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The Revelation Of The Pyramids

The Revelation Of The Pyramids“How did the ancient Egyptians build
  the pyramids with such skill and
  precision? How do the world’s other
  ancient sites connect to Giza
s Great
  Pyramid? The Revelation Of The
is a fascinating documentary
  investigating the mysteries of the
  ancients with help from the world
  most eminent scientific and technical

DISCOVER SOME OF THE AMAZING SECRETS of the ancient Egyptians revealed in Patrice Pooyard's riveting documentary The Revelation Of The Pyramids, which takes a look at some of the latest discoveries in Egypt that challenge everything we know about our planet's past.

As the documentary visits the world's oldest and most beautiful historical sites, it is clear why Pooyard spent six years investigating Man's heritage by studying the ancient historical sites left to the world by intriguing and gifted civilisations.

Aided by his anonymous Egyptian researcher and armed with knowledge gleaned from eminent scientific and technical specialists, Pooyard begins with the Egyptians, who constructed pyramids five thousand years ago apparently using only copper chisels, stone mallets, and hemp ropes.

No less than eight major feats of engineering were involved in the building of the Great Pyramid, which is believed to have taken about 20 years to build. There is no cement between the blocks of stone, each of which weighs about the same as a car and which are cut with such accuracy you could not even slide a razor blade between them. But how did the ancient Egyptians move them hundreds of miles from where they were quarried?

How could the ancient Egyptians have built with such skill and precision without modern technology? Why was the Great Pyramid constructed on the Giza Plateau and was it really intended as a tomb — or is there another reason for its existence? Why does it appear to signal the Equinox and why can a straight line be drawn to join it with other ancient sites across the globe? The result will shake world history to its very core and revolutionise Egyptology.

Pooyard draws comparisons between Egypt's pyramids and temples and the construction of the pedestal and statues on Easter Island. He also looks at other ancient sites, including the Sun Pyramid in Mexico, clay pyramids in China, Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan, the Yonaguni site off the Okinawa coast in Japan and the Nazca Lines in Southern Peru.

Sadly, the Great Pyramid is the only one of the official Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that remains standing. The Revelation Of The Pyramids suggests a plausible reason for this and reveals that the Egyptians must have had an accurate form of measure. The mathematical constant Pi (discovered by Englishman John Taylor) and the Golden Number occur in the Great Pyramid. It is interesting to note that the Golden Number or Golden Ratio often occurs in classical architecture and Pooyard sites the Parthenon and many of the Mediaeval cathedrals such as Strasbourg Cathedral.

Ancient builders worked with a precision that modern architects would envy. The statue of Rameses at Luxor is perfectly symmetrical and, even with modern tools, it would be incredibly difficult to reproduce today.

Could it really be that the ancients were helped by an even older and more advanced civilisation that has since disappeared; or perhaps they were visited by an alien nation? Can the Great Pyramid be a message — or a warning — left for the future?

Using nearly forty years of study and research, the producers of this documentary have at last managed first to understand and then to prove what lies behind one of the greatest archaeological mysteries. The fascinating, informative and visual documentary The Revelation Of The Pyramids is a compelling exploration into the mysteries of the ancients.

The Revelation Of The Pyramids is from the book of the same name by Jacques Grimault; The Narrator is Brian Cox from a Text by Patrice Pooyard and Jacques Grimault; Music is by Jean Baptiste Sabiani; Screenplay is by Jacques Grimault, Patrice Pooyard and Olivier Krasker-Rosen; Producers are: Ekwanim Productions, Kerguelen, Hot Dog Films, Felix Altmann, Gulf Investments; and the Director is Patrice Pooyard.

For centuries The Great Pyramids have fascinated Mankind. Each year brings a batch of new theories from the plausible to the absolutely bizarre. Now we are closer to the truth as The Revelation Of The Pyramids is released on DVD and Blu-ray, courtesy of Optimum Home Entertainment, on 22 August 2011. Catalogue Number: OPTBD2016 | RRP: DVD 17.99; Blu-ray 22.99.

"The fascinating, informative and visual documentary The Revelation Of The Pyramids is a compelling exploration into the mysteries of the ancients" — Maggie Woods, MotorBa