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Red Dog
Red Dog“Stirring up a whole range of emotions,
  Red Dog is a terrific film based on
the true story of an Australian dog who
  belonged to nobody and everybody
  and who finally found a master he could
  truly love — until a tragic event took
  him on an incredible journey..

HE COULD NOT HAVE CHOSEN A WILDER OR MORE DESOLATE PLACE to fetch up in. But then Red Dog (played by the gorgeous, beautifully-expressive Koko in what is understandably described as
"a career-defining role") wasn't an ordinary dog, as the folks in Dampier, Western Australia, will tell you.

Dampier is a small town where men come from all over the world looking for employment at Hamersley Iron. The sun beats mercilessly down and the work is hard. But after the sun goes down, the men who have sweated and toiled the day away make their way to the industrial hick town's only pub, The Mermaid Bar, where they can reminisce about their home towns, drink, fight and talk some more about their home towns.

“Red Dog is humorous,
tragic, romantic, emotive
and ultimately a
wonderful, laugh-until-
you-cry movie
On a particular night in 1979, the people of Dampier are preparing themselves for the worst when a stranger, Thomas (Luke Ford) arrives to witness many people visiting a sick dog. Red Dog has eaten poison and may well die — a situation that affects the whole town.

Red Dog turned up in Dampier in 1971. Everyone knows and loved this dog, who made an instant impression on the locals. Red Dog is a real character who will be sadly missed, and for once everybody agrees about the seriousness of the situation. Each one has a story to tell about him; especially Jocko (Rohan Nicol), whose tragic past has never left him. And he is not the only one with every reason to be grateful to Red Dog…

When new company bus driver John Grant (the superb Josh Lucas: Sweet Home Alabama) shows Red Dog who's boss, a very special friendship is born; and it is Red Dog who is partly responsible for the romance between John and the new secretary, Nancy Grey (Rachael Taylor: Transformers).

Although Red Dog — also known as The Pilbara Wanderer — is nomadic, making his way out into the bush before very determinedly hitching a ride back to town again, he and John become inseparable. Sometimes Red Dog even hitches a lift just for the hell of it.

There is a terrific, cartoon-style, showdown with Red Cat from the Dampier Caravan Park and Red Dog reveals the secret life of one of the toughest workers in Dampier. But tragedy waits and Red Dog sets out to search for his past, covering many miles in the process and becoming the most famous dog in Australia.

Based on the best-selling novel by Louis De Bernieres (Captain Corelli's Mandolin) and inspired by a true story, Red Dog is humorous, tragic, romantic, emotive and ultimately a wonderful, laugh-until-you-cry movie.

Before enjoying a successful UK theatrical release earlier in the year, the film became the 7th biggest movie of all time in its native Australia, taking an amazing AU$23 million.

Red Dog also features: Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider) as Rose; Noah Taylor (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) as Jack Collins; Loene Carment as Maureen Collins; Arthur Angel as Vanno; John Batchelor as Peeto; Bill Hunter as Jumbo Smelt; Alex Williamson as Miner; and Eamon Farren as Dave.

The film was Directed by Kriv Stenders (The illustrated Family Doctor; Blacktown) and written by Dan Taplitz (Chaos Theory; Breakin' All The Rules; Commandments) and was shot on location in Western Australia. Music is by Cezary Skubiszewski; Director of Photographer is Geoffrey Hall, ACS; and Producers are: Nelson Woss and Julie Ryan.

Sometimes life leads you to where you need to be and you will want to be watching Red Dog as it comes to Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 4 June 2012. Running Time: 88 Minutes Approx | Certificate: PG | Catalogue Number: DVD: G2PO63DVD / BD: G2PB063 | RRP: DVD £15.99 / BD: £19.99.

"Red Dog is humorous, tragic, romantic, emotive and ultimately a wonderful, laugh-until-you-cry movie" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Sometimes a dog chooses you…" — Promotional Tag from Red Dog

"Heartwarming and hilarious" — Mail on Sunday

"A film with enough appeal to set tails wagging wherever it plays" — The Guardian