stéfano. And wondering about the kind of people who are such ardent supporters…

Directed by Borja Manso, the fictional aspect of the film is told in five languages, through the eyes of Tomas, Megan, Koji, Maxi and Ánsou.
It looks at the different ways the club affects and inspires people —
no matter how far away they live from The Santiago Bernabeu.

Sayaka (Ari Ohta) lives in Tokyo and will do anything to watch David Beckham play football — even lie to boyfriend Koji. Her handbag bears the words "Mrs Beckham" and she dreams of the footballer constantly — cue some comic animé. Koji (played by newcomer Keiichirou Sasaki) adopts a David Beckham hairstyle, only to find the star has had his hair cropped! Is it enough to win Sayaka back? There is a touching image of a drenched Koji in the pouring rain, staring at Sayaka and her friend through a window as they watch their hero on television.

In New York, Megan (Jessica Bohl, You Are Alone) plays football for her college ladies' team — an interest she shares with her father at the expense of their relationship with her mother, who doesn't understand them. When Megan suffers a serious knee injury similar to the one that threatened Ronaldo's career in 1999, she is afraid she will never play again.

Maxi (Guillermo Herrera) has a shock in store when he tries to take his football training a step further with the stranger he meets in the street while playing football — a stranger who admits to having once kidnap-ped Real legend Alfredo Di Stéfano.

Tomas has been told that "in Senegal there's a guy who walks to every Real Madrid match" and it takes him two days there and two days back to get to the nearest television set. The man, Ánsou (Maguette Coly), has a son, Akia (Moussa Faye), who loves playing football. But because he gets into trouble at school for not working his father takes him to his Uncle Abdul in Ziguinchor "to learn a trade". As Akia and his father set off on their long journey, they are to cross Africa through beautiful landscapes to the sea, which gives this remarkable director some wonderful opportunities for displaying his skill and showing African life. In Ziguinchor, an exciting surprise lays in wait for Akia.

Tomas has spoken to his neighbour about her grandson Martin's school-ing. He discovers that she and her late husband used to watch Real Madrid matches and that the whole family are passionate about the team. After a traumatic event, she stopped watching the game, but Tomas encourages her by putting tickets under her door — an act of kindness that pays off.

The thrills and anticipation of preparing for the big match are captured on film as the countdown to the kick-off begins. At the Real Madrid Training Facility, we can eavesdrop on a meeting to discuss tactics and plans. We can watch the team in training, see television interviews with the players and be involved with the building of dreams.

Other notable inclusions are the following of the history of the Madrid Football Club with Tomas. The club was formed in 1902 and the historic sepia and black-and-white images and black-and-white movie clips are fascinating — as are the images of today's children playing football in deserts, steppes and on dusty roads.

Debuting at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, Real: The Movie is the only official Real Madrid film ever to be released, containing exclusive foot-age of Real stars past and present including: Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos, David Beckham and Michael Owen on and off the pitch as well as an exclusive interview with Ronaldo. The amazing atmosphere is captured as the film culminates with a brilliant match with their biggest rivals, Barcelona — a match where even 'doubting' Tomas is caught up in the excitement.

You can experience the highs and lows of football fanaticism with Real: The Movie, from an original idea by Borja Manso. The music (by Rafaelo Arnau) is fantastico! Luis Manso presents Huckleberry Films in collaboration with Real Madrid TV — Real: The Movie. Don't knock it until you've tried it! [One of the editorial team at MotorBar has absolutely no interest in football and he loved this film! — Ed]

Real: The Movie is a "passionate and innovative football film" and it
is out now on DVD from Bluebell Films at an RRP of £9.99. Catalogue No: BLB019.