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Resident Evil: Damnation
Resident Evil: DamnationIn a small Eastern European country
  in the grip of civil war, a US special
  agent returns for the ultimate battle
  against extraordinary and seemingly-
  indestructible new Bio Organic Weapons
  in the next gripping chapter of the
  smash hit Resident Evil saga, Resident
  Evil: Damnation

HAVING BATTLED TO STOP THE DEADLY G-VIRUS in Resident Evil: Degeneration, American special agent Leon S Kennedy (voice of Matthew Mercer), risks his life to infiltrate a small Eastern European country and discover the truth behind the rumours of the existence of terrible Bio-Organic Weapons in the fantastic CGI movie Resident Evil: Damnation.

There really are weapons of mass destruction being used during the civil war by the government to contain the freedom fighters; and almost as soon as Leon arrives, he is ordered to leave by the US Government.

Resident Evil:
is a gripping, high-class
animé with fantastic
monsters and an
exciting, relentlessly-
paced storyline
full of surprises...”
America is pulling out and his mission has been aborted, but Leon refuses to go until he has seen for himself these Bio-Organic Weapons and helped to put an end to the horrific slaughter.

He joins the freedom fighters and falls foul of the country's President, Svetlana Belikova (voice of Wendee Lee), who has a very good line in personal defensive fighting. Leon also again crosses paths with the remarkable Ada Wong (voice of Courtenay Taylor), who could be working for either the Russians or the Americans.

Realising the full extent of the danger when he is confronted by the apparently-unstoppable BOWs, Leon is horrified to see a band of citizens roaming the city who have been transformed into Zombie-like creatures by having a parasite inserted into their spinal column. And when one of his new-found friends is captured and forced to endure this, he cannot see how things will ever be the same again.

Worse is to come as Leon and the freedom-fighters have to battle against super-human creatures. Leon has to use all his strength and his ingenuity to fight this terrifying enemy — and it is a fight he must win at all costs.

The Resident Evil: Damnation Blu-rays and DVDs are packed with the kind of eye-popping visuals and thrilling suspense good Evil fans have come to expect — both come equipped with UltraViolet* and a host of killer bonus features. Resident Evil: Damnation is a gripping, high-class animé with fantastic monsters and an exciting, relentlessly-paced storyline full of surprises.

Based on the CAPCOM multi-million dollar video game and the live-action film franchise grossing nearly $700 million at worldwide box offices, Resident Evil: Damnation features: film/game series star Leon S Kennedy; Alexander "Sasha" Kozachenko (aka Buddy, the voice of Dave Wittenberg); JD (voice of Val Tasso); Ivan Judanovich (aka Ataman, the voice of Robin Sachs); Ingrid Hunnigan (voice of Salli Saffioti); Secretary (voice of David Earnest); and Scarecrow (voice of Patrick Seitz).

Motion Capture Performers include: Kevin Dorman (Leon S Kennedy); Melinda Lee (Svetlane Belikova); Jolene Anderson (Ada Wong); David Earnest (Sasha Kozachenko); and Kirk Thornton (Ivan Judanovich).

Resident Evil: Damnation was written by Shotaro Suga (Resident Evil: Degeneration); Produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Resident Evil live-action film series, Resident Evil: Degeneration); and Directed by Makoto Kamiya (Resident Evil: Degeneration).

* Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and CAPCOM unleash the ultimate evil in the action-packed CGI sequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration, Resident Evil: Damnation, released on Blu-ray and DVD on 24 September 2012. Running Time (Approx): 100 Minutes (Blu-ray); 96 Minutes (DVD). RRP: DVD £12.99; Blu-ray £19.99. (Pricing and Bonus Features on Digital editions of Resident Evil: Damnation may vary by service provider).

Bonus Materials (Blu-ray and DVD) — Las Plagas: Organisms of War Featurette | The DNA of Damnation | Voice Bloopers | Gag Reel. Blu-ray Exclusive: Conceptual Art Gallery — Showcases Designs of the Movie's Unique Locations and Terrifying Monsters.

"Resident Evil: Damnation is a gripping, high-class animé with fantastic monsters and an exciting, relentlessly-paced storyline full of surprises" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

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