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Reuniting The Rubins
Reuniting The RubinsHaving decided to see the world,
  as part of a dream retirement, an uptight
  lawyer has to rethink his plans when
  his mother emotionally blackmails him
  into cancelling his expensive cruise
  and getting his estranged children back
  together again in the funny and well-
  observed movie, Reuniting The

HAPPILY CONTEMPLATING A WORLD CRUISE away from it all, finicky Jewish lawyer Lenny Rubins (the evergreen Timothy Spall: Harry Potter Franchise; Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street; The King's Speech) is about to board an ocean liner when he receives a message that sends him rushing to his mother's hospital bedside.

Mrs Rubins (the wonderful Honor Blackman: Goldfinger) has suffered a suspected heart attack and tells him he will have to abandon his trip or she might be dead when he gets back. Furthermore, is her wish that Lenny should get the whole family together again for Pasach, the Jewish holiday at Easter.

There is only one problem: Lenny knows his estranged children will never agree to be together under the same roof. And he refuses to be manipulated by his feisty mother.

He arranges to join the cruise further along the line, but another health scare sends him back to his mother and he gives in to the inevitable. He agrees to contact his children to try to persuade them to come to their grandmother's gathering — who has even bought back the family house with her retirement fund and booked herself out of the retirement home where she reluctantly lived.

Knowing that his children never willingly get together, it is up to Timothy to forgo his retirement cruise, help to get the old family home into a liveable condition and help to arrange his mother's party and persuade all his children to be there and to behave themselves for their grandmother's sake.

Easy... Well, no — they hate each other. First of all, Lenny's OCD businessman son Daniel (James Callis: Bridget Jones' Diary; Battlestar Galactica) is an out-and-out capitalist who cares only about putting together his next deal. Divorced, his former wife has just remarried and while she is on her honeymoon he is left with his son Jake, for whom he never seems to have time.

Lenny's daughter Andrea (Rhona Mitra: Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans; The Number 23) is an outspoken eco-warrior, utterly dedicated to the cause and living in darkest Africa at a Rescue Centre deep in the Congo, and despises Daniel; son Yona (Hugh O'Connor), or Jonathan, is a bible-bashing Rabbi deep in the religious heart of Jerusalem, married to the bemused Miri (Louise Brealey), who is expecting their third child; and Clarity (Asier Newman), is an other-worldly Buddhist Monk.

Peas from the same pod they may be, but the resemblance stops there. And Lenny, who also suffers from OCD, cannot understand his children at all. Are they even from the same planet? When they are together it is survival of the fittest and all-out war.

But is Lenny's mother genuinely ill or is she just trying to manipulate Lenny into doing what she wants him to do? Having lost her own family during the war in a concentration camp, she is determined that she will see her family reunited, but not over her dead body! Can Lenny persuade his children to settle their differences so that they can spend Pesach together or will he leave them all to it and rejoin the cruise?

Although they do not see eye-to-eye, continue to pick quarrels and fight like cat and dog and don't understand each other, they are still family. And it's going to take a whole bundle of soul-searching and sacrifice for the entire family to come together in this heart-warming, family comedy that will make you think of your own family with a smile! One big family Crisis…

Persuading, cajoling and finally threatening, Lenny has reached the end of his tether. Will his family fall into line? Discovering things he didn't even know about his children, Lenny is trying to make them aware of the value of family. Reuniting The Rubins is human, funny, tragic and heart-warming as a family in crisis makes an hilarious attempt to sort itself out. The accusations fly!

Reuniting The Rubins also features: Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners) as Nick; Anna Brook as Louise; Claudia Coulter as Marta; James Vaughan as Michael Brown; and Neil Conrich as Rabbi Cohen.

Original Music by Tim Atack; Director of Photography is Miles Cook; Executive Producer is Ben White; Produced by Yoav Factor and Jonathan Weissler; Written and Directed by Yoav Factor.

Reuniting The Rubins spills over onto DVD on 13 February, 2012. Running Time: 97 Minutes approx | RRP: £15.99 | Catalogue Number: KAL8146 | Barcode: 50601928 11452.

Extras — Interview with Timothy Spall | On Location With Reuniting The Rubins | Q&A | Deleted Scenes.

"Reuniting The Rubins is human, funny, tragic and heart-warming as a family in crisis makes an hilarious attempt to sort itself out. The accusations fly!" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar