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Revenge Of The Electric Car
Revenge Of The Electric Car“As environmentalists demand ways
  of improving car emissions, car-makers
  have once again turned their attention
  to the energy source they once rejected,
  as documented in the absorbing new
  DVD Revenge Of The Electric Car

HAVING DESTROYED THOUSANDS OF ELECTRIC CARS back in 2006, motor manufacturers have made a U-turn in the belief that it
's time for the 'second coming' the electric car is back!

Director Chris Paine (Who Killed The Electric Car?) takes a look at the companies that are behind the resurgence of the electric car in Revenge Of The Electric Car, gaining access to the usually closed doors of Nissan and GM and also Tesla Motors, the company that proved electric cars can be sexy.

An intriguing and
informative documentary
that follows the
dramatic and electrifying
race to create the
ultimate electric car...”
For three years Chris had access to the world's most secretive car manufacturers, including independent car converters, going behind the scenes to give the viewer an insight into the development from concept through to working vehicle.

He also looks at the technical expertise, financial problems, successes and failures as the manufacturers strive to launch the first and best electric car onto an eagerly-awaiting marketplace.

The electric car renaissance is seen through the eyes of four industry pioneers, beginning with General Motors' larger-than-life Vice President Bob Lutz, describe as a gruff, cigar-smoking maverick who appears to have just stepped off the set of Mad Men!

Bob, 'Mr Horsepower', is one of the guys blamed for killing off GM's first electric car, the EV1, so when he finally came up with an idea for a new electric prototype his suggestions fell flat as GM had already lost so much money on the EV1. But, against all odds, GM produced the Volt.

Meet Elon Musk, the young dot-com billionaire and Chairman of Tesla Motors. He has taken on the Banks, the space industry and now takes on the car companies with the first production roadster to make a difference to the world.

Tesla was established in Silicon Valley, California, in February 2008 as the US's newest car company. Elon is a true believer in the electric car and has put his personal wealth into Tesla. With a 200-mile range, this little car gives the motoring giants something to think about. Elon believes Silicon Valley can teach Detroit a few lessons about car manufacturing.

In Tokyo, Japan, Chris is given access to former EV sceptic Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan/Renault — the man who turned Nissan around and who astonished the car world in 2009 by announcing the launch of the Nissan Leaf. With a 100-mile range, the Leaf is an affordable, pure electric car that is built for the widest possible market.

And finally, a man with a vision. In Culver City, Colorado, Greg 'Gadget' Abbott began a small business and is one of thousands of do-it-yourself electric car converters determined to start the EV revolution today.

He took a Triumph Spitfire, a GT6 and a 1967 Camaro and changed their petrol power to electric. He proudly shows Chris his latest product: a Porsche 356 Speedster with 120 miles of range that goes from 0-60mph in six seconds. But there is tragedy along the way…

In this fascinating film we also hear from auto analysts, along with Dan Neil of The Wall Street Journal, Jon Favreau and Danny DeVito, who still misses his EV1. Don't miss out — Revenge Of The Electric Car is an intriguing and informative documentary that follows the dramatic and electrifying race to create the ultimate electric car.

Director of Photography is Thaddeus Wadleigh; Original Music is by David Robbins; Producer is Jessie Deeter and P G Morgan; Directed by Chris Paine.

Narrated by Tim Robbins, Revenge Of The Electric Car chronicles the greatest shift in technology in automobile history and rolls onto DVD and VOD, courtesy of Dogwoof, on 6 August 2012. RRP: £14.99 | Running Time: 90 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: DOG273 | Barcode: 5050968009787.

Special Features — Tribeca Film Festival Talk-Panel Discussion after the Film Premiere | Film Festival in New York 2011, with Chris Paine, Elon Musk, Carlos Ghosn, Dan Neil and Moderated by David Duchovny | Bonus footage: Includes Dave Barthmuss talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger | Additional Interviews and Theatrical Trailer

"Revenge Of The Electric Car is an intriguing and informative documentary that follows the dramatic and electrifying race to create the ultimate electric car" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A snapshot of a major industry shift on its way to a tipping point… a slick, enjoyable valentine to a retooling industry" — New York Times

"Riveting… highly entertaining" — Vanity Fair

"Fascinating, refreshing" — Variety