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Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion“A Russian Special Forces soldier finds
  himself in the middle of a highly
  explosive situation when he is sent on
  a mission to befriend and gain the
  trust of a rebel prisoner; only to find
  that he sympathises with the man and
  begins to realise that he has been
  sold a lie in the magnificent, fast-paced
  action thriller Red Scorpion..

SUMMONED TO THE HEADQUARTERS of the Supreme Soviet High Commission in Moscow, crack special forces soldier Nikolai Gurnlevich Rachenko (the wonderful Dolph Lundgren: The Expendables) is sent by General Vortek (T P McKenna) to the Russian-Cuban Operations Centre in Mombaka in Africa.

His mission is to get himself arrested to gain the trust of a prisoner, Kallunda Kintash (Al White), one of the warlords of, and military adviser to, a very powerful and dangerous fanatic, rebel army leader Sundata (Ruben Nthodi) who actively defies the new communist rulers. Vortek tells Nikolai that Sundata is responsible for many atrocities and he must be stopped. Permanently.

Vortek has chosen the best. Nikolai is a deadly, highly-skilled soldier; an all-round killing machine with brutal efficiency and a single-minded determination to serve the Motherland. Taught to stalk, trained to kill and programmed to destroy. Nikolai is the perfect man for the task — if only he can be controlled.

Leaving in his wake a trail of battered bodies and bloodied enemies, Nikolai breaks Kallunda, accompanied by his friend, American rock-loving journalist Dewey (M Emmet Walsh), out of the compound and a spectacular chase ensues.

Although Dewey views Nikolai with suspicion, Kallunda opens up to the Russian and leads him to Sundata. After an aborted attempt to kill him, Nikolai is left out in the desert and finds himself betrayed by the very people he was sent there to help. He comes to realise that everything he has been told is a lie as he faces the harsh, shocking reality of what these people are fighting — and dying — for.

Left for dead, Nikolai is rescued by the dignified and spiritual Bushmen. He befriends Gao, who shows him many things, despite the language barrier, including the result of the dreadful "blue rain".

Nikolai brazenly returns to Sundata bearing the mark of the hunter and a rousing war-cry: "Let's kick ass". And then some. The Cold War rebel is ready to right a wrong. With a body count rising by the second, leaving jaws stuck to the floor, and a healthy disregard for troublesome logic, the retaliation is going to make somebody very, very sorry they crossed him.

Red Scorpion saw its cinema release in 1988 and it is every bit as thrilling today as it was twenty-four years ago. It's a classic spectacular that doesn't let up for a second. The film is a terrific, hot-paced story full of earth-shattering tension with Dolph Lundgren at his superb best.

Following supporting roles in A View To A Kill and Rocky IV and his role as He-Man in Masters Of The Universe, former chemical engineering graduate-turned actor Dolph Lundgren took on the role that would define his career as an action star playing the hero Nikolai in the shoot-'em-up action-thriller Red Scorpion, a film that remains one of the most memorable and revered action movies of the Eighties.

Red Scorpion also features: Carmen Argenziano as Colonel Zayas; Alex Colon as Mendez; and Brion James as Krasnov. Music is by Jay Chattaway; Director of Photography is Joao Fernandes; Story is by Robert Abramoff, Jack Abramoff and Arne Olsen; Screenplay is by Arne Olsen; Produced by Jack Abramoff; and Directed by Joseph Zito, the man behind Chuck Norris' number one box office smash hits Missing In Action and Invasion USA.

Red Scorpion is released on Blu-ray by Arrow Video on 6 February 2012. RRP: 24.99.

Special Features — Brand new High Definition transfer of the film (1080p) | Introduction to the film by star Dolph Lundgren | UK exclusive audio commentary by director Joseph Zito, moderated by filmmaker and genre scholar Howard S. Berger | All Out Of Bullets: Dolph Lundgren remembers Red Scorpion | Music With Muscles: Composer Jay Chattaway on the soundtrack of Red Scorpion | Original Trailer | Reversible Sleeve with Original and Newly Commissioned Artwork | Double-Sided Fold-out Artwork Poster | Collectors' Booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by author Calum Waddell | Original 1.78:1 aspect ratio | Original Uncompressed LPCM Stereo audio | Optional English Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired.

"Red Scorpion a terrific, hot-paced story full of earth-shattering tension" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar