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2 Guns — Oh, shoot! It's good. Delivering superb thrills with humour, 2 Guns stirs up a barrel-load of excitement as two good men (Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington) rediscovering duty, honour, loyalty and trust fight for their lives.
The 12th Man — A group of twelve brave Norwegian resistance fighters come to Scotland in 1943 during World War II to be trained as saboteurs by the British before returning to Nazi-Occupied Norway to target German airfields and key installations only to be betrayed. Eleven are tortured and killed. The twelfth escapes — and so begins a ruthless and harrowing manhunt.
13 Assassins — Superbly-paced, brilliantly visual, awe-inspiring and compulsive samurai film.
14 Blades — A fabulously exciting, highly-impressive and visual martial arts movie with nail-biting action seamlessly showcasing talented filmmakers. One of the very best martial arts films.
30 Days Of Night: Dark Days — Nerve-wracking action-packed sequel to the globally successful franchise following survivor Stella as she tracks down and takes on Lilith, Queen of the Vampires.
300: Rise Of An Empire — A fantastic swords and sorcery epic that seamlessly merges Greek and Persian myth and legend with historical fact, 300: Rise Of An Empire surges spectacularly into an enthralling all-out battle for the future of the world.
1408Spine-tingler from the pen of horror legend Stephen King.
2012 Relentless nail-biting tension. The best disaster movie ever. Unmissable.

A Better Tomorrow 2012 — When two brothers are separated and their mother killed as they try to flee North Korea, the younger never forgives his older brother's perceived abandonment; reinforced when he discovers he has become a hardened criminal in A Better Tomorrow 2012.
Acceleration — An all-knowing, all-seeing ruthless crime lord with his fingers in many pies turns nasty with his most trusted operative when she double-crosses him; kidnapping her son and refusing to let her see the boy until she completes five tasks to reckon with others who have deceived him in the fast-paced gritty thriller Acceleration.
A Choice Of Coward — Noel Coward is as magnificent as he is the epitome of Britishness and the wonderful plays chosen for A Choice Of Coward reflect perfectly his powers of observations and a wickedly dry sense of humour. First class.
A Christmas Tail — A widowed policeman living in a Californian beach house fulfils his son's Christmas wish for a puppy; but he may have to break the boy's heart a year later when he is offered a prestigious job with the FBI in New York because they cannot keep a dog in their new apartment.
A Dangerous Man A tense and gritty action-packed journey pitting ruthless Chinese against equally ruthless Russians with the superb Steven Seagal as the unstoppable driving force.
A Good Old Fashioned Orgy With only enough time for one final shindig before his beach house is sold, a thirty-something party animal decides to go out with a bang with A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.
A Family Man A hard-headed, totally driven Chicago-based head-hunter working at a cut-throat specialist recruitment agency that takes no prisoners is given an impossible choice while he is vying for a promotion against a female colleague when his young son becomes seriously ill in this heart-warming, thought-provoking film.
A Hard Day's Night The amazing phenomenon that was The Beatles scorched onto the pop scene in the early Sixties to become among the most influential musicians of the times, launching their acting career with films such as the fascinating and hilarious fly-on-the-wall pseudo-documentary A Hard Day's Night.
A Kiss Before Dying There's nothing an impoverished, ruthlessly ambitious university student wouldn't do to for money and status — including murder — so when he meets a naïve heiress he devises the perfect plan to charm her into marrying him in the 1991 thriller A Kiss Before Dying.
A Man Called Gannon A drifter with a tragic past fetches up on the Kansas plains and winds up with more than he bargains for when teaches the ropes to a young greenhorn with attitude and attracts the attention of a widowed ranch owner in this action-packed 60s Western.
A Mermaid's Tale A young girl whose mother has sadly died moves to a peaceful seaside town from San Diego with her father to live with her grandfather who has been unwell; only to discover the truth about her family and the existence of magical beings in this heart-warming modern day fairytale.
A Secret — Every family has A Secret, but most are not as complex or as heartbreaking as the one Maxime Grimbert tries to forget.
A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon — Merging sci-fi with the appeal of everybody's favourite animated character Shaun the Sheep, the creators of Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit have produced a magical and compelling story introducing a cute being from another world who badly needs a trustworthy friend: A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon.
A Thousand Kisses Deep — A desperately unhappy young woman who was abandoned by her sadistic married lover some years before is apparently being given the opportunity to intervene with her fate. An amazing and thought-provoking film.
A Year In Provence — Subtly comical, entertaining and visual, and a fascinating day-to-day account of the ups and downs of Brits living abroad.
A Year In Tibet — Breathtaking BBC production exploring the magical kingdom of Tibet where some things have changed little over the centuries and the past sits in harmony with the present.
Above Suspicion From Lynda La Plante, Queen of primetime British police drama, comes this tough and gritty tale of gruesome murders. Absolutely riveting. Will keep you guessing to the bitter end.
Above Suspicion 4: Silent Scream A young, successful film actress's brutal murder reveals the hidden secrets of a number of suspects as police investigations uncover resentment and jealousies along with her disturbing past in Lynda La Plante's gripping British police drama.
Absolute Beginners A 1980s cult musical with a stellar cast and a wonderful 1950s period feel, Absolute Beginners has terrific dance sequences, tackles serious issues of the times — and features the wonderful, much-missed, late David Bowie.
The Adventures of Mark Twain A delightful and fascinating journey into the imaginary world of the creator of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, told with beautifully-detailed claymation figures and backdrops — a visual treat for adults and children.
The Affairs of Susan Having married and divorced the man who discovered her, a New York actress embarked on a series of relationships; but when she is about to remarry, her prospective husband begins to doubt he really knows his fiancée in the romantic comedy The Affairs of Susan.
Africa Unite His name conjures up the talented, Rastafarian singer-songwriter he was; but Bob Marley represents more than that — his legacy is the spirituality and determination of a man who went back to his roots in Ethiopia with a dream.
Akasen Chitai The last film by legendary filmmaker Kenji Mizoguchi has been described as "one of the most hauntingly beautiful films ever to treat beauty as a subject".
Alastair Sim Collection Much-loved actor Alastair Sim is a byword for classic British comedy. Not only incredibly popular, he was also critically-acclaimed, BAFTA-nominated and topped the cinemagoers popularity poll.
Alice In The Cities Bittersweet road movie from the director of Paris, Texas, about a writer returning to Germany from America who finds himself looking after a nine-year-old girl he barely knows.
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Widely regarded as the most lavish and most faithful adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic fantasy novel, this double BAFTA-winning musical comedy features an all-star British cast and is the perfect recipe for fun.
All Creatures Great & Small Movingly evocative, amusing, utterly charming and based on the life and times of a veterinary surgeon and writer, the beloved classic All Creatures Great & Small gets a well-groomed make-over that is as appealing as the original. Now, following a record-breaking run on Channel 5, it's out on DVD.
All For Love Based on a Robert Louis Stevenson novel, All For Love is a sumptuous costume drama set against the backdrop of the turbulent Napoleonic Wars. With a superb all-star cast led by smouldering French actor Jean-Marc Barr (Dogville, The Big Blue), it is a compelling tale of action, romance, treachery and tragedy.
All The Devil's Men Navy SEAL, war junkie and bounty hunter Jack Collins (Milo Gibson) takes on missions tracking down terrorists too hazardous for the CIA. This time he might be in over his head.
Alpha And Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure A family of wolves is busy preparing for their first Christmas together but the presence of rogue wolves in the neighbourhood and the disappearance of young Runt forces them out into the dangerous wilderness to search for him. A children's animation film suitable for all the family.
The Amazing Mr Blunden A helpful ghost solves a problem for a family in trouble and two of the children then become involved with helping him to sort out his own troubling and tragic unfinished business in the past, in this magical and spooky children's classic.
American Assassin Orphaned and with a history of bucking the system, a young American is catapulted into the world of counter-terrorism after his much loved fiancée is brutally shot down in a terrorist attack on holidaymakers on a Spanish beach, and he seeks a dangerous and foolhardy retribution.
American Dad Take a trip down to the Metropolitan area of Washington DC's Langley Falls to join Number One Dad and CIA Agent Stan Smith and his crazy dysfunctional family as they return for American Dad: Volume 3.
The American Friend Brilliantly quirky thriller about a dying man tricked into working as a hit-man for his 'American Friend' to ensure his wife and young son are well provided for after he dies.
An Ideal Husband A beautiful costume drama perfectly evoking a bygone age, An Ideal Husband is a captivating, often amusing, tale of scheming and blackmail.
Angels & Demons Be careful of what you wish for because it might come true, as expert Harvard symbologist Professor Robert Langdon (two-time Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks) finds out in the sequel to The Da Vinci Code, the all-action thriller Angels & Demons.
Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging — Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging may seem rather an odd title, but this teen flick is a funny and highly enjoyable film about teenage angst and suffering the consequences of jealous scheming.
Another Mother's Son The amazing true story of Louisa Gould, a largely unsung heroine of the Second World War. The Channel Islanders were the first to experience life under the Third Reich, and Louisa risks everything to shelter a young Russian POW afer he escapes from the German prison camp on Jersey.
Apple Tree Yard Impulsively embarking on a passionate affair that is out of character, a middle-aged married scientist suffers dire consequences when her closely-guarded secret is discovered by a colleague who subjects her to a degrading and terrifying rape in this finely-paced BBC1 mini-series thriller.
Appleseed: Ex Machina AD 2133. More than half of Earth's population has been killed off by a non-nuclear global war and the survivors have created a high-tech answer to the Garden of Eden. An outstanding animated science fiction epic.
Arabella When an elderly princess faces crippling tax debts, her beautiful granddaughter steps in to exploit her womanly wiles to part wealthy gentlemen from their money in this magnifico movie that sends up stereotype Italian and English characters.
Arctic Tale Magnificent and heart-warming true-life animal adventure following the lives of a polar bear cub called Nanu and a walrus pup called Seela from the moment they emerge into the savage splendour of their ice-covered kingdom.
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Gather round the campfire, deep in the shadows of the woods… And be afraid. Be very afraid. Twenty-six spine-chilling episodes to give you the shivers all over again — just like they did when you watched them on Children's ITV and Nickelodeon.
Aristocrats A resplendent costume drama that weaves romance around politics and honour, Aristocrats brings to life the intrigues of an 18th Century English aristocratic family with royal connections.
Armchair Thriller First broadcast between 1978 and 1980, Armchair Thrillers were notable for the cliff-hangers at the end of each episode. These two tales will appeal to fans of quality dramas.
Armored Nerve-wracking heist thriller, well-paced and with enough twists and turns to keep you hooked.
Arne Dahl The Vikings continue to invade our television screens with generous helpings of Nordic noir; and having successfully aired a first season about the difficult and harrowing investigations of a fictional special Police unit, Sweden's Arne Dahl makes a welcome debut onto Home Entertainment.
The Arrival Of Wang A startling sci-fi movie that will keep your brain working overtime from the Manetti Brothers, the rising stars of Italian genre cinema with films such as Pauro 3-D and Zora The Vampire.
Astro Boy — Spellbinding, funny and fabulously supercharged — that's Astro Boy.
Attack Of The Werewolves A funny and exciting Spanish offering about a family legend that draws a city-based writer back to the village he lived in as a boy, Attack Of The Werewolves is an oddball comedy-horror that tantalises and entertains.
The Aviator — Howard Hughes led a fascinating double life as a brilliant aviation pioneer and successful film producer, colourfully demonstrated by Martin Scorsese's movie that follows his life during the period from the late Twenties through to 1947. Brilliant… absotively absorbing!
Away — Rare, mysterious and symbolic; animation without words, just music and natural sounds as a boy who has become entangled in a tree by his parachute frees himself to try to find a way home, relentlessly pursued by an enormous giant in the multiple-award-winning Away.

Baby Driver A fantastic film bursting with energy, Baby Driver is one hell of a ride with wheel-spinning, heart-thumping thrills as getaway driver Miles desperately attempts to get some money and to free himself from the bad guys.
Babylon Berlin Sex, drugs and jazz club hedonism: Returning to the Weimar Republic in the Autumn of 1929, ten months after the turbulent events of the second series, the death of a film star and corruption are being investigated in the lavish, multi-award winning hit German period drama Babylon Berlin Series Three.
The Back-up Plan Jennifer Lopez stars in this unconventional tale about finding love, marriage and a baby... but not strictly in that order!
Bad Country — A conscientious Louisiana detective winds up working with the contract killer he persuades to turn informant when he goes up against the most powerful crime ring in the South, headed by a notorious gangster who has ordered their execution in this gripping thriller starring Willem Dafoe and Matt Dillon.
Bad Sister A beautiful young woman with two men vying for her hand falls in love with a conman who takes her for a ride after persuading her to rope in her father and his friends to finance a fictitious development in the small town where they live in the charming classic 1931 movie Bad Sister.
Baghdad Central In November, 2003, with Saddam Hussein in hiding and the US-led invasion casting a shadow over Iraq, while a former policeman cares for his seriously ill youngest daughter his eldest disappears, leaving him with a moral dilemma in the gritty six-part thriller Baghdad Central.
Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar New Barbie musical about a princess who longs to be a popstar and a popstar who would love to be a princess; and who not only get the opportunity to change places, with hilarious consequences, but also save the Kingdom.
Battle Of The Pacific Based on an historical event, this is the story of a Japanese captain who continued to fight the war on the island of Saipan, despite being outnumbered by the Americans and even after his Emperor and country had surrendered.
The Battle Of The Somme — Ninety years ago, the 'war to end all wars' was over and Britain was trying to get back to normality after the nightmare years for her soldiers fighting in the trenches in appalling conditions. The Battle Of The Somme, a pioneering battlefield documentary, was seen by huge audiences in the UK when it was released in August 1916, while the battle was still being fought.
The Bay of Silence — Having fallen in love with a young widow, who has delightful twin girls, a young man's happiness seems to be complete as they move into a lovely new home to await the arrival of their baby; but one day he arrives home to find his family missing and when he sets out to discover what happened to them he is faced with a disturbing truth and a heartbreaking tragedy in the intriguing film The Bay of Silence
The Beast — Just when you think that there cannot possibly be any more must-see gritty American crime drama series, along comes The Beast, starring none other than the talented, eclectic actor Patrick Swayze.
The Beaver There are times when just one small thing can help to heal an unbalanced mind, as a troubled man (Mel Gibson) discovers in this highly amusing, deeply tragic and very human film.
Bee Movie — The year's funniest new animated hit from the mind of Jerry Seinfeld: swarms of fun and laughter for all ages.
Belly Dancing For Beginners — Belly Dancing conjures up visions of burning sands and the unbridled passions of the harem, but it is becoming an increasingly popular form of exercise for health and relaxation for many people. Now you can learn how to do it from scratch with Belly Dancing For Beginners.
Bellydance For Beginners With Dolphina — This is no ordinary exercise DVD but an exciting, pleasurable and uplifting way to completely tone your body. Delphina brings her dance expertise to the world of fitness and this is one exercise session that will not only set you on the path to conditioning your body but it will also take you to the realms of life as a modern-day goddess.
Ben HurThe stunning remake of Ben Hur as a two-part adaptation for television comes with a chariot-load of excitement and a sterling cast that brings this amazing historical saga to life.
Berkeley Square A well-presented period drama of manners, intrigue, romance and social differences. Delightfully reflects on life on both sides of the green baize door and looks at the precarious positions of those in service. Brilliantly evocative.
The Best Of New Tricks A female Detective Superintendent heads a special Police section that tackles previously unsolved crimes in the popular, tongue-in-cheek BBC television comedy drama series New Tricks, complete with a star-studded cast and coming to DVD as The Best Of New Tricks.
Better Biking Better Biking is about getting the most out of your bike but, more importantly, staying alive long enough to enjoy it! Essential viewing for all bikers.
Beyond The Border During WW2, almost 300 Swedish soldiers disappeared without trace along the border with Nazi-occupied Norway. This is the story of six of them. Gripping and bloody.
The Big Knights There's trouble in Borovia. Who ya gonna call? The Big Knights, that's who! As much entertainment for big kids as for the little ones.
Black After a surprise encounter with an African mystic in Paris and an involvement with a robbery that goes horribly wrong, fate intervenes and a man who is determined to get some easy money finds himself living out an ancient prophecy in darkest Africa.
Black '47 In 1847, with Ireland in the grip of The Great Famine, a tough Irish Ranger who had been fighting alongside the British overseas returns home to discover hardship and tragedy caused by the ruling English and sets out to avenge the deaths of his family in the riveting record-breaking box office hit Black '47.
Blackthorn Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid were reportedly killed in a shootout with the Bolivian military in 1908. Years later Cassidy is living peacefully on a small Bolivian ranch — until an unlucky incident puts him back on the wrong side of the law.
Black DeathThrilling, intriguing and darkly haunting tale of England in 1348. Sean Bean is the knight sent to a Godless village to flush out a necromancer.
Black Horse Canyon An enjoyable Western, Black Horse Canyon gallops along at a fine pace with real-life cowboy Joel McCrea in the saddle presiding over the gunplay and attractive Mari Blanchard providing the love interest.
Black Snake Moan Samuel L Jackson and Christina Ricci deliver sizzling, sympathetic and totally believable performances as Lazarus, a bitter and broken ex-blues musician, and the compulsive sex addict and pill-pusher Rae.
Blade Runner 2049 In the dark and brutal Earth of the future, thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner is ordered to kill a special child, now an adult, who should never have been born, and to destroy all traces of its family; but he begins to believe the truth is much closer to home in the spectacular sci-fi thriller Blade Runner 2049.
Bleeding Steel A funny, explosive, gripping and impressive Sci-Fi thriller that has the superb Jackie Chan's wit and heroics written all over it. Jackie as you've never seen him before!
The Bletchley Circle The elite team responsible for cracking German intelligence at Bletchley Park during World War II has now returned to dull post-war lives; but four of them are working together to unmask a serial killer.
The Bletchely Circle Series Two — Fresh from unmasking a serial killer, the girls from Bletchley Park — who during the Second World War specialised in vital code-breaking — are hot on the trail of another enigma when one of their own is accused of murdering her lover in the riveting second series.
Blitz A cop-killer is on the loose and maverick police sergeant Jason Statham is after him, determined to dispense a justice that will definitely alienate him from his colleagues; but he has yet to discover he's already on the hit-list of the crazed murderer who calls himself Blitz.
Blood Returning to her family home in rural Ireland after the death of her mother, an estranged daughter cannot even begin to feel part of the fractured family she walked away from a decade before but, plagued by demons from the past and being fed lies, she begins to believe her father was responsible for her mother's sudden death in this acclaimed and darkly tense psychological drama.
Blood Series Two Having been under suspicion of murdering his wife but not formally charged, a family man returns home from a year away to discover his eldest daughter is ill; she is also suspected of murder, so has lightning really struck twice or is there another explanation in Channel 5's gripping psychological thriller, the hit Irish drama Blood.
Blood: The Last Vampire — This year's coolest, bloodiest vampire movie. Based on the Japanese anime of the same name, it's full of gripping, non-stop action and intense swordfights.
Blow Out Unknowingly witnessing the murder of a US Senator while out taking recordings, a movie sound recordist slips into a world of deceit and lies, endangering not only his own life but that of the young woman he rescues from a watery grave in this epic 'Eighties thriller.
Blue Blue is a wake-up call to open your eyes to the state of our precious planet at the hands of humans; a breathtakingly beautiful yet shamefully scary statement of our neglect of the amazing Mother Earth, that can be our safe and precious home for centuries to come — but only if we heed the warning…
Bollywood Burn With Hemalayaa Get ready to dance — Indian style. It's playful, seductive and will leave you feeling high on life. Think of it not so much as boring old exercise but yoga with a triple-espresso twist or a double-chai high!
Bomb Girls: The Complete Second Series During the Second World War, Canadian women were doing their bit for the war effort — some by working in munitions factories — and the second series of the smash hit series Bomb Girls continues to follow their lives, loves and tragedies as they support and befriend each other.
Borgia (Faith And Fear) A time of beauty and progression, with the astonishing talents of Michelangelo, Botticelli and especially Leonardo Da Vinci. But within the deadly shadows of an archaic and crumbling Rome lurk the extreme violence, depravity and corruption that continue to have a stranglehold on The Eternal City.
The Bounty Hunter — Hilarious battle of the exes as former cop turned bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) has to pick up his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) and take her to jail.
The Boy and The Beast — In a wonderfully dramatic anime story, a young orphaned boy runs away to live on the street rather than be controlled by his unfeeling distant family; but he becomes lost in a land of beasts where he learns the skills that enable him to take on a frightening dark force that threatens both worlds.
Breach The dramatic and unmissable story of one of the most notorious spies in US history.
Bridge To Terabithia From the people who brought you The Chronicles of Narnia comes the box office smash hit and critically-acclaimed Bridge To Terabithia, a fantasy/adventure story of friendship, family and the power of imagination.
The Brigand Of Kandahar India's dangerous North West Frontier during the mid-19th Century is the setting for this exciting and easy-to-watch historical escapade.
Brighton Rock A raw, brutal look at life on the crime side on the south coast during the years between the wars. Based on a novel by Graham Greene, the 1947 Boulting Brothers' Brighton Rock is a classic film noir.
Britain's Best Drives With Richard Wilson If you've ever hankered to rekindle the days when motoring was one of life's gentle pastimes, rather than a rat-race necessity, share those days with Richard Wilson as he recreates some golden moments in six interesting classic cars.
Broadchurch Series 2 Well paced and exciting and set against the spectacular Dorset coastline, Broadchurch Series 2 follows two detectives hunting down the killer of eleven-year-old Danny Latimer, whose body was found at the foot of the cliffs in the fictional West Country seaside town of Broadchurch.
Broadchurch Series 3 At times disturbing but always compelling, the third series of Broadchurch is great television with fine acting as Miller and Hardy sift through the clues and the suspects to get their man. A fascinating series that works so well.
Broken Vows A crazy night of passion with a stranger leaves a young woman who was betrayed by her fiancé at the mercy of a dangerous psychotic murderer who, totally obsessed with keeping her, will go to any lengths to prevent her marriage.
The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 1 & 2 An unconventional and seasoned city cop arrives in the sleepy town of Brokenwood, a farming community where the tranquillity hides the townspeople's secrets and murder lies just below the surface in the hit New Zealand crime drama The Brokenwood Mysteries.
The Bucket List Heart-warming, funny and enthralling comedy starring two Hollywood greats as a billionaire and a mechanic who embark on the adventure of a lifetime to follow a dream before they 'kick the bucket'.
Bulletproof A brand new dynamic duo in the shape of two black cops with attitude hit the streets of London with a gung-ho approach doing things their way; strictly NOT by the book, as they try to bring down the East End's toughest criminals in the explosive crime drama series Bulletproof.
Burlesque Prepare yourself for an emotive journey enjoying the truly fabulous, powerfully rich and resonant voices of two talented stars (Cher and Christina Aguilera) combined with show-stopping choreography.
The Burning Sea — The tense and gripping environmental disaster thriller, The Burning Sea, centres on a huge crack suddenly opening in one of the world's largest oil fields in the North Sea, threatening an enormous ecological catastrophe and apocalyptic pollution.
Burnt By The Sun This stunning, Oscar-winning classic is a fascinating Russian/French masterpiece set in the unforgiving Stalinist Russia of the 1930s.
The Burnt Orange Heresy An obsessive art collector has invited a renowned artist to create a studio at his palatial villa in Italy. When he also invites an art critic to interview the artist he has an ulterior motive that leads to a shocking and tragic conclusion in The Burnt Orange Heresy.
The Burrowers A fright-fest of a horror film but at the same time a fine example of a well-paced and superbly-filmed western — a sort of Lonesome Dove meets Alien meets Tremors. Don't miss it!

Calamity Jane & Sam Bass — A drifter comes to Denton, Texas, with no money and little prospects until he gets lucky betting at the town's annual horse race; but tragic events push him to the limit and, desperate for money to settle down, he winds up on the wrong side of the law in this Western adventure from 1949.
Campbell's Kingdom — Tough wildcatters, the Canadian Rockies and a young man with months to live set on clearing his grandfather's name. A terrific, masterful suspense story with a handsome but tragic hero, romance, action and a few surprises in store.
Campion The celebrated BBC crime drama stars Peter Davison as gentleman detective Albert Campion who solves the most perplexing of mysteries in 1930s England.
The Canterville Ghost When the Otis family move from The United States to England, they find the large Gothic pile they have rented comes complete with a surly ghost who has chased away all other tenants and continues to haunt the Hall in this remake of the fantastic Oscar Wilde story.
Cape Wrath — In a world where deep suspicion lurks at every corner, Cape Wrath explores the nature of identity and memory. Can anyone ever really wipe the slate clean?
Cardio Bellydance — Dolphina is dynamite! And so can you be if you follow the Cardio Bellydance step-by-step routine to helping you to fulfil your potential… an amazing dance workout session that you can enjoy as you shift those pounds.
Cardio Fitness For Beginners — Ideal for anybody who wants to start exercising in order to get fit and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, Cardio Fitness For Beginners with Petra Kolber will give you the enthusiasm you need to benefit from a fun workout.
Casa De Mi Padre — Terrific fun woven around some fine action sequences, with bullets flying and blood spurting hilariously funny and deliciously OTT. Sheer brilliance!
Cass — Sometimes you go off the rails just to fit in... and sometimes the past catches up with you when you least expect it, only to have fate present you with an impossible dilemma — such as the one Cass Pennant faces in Cass, the film of his incredible true story.
The Castle Of Cagliostro Thrilling car chases, perfect characterisation and an intriguing story combine to make the Academy-Award winning Studio Ghibli's Castle Of Cagliostro utterly unforgettable animé.
Cattle Drive — A rootin' tootin' Western with the feel-good factor and a very satisfying ending.
The Cazalets — A compelling and captivating saga of the secrets, fortunes, troubles and tragedies of three generations of the wealthy Cazalet family whose lives are disrupted by World War Two.
Chakra Balancing Yoga — How to balance and open your Chakras through Yoga practice, healing the body emotionally, physically and spiritually, and bring harmony back into your life.
Chef — Feast your eyes on a scrumptiously-funny movie with a rich feel-good factor as an all-star cast unite to cook up a classic comedy film in Chef, where a talented food maestro (John Favreau), frustrated in his attempts to shine, loses his job but gets back more than he had ever thought possible.
Cherry Blossoms — With a denouement as uplifting it is heartbreaking, Cherry Blossoms is a beautiful celebration of the impermanence of love and the importance of intimacy and the liberation that can be found in new beginnings.
The Child In TimeA successful writer is plunged into a living nightmare when he loses sight of his small daughter in a supermarket and cannot find her; setting in motion a devastating turn of events that see him relentlessly trying to discover what   happened to her while his marriage disintegrates.
Chikamatsu Monogatari A story of a terrible injustice and betrayal in a brutal Japanese society of arranged marriages, inequality and cruel punishments. Nominated for the Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, this masterpiece explores the lives of two people caught up in a world where true love and social obligation may not be compatible.
The Chinese Detective Another great Eighties classic television series. The Chinese Detective is full of period cars, clothes and nostalgia. Tongue-in-cheek and well laid-back, this gritty cop drama also tackled serious issues about prejudice and corruption against a background of Eighties London.
Christmas Snow The memory of one devastating childhood Christmas is enough to make a successful young woman a Christmas Grinch, until she finds herself cut off in a blizzard with two strangers and having to face her inner demons in Christmas Snow.
Chrysalis — One of the most stylish and accomplished debut sci-fi movies in recent years, Chrysalis is a gripping thriller set in a near-future Paris that's as impressive and believable as it is chilling.
Circus Of Fear — The great horror star Christopher Lee shines in this classic cop drama with sinister overtones set in a travelling circus.
Claire Richards' 5 Step Fat Attack — Claire Richards was horrified when she looked in the mirror — where was the slim, fit, glamorous pop star who'd been with Steps? But she wanted to do something about it. She did, and it worked: Claire's 5 Step Fat Attack shows how she dropped five dress sizes!
Clash Of The Titans — Plenty of fast-action adventure, plenty of fantastic special effects in this electrifying, colourful foray into the world of myth and legend where men are pitted against kings, kings against gods and even the gods are fighting amongst themselves.
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs A tasty, funny, deliciously-different comedy animation that will have you laughing out loud.
Cloverfield — One of the most frightening, groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed thrillers to hit the big screen in 2008.
Clubbed — Highlighting unbridled anger, thuggish behaviour and injustice, Clubbed is a compelling, thought-provoking, well-paced and tense film that explores the violent world of 80s clubland.
The Colditz Story — The ultimate prisoner-of-war escape adventure, The Colditz Story is a highly-entertaining, witty and dramatic film with a brilliant and sympathetic all-star cast.
Coleen Nolan's Disco Burn — The perfect fitness DVD to start with because you can tailor the moves to suit your fitness level and nothing is too difficult.
Collision — Riveting drama that unravels piece by piece as it takes you into the diverse lives and dark secrets of real-world characters following a fatal road traffic accident.
Columbus Day — An absorbing, well-composed thriller with a twist: a heart-warming quality threaded throughout, this exciting film tracks a master-thief's final and dangerous heist and his last chance to get back his family.
Comanche MoonSuperb adaptation of the second part of Larry McMurtry's acclaimed best-selling Lonesome Dove series of books. A gripping and powerful Western saga with a star-filled cast.
The Commander One of television's best-loved crime dramas, The Commander returns to DVD with three thrilling new feature-length episodes.
The Commuter An insurance salesman's routine daily commute home is interrupted by a mysterious stranger who leaves him no choice other than to become involved with a deadly game to discover the identity of an unknown fellow passenger, leading to his reluctant involvement with a criminal conspiracy in the edge-of-your seat thriller The Commuter.
Conan The Barbarian — A fantastic, exciting and colourful tale. Sword and sorcery at its best, skilfully piecing together a tale of romance, vengeance and destiny.
The Courier As a cold-blooded crime lord waits confidently in the United States for his murder trial, a team headed by Interpol moves the key witness to a safe house in London, which is then compromised after a mystery woman turns up claiming to protect the man whose evidence would see the killer imprisoned in the fast-action thriller The Courier.
The Courier Given the task of delivering a briefcase to a notorious hitman by a stranger, a professional specialist courier with a daredevil, ask-no-questions reputation is thrown into a dangerous world where he is shot at, rammed by cars, arrested, tortured and pushed to the limit in this high-octane thriller.
The Courtneys of Curzon Street A slice of history covering four generations of an upper class family through two world wars, success, tragedies and the repercussion of the Wall Street crash. A wonderful period drama with an intriguing glimpse at the past which begins with a young couple trying to bridge the class barrier. Still enjoyable many decades after its original 1947 release.
Creepshow Respected 1980s Fear-Fest that's been described as "the most fun you'll ever have being scared".
Criminal Dying and unable to pass on vital information that will help to foil an international terrorist plot, a CIA operative working in London must have his memories and skills implanted into the brain of a dangerous and unpredictable death-row prisoner in the exciting and keep-you-guessing action movie Criminal.
Criminal Justice — It's bad enough taking your father's taxi cab without permission; but if you pick up a girl and she winds up dead there's hell to pay, as Ben Coulter discovers in Criminal Justice.
The Crimson Field — The full impact of war on human lives is tackled in the World War I hospital period drama The Crimson Field, as doctors, nurses and volunteers work together dealing with injured and sick soldiers often with appalling injuries and in the most difficult conditions.
Cristiano Ronaldo Arguably one of the world's greatest footballers. A revealing documentary that is a 'must' for all football fans.
Crossfire Having witnessed his father's brutal murder, a young boy grows up to follow in his footsteps into the New York Police Department, only to be persuaded to join a team of rogue cops led by his father's former partner.
Cross Of Iron — Has to rate as a must-watch for all war film fans or followers of the wonderful James Coburn and Maximilian Schell.
The Crossroads Collection Early soap Crossroads was prime-time viewing and it achieved cult status for over twenty-three years between 1964 and 1987, with more than 15 million viewers tuned in regularly for each daily instalment.
Crucible of the Vampire Excited to hear that a stately home owner has discovered an ancient artefact in his basement that could be the missing part of a witch's cauldron the museum has in its collection, a curator sends his innocent young female assistant to the spooky mansion to see it is indeed genuine. Once there she finds herself trapped in a terrifying life-and-death battle in this Gothic chilller.
The Cruel Sea — A terrific, tense and poignant classic film highlighting the harsh and dangerous realities of life at sea during the Second World War.

Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD — The superb Peter Cushing returns to the big screen as Doctor Who in Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD, a follow-up to the previous year's Dr Who & The Daleks, where his menacing metal-encased enemies have found a way to leave their home planet of Skaro to rain death and destruction on Earth in the 22nd Century.
Damages: Season 2 The gripping legal drama series Damages has seen a second compulsive season that is every bit as riveting as the first series, with its hard-as-nails female lead character — the nation's most revered and reviled litigator Patricia Hewes, played to perfection by Glenn Close.
Dance And Be Fit: Brazilian Body — Bring sunshine and light into your life from the exotic Latin-American culture. Dance And Be Fit: Brazilian Body will help you shape up that body while keeping a smile fixed firmly on your face. Have fun!
Dance And Be Fit: Latin Groove — A fantastic way to get that body toned while boosting your confidence and re-energising yourself. The bonus is that you will also have some interesting movements to show off on the dance floor!
Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body Burn — Dance away your excess inches and your blues and treat yourself to some sexy, high-kicking legs!
Dance Hall — Forget Strictly Come Dancing — Ealing Studios' enjoyable drama Dance Hall features an exciting ballroom championship final and looks at the uncertain lives of a group of young, working-class girls in the 1950s who every Saturday love to let down their hair at the local Chiswick Palais.
Dancing At The Blue Iguana — In the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles is pole-dancing club The Blue Iguana; a place where glamour and decay meet, paths cross, roles are played out and violence is never far away.
Dandy Dick — A blast from the past and part of The British Film Collection, Dandy Dick is a fine comedy centring around a vicar's single-minded determination to raise money for the repair of the church spire, whatever it takes.
Danger Man: The Complete First Series — The most talked-about series of the Sixties with attractive, brooding actor Patrick McGoohan, now perhaps better known for the classic cult series The Prisoner, smouldering his way through a perilous career as John Drake, a top agent for British Intelligence who takes on assignments too risky for anyone else.
The Dark Knight RisesKapow! Wham! Holy Treachery! The Dark Knight Rises is a masterpiece of intrigue and fast-paced action a fantastic story with spectacular stunts that explodes in a collision of reality and legend.
Dark Mirror A woman is drawn to a house with a dark secret involving the inexplicable disappearance of an artist and his family; a mystery that appears to be linked to a series of grisly murders in the neighbourhood and a shadowy figure that threatens even her own husband and son when she looks through the Dark Mirror.
A Dark Truth — When a Canadian-based multinational conglomerate's association with a ruthless military regime in Ecuador leads to a bloody massacre, a former CIA Black Ops agent, now a radio talk show host, agrees to rescue a dedicated environmental activist from the jungle and bring him back to Toronto to expose the wrongdoing. Based on a true story, A Dark Truth stars Andy Garcia and is packed with jump-a-minute tension.
The Day The Earth Stood Still — Magnificent blockbuster that sets the scene beautifully, quickly upping the pace to turn a terrific story into a hearty sci-fi thriller with all the trimmings. Is this really the way the World will end?
Daybreakers — Humans bite back in this exciting new twist on the vampire theme. Slick sci-fi thriller with a terrific cast.
Deadly Crossing — If Steven Seagal is your man, you'll be hooked by Deadly Crossing as the softly-spoken tough guy rampages across the screen, stamping out drug dealers and dispensing his own unique style of justice.
Deadwood 76 — A case of mistaken identity leads to serious repercussions for a young gunslinger who stumbles on a town in waiting for a showdown between a notorious outlaw and a crack-shot legend.
Dear Dracula — All young monster movie buff Sam wants is a Count Dracula figure. Unable to wait until Christmas, as he's told, he writes to Dracula instead of Santa. And gets the surprise of his life when the Count turns up on his doorstep! A bitingly-good, kid-friendly movie!
Death At A Funeral — Hi-jinks at the wake of a respected pillar of the community. Well-paced comedy that marries classic slapstick to modern humour.
Death Of A Ladies' Man Inspired by the late Leonard Cohen's poetic and enigmatic songs, the quirky, emotive, dark and uncompromisingly tongue-in-cheek movie Death Of A Ladies' Man sees an alcoholic, womanising college professor descend into a crazy world of hallucinogenic imaginings.
Deep Winter — Against a dramatic and unforgiving environment, two twenty-something friends with the respective talents of snowboarding and skiing accept the challenge of tackling a dangerous and unpredictable mountain peak, but along with the discovery of their own strengths and weaknesses comes a terrible price.
Defending Your Life — Described as a wonderfully warm and imaginative existential fantasy, the story of the afterlife of a hapless advertising executive who dies suddenly and finds himself having to prove he is worthy to enter Heaven in a strange area known as Judgement City makes for a funny and entertaining fantasy that balances satirical bite with romantic comedy.
Demons Season 1 — When American demon-slayer Rupert Galvin reveals to his godson the horrifying truth about the demons who walk the streets of modern-day London, little does the teenager realise that he will discover a life-changing secret about his astonishing heritage. Thoroughly enjoyable, pure escapism.
Destry Rides Again — A devious, power-mad boss takes over the town of Bottleneck and the local cattle ranches, setting up a crooked game of cards to ensure total control until his cheating is discovered by the town's sheriff who winds up dead; only to be replaced by the incompetent town drunk in the brilliant tongue-in-cheek Western movie Destry Rides Again.
Derren Brown: The Specials — Derren Brown can read people like a book and takes his unique fusion of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship to new heights with this collection of his best one-off shows.
The Device — When two sisters find a harmless-looking object in the woods, they have no idea that it can trigger a profound biological transformation that will reshape mankind's future, recasting our relationships with the universe beyond our wildest dreams... and worst nightmares.
The Devil Rides Out — A frightening and fascinating black magic movie based on Dennis Wheatley's book of the same name, and which that more than delivers the goods. Will have you spooked.
Devil's Gate A young woman with a dreadful secret, who has never given up searching for her missing mother, is lured back to her home on a small, foreboding island in the Shetlands where she believes her estranged and hated father is dying.
The Devil's Tomb — Stylish and wickedly terrifying movie with an intriguing supernatural twist. Cuba Gooding Jr stars.
Diana — The 'People's Princess' died tragically in a car crash in a Parisian tunnel on 31 August 1997, during which time she has never been forgotten; remembered not least in the many films of her life, including the story of her secret romance with a leading heart surgeon told in Diana.
Dicte Crime Reporter Season Two — Scandi-noir drama that centres around the life of a divorced crime reporter who has returned to her home town. A thrilling and utterly don't-miss series with a tough, but human, female lead.
Did You Hear About The Morgans? — Well, they are the guys who got separated but then witnessed a murder. And guess what? In an hilarious stroke of fate they fell out of love and into the Witness Protection Programme. Together!
Die Hard 4 Full of clever touches, amazing special effects, twists and turns, Kick-Ass Action and even more Action.
Direct Contact A former US Special Forces soldier languishing in prison is offered a chance to earn his freedom by rescuing an American woman kidnapped by a ruthless Eastern European warlord in this explosive, hard-hitting movie starring Dolph Lundgren.
The Discovery Of Heaven God has a problem: he wants the original Ten Commandments back, but as no Angel is allowed to go to Earth to get them the Angels have to arrange for a special being to be created who is capable of the task in this enjoyably oddball film.
Disappearing World Granada's wonderfully informative anthropological series provides an echo of history where people live with their ancient traditions and old Gods in an enthralling disappearing world. Fascinating.
District 9 — Magnificent Science Fiction… District 9 is an outstanding, totally original and creative alien adventure that is absolutely unmissable.
The Divorce Of Lady X — A smart piece of light-hearted screwball comedy.
Dixon Of Dock GreenWith colourful characters, suspenseful storylines and the kindly, warm-hearted George Dixon, this brilliant TV series is still relevant today as a fascinating period police drama.
Django: Prepare A Coffin The long lost and previously unavailable sequel to Sergio Corbucci's 1966 Spaghetti Western classic Django, and benefits from the wonderful Terence Hill in the title role.
Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Best of Series 3 — Billed as the world's greatest bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman did time in a Texas prison and knows exactly what it is like to be on the wrong side of the law. Now he metes out justice to America's Most Wanted.
The Dog Whisperer — Grumpy Greyhounds, belligerent Bulldogs and demented Dobermans hold no fear for The Dog Whisperer — Cesar Millan demonstrates his skill at reaching an understanding with our four-footed friends who just will not behave for their frustrated owners.
Dolan's Cadillac — In an act that almost costs him his own life, a schoolteacher goes out on a limb to take on a cold-blooded and violent crime lord in an attempt to avenge the death of his wife in this tense psychological thriller based on a Stephen King story.
The Door — This terrific, gripping mystery thriller is a dark and intriguing venture into parallel worlds.
The Doorman — A gutsy but traumatised young female former Marine takes a job as a doorman in New York but it turns out to be far from mundane and safe in this fast-paced, kick-ass thriller starring the hard-hitting Ruby Rose.
The Doors — Val Kilmer in a career-defining role as the late Jim Morrison, the legendary and controversial frontman of one of the late Sixties' most exciting and influential bands. Atmospheric, poignant, nostalgic, memorable and beautifully filmed with Val Kilmer a star in every sense of the word.
Dorian — Given the opportunity to find fame and fortune as a world class supermodel, an attractive young photographer's assistant gives in to temptation, careless of the horrific price he is going have to pay. Cult favourite Malcolm McDowell stars.
Dororo — A fantastically enjoyable, innovative and very visual comedy-horror with supernatural threads and spectacular martial arts action.
Double Identity — Physician Nick Pinter (Val Kilmer) unwittingly puts his life in peril when he helps a beautiful young woman and falls foul of the Kargyk mafia in this outstanding action film set in Eastern Europe.
Dougal and the Blue Cat — Stunning, newly-restored version of a cult classic. Kids will love it, adults go bananas over it, and spaced-out acid casualties think they've astrally projected on to another planet!
Dr Who & The Daleks — The late and very great Peter Cushing appeared as television's much-loved Doctor Who on the big screen for the first time in 1965 in Dr Who & The Daleks, in which the Doctor and his companions face danger from the ruthless, warlike Daleks while stranded on a distant planet.
Dracula, Prince Of Darkness — Fully restored and remastered, Dracula, Prince Of Darkness is a superb Hammer horror film starring the magnificent Christopher Lee. Deliciously Sixties and horrifically scary.
Dracula The Dark Prince A new take on Dracula. Findng his beautiful and beloved wife murdered by those he trusted, a Transylvanian Prince is driven so mad with grief that he embraces the dark world of the undead and attracts the attentions of the Slayers in this fantasy thriller.
Dragged Across Concrete — Suspended without pay after video footage is released to the media of their unreasonable force while arresting a criminal in a drugs bust, two detectives are incensed by the injustice and, desperately in need of money, plan a robbery of their own; but they put their lives in danger and become involved in murder in this slow-burning, absorbing crime thriller.
Dragon Eyes The run-down neighbourhood of St Jude's Square is a place where drug gangs clash, ignored by corrupt police; and where the honest citizens who live there are waiting for a hero to clean up the streets.
Dragon Wars An update of an ancient Korean legend, Dragon Wars is a stunning and dramatic film that has the lot: romance, mysticism, period scenes, adventure, thrills, magical music and terrific special effects.
Dreamland — Beautifully shot, tender and deeply felt indie drama. An irresistible story about people who have to face difficult times but with a message that sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of places.
Driftwood — Superb ghost story about a grieving teenager incarcerated at Driftwood, a brutally-run 'attitude adjustment' centre for troubled youths, where he is visited by the disturbed ghost of a missing boy seeking justice.
Drillbit Taylor — How do you scare the pants off school bullies? Easy: All you have to do is hire budget bodyguard Drillbit Taylor. Problem solved! Or is it...? Kid-friendly comedy starring Owen Wilson.
Drive — A man from nowhere, known only as The Driver. Hi-octane thriller that's already been hailed as a modern masterpiece. Bullitt meets Shane. An über-cool, ultra-fast, absolute must-see movie.
Drive Angry — Nic Cage is hellbent on destruction in this sizzlingly-hot road-trip movie from Hell.
Drums Along The Mohawk — A thoroughly enjoyable and exciting classic Western with gutsy heroines and handsome heroes, some comic moments, some tragedies, prejudices, Indians on the warpath and an insight into the early days of the American fight for Independence.
Due Date The sometimes-irritating and yet crazily funny Due Date explores how taking a long trip when your wife is pregnant and about to give birth to your dream child can turn into your worst nightmare.
Dunkirk — Seen as one of the most authentic representations of World War II, Dunkirk is an amazing piece of historical drama, all the more fascinating as the remarkable events leading up to Operation Dynamo were filmed just over a decade after peace was restored to a beleaguered Blighty.

Eagle Eye — Billed as 'The Adrenaline-Fuelled Thrill Ride Of The Year'. It is. Fast-paced, infused with surprise plot twists and terrific stunts. And the tension is truly relentless.
Early Man — From four-time Academy Award-winning director Nick Park and Aardman (Wallace & Gromit; Shaun The Sheep) comes prehistoric shenanigans in their renowned distinctive style with a new comedy adventure about a courageous Stone Age caveman who takes on the might of a Bronze Age lord by challenging his right to tribal lands with the "beautiful game" in the hilarious Early Man.
Earth To Echo — A light-hearted sci-fi tale with all the hallmarks of the classic genre, Earth To Echo is the story of an exhilarating journey of a lifetime by three teenaged boys with a strong sense of justice setting out to rescue an alien in distress who is being hunted down by callous security guards working for a mysterious construction company.
Earth2 — Spielberg's magnificent, don't-miss science fiction series is a rarely-seen classic.
Eartha Kitt Live At The Cheltenham Jazz Festival — Fun, flirtatious and kittenish, Eartha Kitt is singing and dancing like a woman less than half her age; her mesmerising performance holding the audience spellbound as she performs in a long skirt slashed to the thigh, portraying sultry and sexy as she always has.
Easy Money II: Hard To Kill — From promising business student to organised cocaine smuggler. Serving hard time in prison, a young man becomes determined to turn his life around and go straight. But once you've stepped over the line, is it possible to stay on the right side of the law? Or will he be tempted back in the second instalment of the Easy Money trilogy, Easy Money II: Hard To Kill?
Echelon Conspiracy When a computer genius is given a mobile phone that receives text messages promising him untold wealth, he little realises that he might have to pay the ultimate price.
Echo In The Canyon Resounding down the years from the fabulous Sixties, brilliant and unforgettable classic pop melodies form an uplifting compendium of song alongside interviews with the artistes who made them happen; introduced by the renowned Jakob Dylan and dedicated to the memory of the late, great, Tom Petty, a stunning collection of music relives its Echo In The Canyon.
Edith Piaf: The Perfect Concert & Piaf: The Documentary — With an extraordinary ability to mesmerise her audiences, Edith Piaf is very theatrical and compelling to watch; turning out powerful, energetic and especially memorable performances.
Edvard Munch — A darkly delectable pseudo-documentary, Edvard Munch is a film
about the Norwegian Expressionist painter of one of the most famous paintings in the world: The Scream.
Electra Glide In Blue — Highly-watchable Golden Globe-nominated motorcycle cop crime drama with an intriguing, if tragic, well-told storyline. A great feel for the Seventies.
Electric Dreams — A much-loved, bona fide classic slice of nostalgia from the 80s: a 'fairytale for computers' that is an amusing and heart-warming story with a stark warning not to mess with your PC!
Elizabeth Harvest — A brilliant, billionaire scientist marries a beautiful young woman and showers her with gifts; but the apparently adoring husband who gives his wife a fabulous lifestyle hides a terrible secret that, when it is revealed, will shatter the illusion and endanger her life in the thriller Elizabeth Harvest.
Elvis: '68 Comeback Special — The late, exceptionally great, Elvis Presley may be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten. And you can see why, as judging from his performance in the film of his first live television performance — the brilliant '68 Comeback Special — Elvis never lost the magic.
Emma — A young woman (Gwyneth Paltrow) who considers herself an authority on match-making interferes with the lives and loves of her friends and those around her in this wonderful period romantic comedy, based on Jane Austen's novel.
End Of Sentence — With his estranged son in prison and his terminally-ill wife succumbing to cancer, a mild-mannered man sets out to fulfil his wife's last wishes, to scatter her ashes on a remote Irish lake; but his son resents his father and is forced to accompany him to honour his mother's last request in this poignant comedy drama.
Endurance Docu-drama that charts the humble beginnings of Haile Gebrselassie, the greatest distance runner of all time, whose magnificent achievement defies all the odds.
Enemy Lines In 1943, during the Second World War, America is keen to extract a top scientist then in the hands of the Nazis in Poland, and sends an American Major to lead a crack team of British Commandos on a dangerous covert operation into Hitler's back yard, deep behind Enemy Lines.
The English Patient An intriguing and absorbing story about love and betrayal set in Africa and Italy just before and during the Second World War when an aristocratic Hungarian's love for an Englishwoman leads to torment and tragedy. A WOW of a film.
The English Teacher A 45-year-old spinster with a mundane life absorbs herself with her much-loved job as an English teacher, but her daily routine is disrupted and her life turned inside out when she offers to read a manuscript for a play written by a former pupil in the hilarious film The English Teacher.
The Entrance — What if you were confronted with all your past misdeeds and forced to pay for them in a most unpleasant way? An intense and unnerving horror, and a chilling reminder that nobody is able to escape their past. If you have sins on your conscience, don't go beyond The Entrance.
The Escape ArtistA young, talented junior barrister becomes Number One in legal circles as he wins every case; but when he helps to free an unsavoury oddball accused of a shocking and sadistic murder, his family is cruelly torn apart forever.
Escape From Sobibor — A sad and traumatic but ultimately heartening film about the biggest, most courageous and most successful prisoner revolt in World War II when three hundred Jews managed to break out and escape the horrors of the death camp Sobibor.
The Exception — At a small NGO specialising in genocide and crimes against humanity in Copenhagen, Denmark, a female worker voices her concerns about being ignored by the three women she works with; but when two of her colleagues receive horrifying death threats, originally attributed to a Serbian war criminal they are writing about, suspicion falls on her in the tense Danish psychological thriller The Exception.
Exit — More Scandi thrills with the brilliant Mads Mikkelsen as a successful financier framed for murder by a man he'd seen kill himself years earlier; a man back from the grave, out to destroy him and his entire family.
The Expendables 2 — The Boys are back! And this time it's all-out WAR with gasp-a-minute action from a star-studded cast. Do not miss this magnificent hi-octane thriller!
Extraordinary Measures — A fantastic film with a heart-rending topic inspired by true events, about a desperate father seeking a medical breakthrough to save two of his children who suffer from a life-threatening disease.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore's searing examination of the Bush administration's actions in the wake of the tragic events of 9/11. Controversial and unsettling.
The Fall A depraved and cunning killer is at large in Belfast and the police are getting nowhere fast. Cue a tough, no-nonsense female senior officer and you have a first-class crime thriller darkly reminiscent of Scandinavian noir.
The Fall Series Two Last year's ground-breaking television drama The Fall was a hugely successful and gripping thriller unfolding in five compelling episodes, as a psychotic serial killer kept one step ahead of his pursuers, led by a glamorous female Detective Superintendent who has her own issues; so now catch up with the equally-exciting The Fall Series Two.
Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest A wickedly magnificent spoof of Star Wars featuring Family Guy's wildly-irreverent, shrewdly-subversive anti-PC characters.
Fantastic Planet René Laloux's mesmerising psychedelic sci-fi animated feature deservedly won the Grand Prix at the '73 Cannes Film Festival. Alain Goraguer's brilliant score has been much sampled by the hip-hop community.
Farewell To The King The Second World War in the Pacific: stranded on the Japanese-occupied island of Borneo, an American soldier has to prove himself to the warring natives in order to stay alive.
Fast & Furious 7 Finely choreographed dirty fighting, hair-raising stunts, breathtaking special effects and heart-in-the-mouth car races… Fast & Furious 7 goes where no film has gone before — a magnificent, highly visual, full-on, heart-stopping ride amid spectacular scenery. Woweee!
Faster Justice is Swift; Vengeance is Faster. The most hair-raising, heart-pumping ride of your life!
Fifth Gear: The Supercar Collection Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell puts ten of the world's best supercars through their paces in this high-octane compilation.
Fireball XL5 — Fascinating, clever and charmingly retro journey into a mid-20th Century's vision of the 21st Century, and great fun to watch!
Firefly Dreams — A beautifully-realised coming-of-age story filmed in modern Japan. Faced with his wife having an affair and worried that his daughter is playing truant, Hiroshi sends the rebellious 17-year-old Naomi to stay with his sister Mieko in the country for the summer. A fascinating look at Japan from the perspective of a sulky teenager.
Flash Of Genius A fight against injustice is the theme of Flash Of Genius, a clever and entertaining film intriguingly based on a true story about the 'little guy' whose invention is hijacked and who, against all odds, single-handedly takes on a giant corporation.
Flight Of The Navigator A twelve-year-old boy is knocked unconscious for a few hours; but when he recovers he finds strangers living in his home and, although he has not aged, he has mysteriously lost eight years of his life in the riveting sci-fi adventure Flight Of The Navigator.
Flyboys From the producers of Independence Day and The Patriot, this riveting and delightful film is a must-see, not least for its thrilling aerial combat sequences.
Follow The Money: Season Two The greedy and the desperate will go to great lengths in the pursuit of their dreams of riches, leaving devastation and misery in their wake; and the dark side of the economic world is explored in the critically-acclaimed Danish financial crime thriller Follow The Money.
For Love Or Money Beware of gold-diggers and gold-diggers beware: a man on the cusp of becoming a multi-millionaire thinks he has finally won over the girl he has been in love with since they were at school together; but she is conspiring with another former classmate and together they plan to relieve him of half his money in the very funny, sometimes hilarious, comedy For Love Or Money
Force Of Five Five youngsters studying at a kick boxing school get sucked in to the serious business of fighting terrorists. Scores on comedy, visual Muay Thai martial arts and edgy tension.
The Four Feathers — A magnificent and hugely-stirring film, Alexander Korda's The Four Feathers is a tense and riveting tale of one man's courageous fight for honour as he faces the unthinkable in a volatile and dangerous land.
Foyle's War: Series One to Four German spies, espionage, The Home Guard, traitors, suspect Americans, sabotage, murders, wartime romances, the black market and the ever-watchable Foyle. A treat!
Foyle's War: The Complete Series One To Five The compelling and well-styled Foyle's War takes place in Hastings during the Second World War and is a wonderful piece of British history combined with fascinating 'whodunit' dramas involving credible characters and neatly-threaded storylines.
Foyle's War: The Complete Fifth Series Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle makes his last ever investigations in this, the fifth and final series of the highly-popular drama.
Foyle's War: The Complete Series Six This exciting, intriguing and brilliant series set in England during World War II appeared to have come to an end with peace; but happily Foyle has put off his retirement for a further enthralling and exciting three new episodes, all of which will keep you guessing.
Foyle's War: The Complete Series Seven A terrific and hugely popular television series, the BAFTA-award winning Foyle's War seemed destined to end with the close of the Second World War; but, as luck would have it, the remarkable Anthony Horowitz penned three new follow-up episodes with tales of intrigue and mystery during the Cold War.
Foyle's War: The Complete Series Eight The brilliant television series on the life of a Police DCS during the Second World War in Hastings continues into its eighth series with the detective, now working as an MI5 operative, still solving difficult cases during England's post-war years in the inimitable Foyle's War.
Frankenstein: 10th Anniversary Special Edition Based on the immortal novel by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein: 10th Anniversary Special Edition is a compulsive, tragic and poignant tale with a hugely talented all-star cast, retelling the ever-fascinating story of a young man's desire to address his obsession with death.
Fred Dibnah's Steam Collection — If steam holds a fascination for you, then the lovable and eccentric Fred Dibnah's follow-up to his successful Railway Collection DVD, Fred Dibnah's Steam Collection, will be right up your street.
Free State of Jones An epic action drama set during and in the aftermath of the American Civil War, from 1862 to 1876, that tells the true and remarkable story of a Southern farmer who led a band of fellow farmers and local slaves in an uprising that saw Jones County, Mississippi, secede from the Confederacy to become the Free State of Jones.
Freight — Terrific, absorbing, non-stop action British movie about human trafficking with a creditable cast.
The Fron Male Voice Choir: Voices Of The Valley Live — Hauntingly beautiful songs performed with splendour by the 'world's oldest boy band'. Filmed live during Proms at the St Jude's 2008 Music Festival in the lovely St Jude's Church in London's Hampstead Garden Suburb.
Full Steam Ahead: Victorian Railways — Waiting in the station to whisk you on a journey into the past is an evocative steam train complete with respected historians Peter Ginn, Alex Langlands and the ever-fresh Ruth Goodman. So begins the classic travel adventure, visiting many parts of the country and gaining a new understanding of the workings of the magnificent period railway as they follow in the footsteps of the world's finest engineers.

Game Of Death — CIA operative Wesley Snipes is forced to take on his own crack team single-handed when they go rogue, killing his mentor and leaving him slap bang in the middle of a Game Of Death.
Gandahar If you like Sci-Fi and Fantasy, you'll like Gandahar. Full of weird and wonderful creatures, it also explores the importance of organic farming and genetic mutation and has a number of warnings for today's world.
Gang Of Four With a strong female cast, this Berlin Film Festival award-winning film is one of Jacques Rivette's best-loved works, packed with some sinister goings-on and the odd comedy moment.
Ghost Town — At last, a brilliantly funny, ever-so-slightly-black comedy that really does make you laugh as loud as it promises! Ghost Town is an outstanding film about ghosts with unfinished business and a zany dentist who would rather they finished their business elsewhere.
Gigantic — A charmingly bizarre love story about the anxieties of falling in love with someone you never thought you'd fall in love with and the baggage that comes from a crazy family.
Gion Bayashi A drama set in 1950s Japan, Gion Bayashi enters the world of the courtesan as it follows the life of a sixteen-year-old girl whose mother has died and who wishes to be trained as a geisha in order to escape the clutches of her lecherous uncle.
Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me A remarkable film, Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me is a sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking and emotional journey and a wonderful dedication to a multi-talented, genuine star delighting his fans with a stunning, memorable exit from the limelight that should not be missed.
Go Fast — With a refreshingly different kind of hero who definitely walks the walk, Go Fast delivers non-stop thrills overlaid with hyper-action.
Go To Blazes — Hugely amusing and appealing Sixties crook caper.
Goddess The beautiful but tragic story of a devoted couple whose marriage is destroyed through a widespread belief that the wife is the reincarnation of the goddess Kali. A remarkable film set over a hundred years ago in 1860, it is a superb reflection on life and faith in India in the 19th Century.
Golden Door A moving yet unsentimental film of imagination and charm that highlights the difficulties facing the proud and naïve people who sought a better life for their families in a new world.
Gone In 60 Seconds A tongue-in-cheek, highly-watchable movie with one of the most amazing lengthy tyre-squealing, engine-roaring, side-swiping and wheel-spinning car chases ever filmed.
The Good Companions — A fun, frivolous, amusing and thoroughly enjoyable adaptation of J B Priestley's classic novel.
The Good Karma Hospital Vibrant with the exotic heartbeat of India and centring around the lives and loves of the medical staff and patients at a hospital in a fabulous Southern coastal town where nobody, tourists or locals, is turned away no matter how poor they are, the television drama series The Good Karma Hospital is highly compulsive viewing.
Good People A young American couple emigrate to London to make a new start and to renovate a derelict house they have inherited, little realising that an apparent stroke of luck is about to leave them fighting for their lives in this edge-of-your-seat action thriller.
The Good Soldier A fine period drama with a talented cast, led by the brilliant Jeremy Brett (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes), that excellently captures the Edwardian ethos and their characters' human frailties. Love, deception and tragedy.
Goodbye Bafana — Inspirational and emotionaly-charged film about Nelson Mandela and the impact he has not only on a nation's freedom, but also on the life of Robben Island prison guard James Gregory. An extraordinary true story of courage and honour in the face of violence and prejudice.
Gracepoint — The eagerly-anticipated American adaptation of international phenomenon Broadchurch, it's every bit as nail-bitingly good!
The Graduate — A naïve young graduate returns home to spend his time mindlessly working out what he wants to do in life, but slips into an affair after he is propositioned by the sexy wife of his father's business partner — a mistake that leaves him with a difficult decision when he becomes infatuated with their daughter in the classic 1967 romantic comedy The Graduate, now released on home entertainment in a special 50th Anniversary Edition.
Gran Torino — Don't-miss thriller. A tragic yet heart-warming venture into a violent world that is rapidly escalating out of control and one man's determination to put things right — at any cost.
Grave Of The Fireflies — Stepping away from the usual cute and wholesome themes seen in the animés Spirited Away and Castle of Cagliostro, Studio Ghibli has bravely chosen a Japan ravaged by World War II as the background for the tragic Grave Of The Fireflies, shown from the perspective of an orphaned boy and his little sister.
The Great British Countryside — Informative, stimulating and appealing!
The Green Hornet — Justice has a new name, a kick-ass sidekick and no tights in the exciting new action comedy The Green Hornet. Packed with great fun, stinging wit and some serious action in true comic book style.
The Green Man — A professional assassin who prides himself on ridding the world of pompous, self-important people takes on an assignment that seems to be fraught with problems, misunderstandings and hindrances in the hugely-entertaining 1956 black comedy classic The Green Man.
Grey Owl — Living life as a North American Indian in the wilds of Canada, a British man has left civilisation behind; making his home among the natives, embracing their ways and working as a hunter, a guide and writing magazine articles until someone threatens to expose him as a fraud.
Grown Ups — Very funny, sometimes extremely so, and a worthwhile, heart-warming, entertaining and feel-good movie that shows how sometimes you can be a winner, even if you are seen to lose.
The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society — A young writer living in war-torn London in 1946 is intrigued to discover that, during the wartime German occupation of the Channel Islands when unauthorised meetings were forbidden, a group of friends caught by occupying soldiers invented a book club named The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society.

Hancock Superheroes come in all sorts of packages — but Hancock is a sarcastic, whisky-swilling, hard-living kind of misunderstood immortal who is totally out of control, wreaks havoc and could definitely do with a make-over.
The Happening — You can't see it, but you know it's there; and when it catches up with you, you will take your own life. Dramatic thriller about a natural disaster that could mean the end for Mankind.
Happy Days This hilarious and very upbeat television series is a must for any DVD collection. With its happy-go-lucky, relaxed attitude and Fifties period atmosphere, Happy Days reflects on an era when teenagers were carefree and innocent and the pace of life was much slower.
Hard Kill Having created a lethal piece of artificial intelligence technology that she hoped would help the world, a young scientist is duped into believing a master criminal is the man she needs to test its efficiency; but he seeks to destroy the world and instead holds her hostage in exchange for her father, who is the only one with the code to start the countdown in the thriller Hard Kill.
The Hard Way — John Connor is a hit-man weary of watching men die and the constant danger of his dog eat dog world, and who just wants to retire to his quiet country home in Ireland.
Haunted — Two spine-tingling 70's plays that still have the ability to intrigue and entertain: The Ferryman (starring a youthful Jeremy Brett: The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes) and Poor Girl.
Heartbeat: The Complete First Series — A Sixties treat filmed in the Nineties. Takes you back to the days when everything was fab and swinging and for the young it was the best time to be alive.
Heartbeat: The Complete Sixth Series — The terrific multiple-award winning ITV Yorkshire period police drama Heartbeat, set in the 1960s in the fictional North Yorkshire village of Aidensfield, is as compelling and exciting as ever.
Heartbreak Kid What would you do if you went on your honeymoon and found true love — with another woman? Eddie (Ben Stiller, is faced with that very problem after he meets and marries blonde bombshell Lila.
Heaven's Gate Beautifully filmed and unashamedly emotive, the epic western Heaven’s Gate is the story of a Harvard graduate who returns to his home state of Wyoming as a marshal to find the steady stream of immigrants who have settled in the area are being victimised by the wealthy cattle barons — and the county is on the brink of an unjust and bloody range war.
Hell Is A City Dark, moody and suspenseful manhunt thriller from Hammer set in a gritty 1960s Manchester and starring Stanley Baker. Definitely one to watch.
Hemalayaa Beautiful Belly A fun workout that will firm and strengthen your tummy, help you develop and maintain core strength, give you a Beautiful Belly — and best of all, make you feel seriously sexy.
High Road To China In the 1920's, a glamorous American socialite hires a former World War I flying ace and hero — now a hard-drinking womaniser who gives flying lessons — to fly her into war-torn Afghanistan where her missing father was last seen; but somebody is out to stop her and the Afghans are turning dangerous in this entertaining, tongue-in-cheek, sky-high romantic romp.
Hinge & Bracket Gala Evenings Hugely-successful comedy double-act Logan and Fyffe (Hinge, an intellectual soprano, and Bracket, a pianist) perform to hilarious effect. The most unique female impersonators ever.
The Hit List What if you shared your thoughts with a stranger in a bar about the people you resent because they've crossed you? And then found out that you'd been talking to a hit man who has taken you at your word? Cuba Gooding Jr stars in this tense and emotive thriller.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition All you could wish for in fantasy: huge monsters, nasty enemies, a terrific storyline and vulnerable but well-meaning heroes all wonderfully put together in such a fascinating, compelling and so realistic tale that you feel part of the adventure.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Part two of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy retains the magic with spell-binding scenery, well-choreographed fight scenes, and all the thrills and excitement of an incredible tale.
The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies The final film in the adapted trilogy of Tolkien's The Hobbit takes up the journey of the Dwarves on their quest to regain their homeland, culminating with the bloody conflict to prevent evil pervading Middle Earth.
Hopscotch Walter Matthau is utterly convincing as the spy gone AWOL. Very funny, very clever and a compellingly entertaining catch-me-if-you-can story.
Horrible Bosses Treated appallingly and constantly harassed by their bosses, three friends decide it's time to strike back; but finding someone suitable to rid them of the Horrible Bosses in this crazily funny comedy doesn't come easy.
Hotel Transylvania 3 Fun and games with the vampire as the monsters take a rare vacation away from the castle on board a cruise ship run by the very suspect human captain who appears to take a shine to the count in the hilarious and well-observed animation Hotel Transylvania 3.
The House Across The Lake A creditable and atmospheric film noir with masterful tension starring screen siren Hillary Brooke (The Woman in Green) as the consummate femme fatale who plots to murder her rich husband.
House Of The Rising Sun Fresh out of prison, former cop Ray Shane (American professional wrestling legend Dave Bautista: The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption) appears to have sorted out his life. But he has not reckoned on enemies in his new life and in the police force who have reasons for wishing him back behind bars.
How To Lose Friends & Alienate People — A hilariously funny and interesting film set in the world of celebrity. A smash hit comedy.
How To Stop Being A Loser Fed up with being a loser and missing out on life, a young man finds what he thinks he's been looking for on the Internet with a course from a pick-up school — only to find happiness is right under his nose in ths clever comedy.
Howards End Three diverse families find their fates and misfortunes converging in Edwardian England at a time when the world is facing significant changes in a new century in this fine period movie based on E M Forster's classic novel.
Howl's Moving Castle From the legendary Director of the fabulous Spirited Away comes the equally-delightful and stunningly-visual Studio Ghibli animé Howl's Moving Castle, a fascinating tale of wizards and witches, enchantment and romance.
Humans 2.0 This tense, first-rate, can't miss sci-fi thriller moves forwards at a relentless pace while introducing credible, likeable characters heading towards an uncertain future. Fantabulous!
Hummingbird Jason Statham is bloody and brilliant in this vigilante-style Brit thriller about a soldier on the run from a court-martial hiding out amongst London's homeless, and who finds himself taking on the role of avenging angel.
The Hunt The words of a child, confused by something her older brother has said and encouraged to tell a lie by alarmed adults, causes terrible and tragic repercussions for her father's best friend in this stylish Danish psychological drama.
Hunt vs Lauda Legendary World Champion racing drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt went head-to-head in a crazy, adrenaline-fuelled Formula 1 1976 season an exciting, dangerous and dramatic time for motor racing and perfectly revisited in Hunt vs Lauda.
The Hunter Riveting and captivating thriller about the merciless hunt for the last surviving Tasmanian Tiger by mercenary-for-hire Willem Dafoe.

I Know Who You Are The first season of the critically-acclaimed Spanish thriller I Know Who You Are follows a successful criminal lawyer who has high ambitions until he loses his memory in a car crash and is accused of murdering his niece, even though he claims he cannot recall if he was responsible for her disappearance.
I.T A self-made man has it all: a successful business, a gorgeous wife and a beautiful daughter, along with a state-of-the-art smart home; but when he is targeted by a vengeful former employee he is in danger of losing everything, including the lives of his family in this taut and well-paced thriller.
I Am Legend If you believed you were the only human left on Earth and a sub-species of vampires called The Infected were thriving in New York, would you lock yourself in your apartment in the middle of their breeding ground with only your dog for company?
I Am Wrath After witnessing the violent murder of his cherished wife, an unemployed engineer finds that grieving is not enough and he is forced to dispense his own kind of justice when the Police seem reluctant to help; but the killers and corrupt officers have no idea what they are about to unleash in the thrilling tale of revenge I Am Wrath.
I, Superbiker: The Day Of Reckoning Tension mounts among the gifted motorcyclists taking part in the 2012 British Superbike Championship, knowing there will be only one winner — but will the current champion reign supreme or will someone else win the day at the largest single spectator sport in the UK?
ID:A An excitingly tense thriller with a twist, ID:A is about a young woman who has lost her memory and as she gradually finds her way back to her home country, Denmark, she begins to discover that her forgotten life had been a nightmare from which there is danger and tragedy she cannot escape.
I Know You KnowA fascinating, unusual and quirky thriller-style movie that never lets up.
Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs — Yet another film series that goes from strength to strength, Ice Age sees a third incarnation with Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs. Hysterically funny, highly entertaining and a visual delight. Queen Latifah is the jewel in the golden crown.
Identification Of A Woman Notorious in the UK for its nudity when it was first aired on Channel 4, this film is beautiful in many ways with intriguing, dark overtones; an exercise in exploring the psyche and dissecting relationships and the damage they can do.
The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus — Fantastical adventure liberally sprinkled with tongue-in-cheek humour and a dark undercurrent and showcasing Heath Ledger in his last role.
The Importance Of Being Earnest — An intriguing, witty and well-written comedy of manners with highly-rated acting and superb dialogue, this 1950's version is one of the highlights of cinema history.
In Bruges — Now enjoying cult status, this darkly-humorous tale of two hit-men (Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson) laying low in Belgium is delightfully irreverent, peppered with pitch-black humour and unexpectedly poignant.
In The Land Of Women Fabulous film about facing the reality of life, love and death... and just being there for someone. Great characters and terrific dialogue elevate In The Land Of Women to a definite cut above.
In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds Two worlds meet as a martial arts expert is called from the present to return to the once-visited Mediaeval times to protect a war-torn kingdom from an evil presence in this exciting sword and sorcery epic.
In The PitMexican legend has it that for every bridge built the devil asks for one soul to ensure the bridge never falls.
Indian Summers — Highly watchable and a fascinating tale of life in India in 1932 under The Raj. With its exoticness, glamour, corruption, prejudices, pleasures and scandals, Indian Summers is a wonderfully lavish period drama series airing on Channel 4 in the Spring telling of love, betrayal and power.
Indian Summers Series TwoIndian Summers steps up a pace as tensions rise during the struggle for India's independence with the resentment of the British increasing; but while passions run high at Simla, danger lurks at every corner in the colourful, opulent but perilous closing days of the Raj in Indian Summers Series Two.
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull — Building on a legend, Steven Spielberg takes us on an awesome adventure following in the footsteps of the great archaeologist Indiana Jones as he battles his way in the 1950s to the fabled Akator to solve the mystery of the Crystal Skull.
The Informant — A Frenchman desperate to make money to save his business, look after his family and protect his lifestyle is offered a chance to increase his earnings substantially in a seemingly-legitimate way. But there's a catch that will cost him dearly, jeopardising the lives of those closest to him in this drugs-related thriller inspired by true events.
Innocent — Having served seven years behind bars for the murder of his wife — a crime he insists he did not commit — a man is released from a high security prison and begins to try to rebuild his life, get his beloved children returned to him and find out who really killed his wife; but he finds the path back far more difficult than he could have imagined in the exciting new television thriller Innocent.
The Innocent Sleep Well constructed, proudly British thriller that hits all the right spots as it hooks you into the Hitchcockian-style world of murder and betrayal where there is danger at every step.
The Insect Woman — A typical Japanese tragedy, Shohei Imamura's The Insect Woman is the story of a working-class Japanese girl, born in 1918 to poor tenant farmers, whose life seems destined to spiral disastrously out of control.
Intimate Enemies An uncompromising and brutally realistic war movie about the experiences of a platoon of French soldiers fighting the Fellaghas of Algeria's National Liberation Front in the country's remote mountain region.
Into The Wild Critically-acclaimed film adaptation of the best-selling book Into The Wild. A captivating story of one young man's adventure across America and into the isolation of the wilds of Alaska.
Invasion Planet Earth Earth is under attack by aliens intent on destroying every living thing, but all is not as it seems as one man with a tragic past finally makes a shocking discovery that in order to survive he and his fellow humans must stop fighting the invaders in this quirky SciFi thriller.
Invisible Target — The paths of a renegade cop, a rookie police officer and a veteran detective converge with explosive results in this unstoppable action thriller.
The Iron Horse Historical accuracy, an exciting story, romance and comedy all unite in this spectacular Western from the silent era about the building of two great railroads that bridge a continent, filmed by the legendary John Ford in 1924.
The Iron Mask: Mystery of the Dragon Seal Beginning with the legend of the Great Dragon, who chose a people in China to protect and fell foul of the evil Black Wizards, a highly funny and compelling period adventure owing little to real historical events unfolds in the swashbuckling movie The Iron Mask: Mystery of the Dragon Seal.
Iron Man — Straight from the pages of the legendary Marvel comic book, Iron Man is an engrossing, rip-roaring action film that boasts very clever special effects and dishes out thrills, spills and excitement from beginning to end.
It's A Lot — A young college boy learns a hard lesson in life when he sets out to impress the hottest, but vainest, girl in the school by taking his father's expensive Lotus sports car and holding her birthday party at his parents' mansion — from then on, anything that can go wrong does go wrong in the highly funny movie It's A Lot.

Jack Taylor Collection One — A hard-hitting, sometimes foolhardy, rough-and-ready middle-aged Irish ex-cop who dares to tread where the Police cannot go. That's the brilliant Jack Taylor — and the bad guys better beware.
Jackboots On Whitehall — With its pioneering techniques in animatronics and CGI animation, Jackboots On Whitehall clicks instantly with its riotous satire and side-swipes at the British and the Germans alike.
James May's Big Ideas James May lifts the lid on some of the future's most exciting prospects: the world's smallest helicopter, the personal rocket pack, cyborgs, bionic implants and flying cars. Full of endearing May-style witticisms and fascinating innovations. Top Notch Gear Here!
James May's Toy Stories — James May delves deep into his childhood to take some of the world's best-loved toys of yesterday and bring them up to date in a very big way.
Joanna Lumley In The Land Of The Northern Lights A magical, fascinating journey to an enchanting ice kingdom with Joanna as your charismatic and witty guide. This DVD will most definitely inspire you follow in Joanna's footsteps.
John Motson's World Cup Heroes And Villains — Will make your heart soar as you watch the World Cup's most talented players in action or make you sigh in disbelief at moments of madness.
John Wick: Chapter 2 — In the breathtaking all-action sequel to John Wick, the legendary hit man, desperate to settle into a peaceful retirement, is at odds with himself when a former associate approaches him about coming back into the business — an associate to whom he is bound by a blood oath and he therefore cannot refuse in John Wick: Chapter 2.
Johnny, You're Wanted — Despite the seriousness of the murderous storyline this is a jolly, intriguing and fun movie with John Slater perfect as the singing lorry driver with a strong sense of justice. Brilliant little vignettes abound verging on slapstick.
Jonah Hex — A hotbed of excitement; a comic-book western magnificently brought to life with supernatural elements and an exceptional cast.
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell — Be amazed… be very amazed! Drama at its best with a beautifully-bizarre fantasy story woven around a fine period background, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is worthy of the highest accolades.
Jordskott — Compelling Nordic mystery thriller set seven years after the disappearance of the child of a police investigator who, convinced her daughter was kidnapped, returns to her home town after the death of her father and makes a connection between her daughter's abduction and a missing boy who vanished from the same place. Awesomely gripping and darkly dramatic.
Journeyman — Emotive Boxing drama exploring determination, love, friendship and forgiveness. Paddy Considine and Jodie Whittaker eloquently bring to the screen one man's painstaking battle to reclaim his life and his family.
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island — When a teenaged boy breaks into a satellite facility to retrieve a message from his missing grandfather, he finds himself on a dangerous adventure to a strange and beautiful island that, according to the locals, cannot possibly exist.
Journey to Shiloh Seven young men from West Texas set out to Richmond, Virginia, to join the Confederate army during the American Civil War, but find trouble and tragedy on the way even before they become fully-fledged soldiers in the compelling Western adventure Journey To Shiloh.
Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun On its release this 1969 cult science fiction movie was billed as 'the motion picture that rockets you into the supercharged world of the 21st Century'. Intriguing story about a 'duplicate' Earth on the other side of the Sun.
Julia Two young girls from differing backgrounds who became firm friends into adulthood face the challenges and the perils of life as one, plagued by writer’s block, strives to become a playwright and the other becomes embroiled in a new and dangerous world overshadowed by the rising of the Nazis.
Julie & Julia — Wonderfully funny and utterly compelling film about the art of French cooking.
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle — Paying homage to the 1995 Robin Williams epic adventure comedy Jumanji comes a welcome sequel with a brand new cast and new enemies, following the adventures of four high school students who discover they have accidentally become part of a board game in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.
Jumping The BroomWill wedding bells ring in this hilarious, uproarious and unmissable romantic comedy when beautiful uptown girl Sabrina Watson meets attractive downtown Brooklyn boy Jason Taylor.
Justice League — A powerful ancient enemy threatens the world and a league of superheroes rises up to fight this seemingly indestructible force; but one of their number is missing and without him the might of the metahumans is incomplete in the spectacularly exciting fantasy film Justice League.
Justified — Acclaimed TV crime drama with the smooth-talking, quick-draw Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant). Compelling. Addictive. Brilliant!
Justin and the Knights Of Valour — A young boy's dreams of becoming a courageous knight like his grandfather seem dashed by his lawyer father who wants him to follow in his footsteps in a kingdom where it is illegal to become a knight, but he sets off on a daring quest in the animated fantasy Justin and the Knights Of Valour.

K-20: The Legend Of The Black Mask — Comic book heroes don't come more unusual than the daring acrobat fighting injustice in this fantastic action adventure from Manga Entertainment. An absolute must-see movie!
Kagemusha — The death of a 16th Century warlord in feudal Japan is concealed to fool his enemies, using a peasant thief to impersonate him; but being a 'shadow warrior' is not so desirable when, haunted by the spirit of the warlord, war creeps perilously closer in the historic epic Kagemusha.
The Karate Kid — A very satisfying tale with some awesome fight scenes. Brilliantly and poignantly acted by the inimitable Jackie Chan and the gifted Jaden (son of Will) Smith.
The Keeper — Steven Seagal delivers the goods as The Keeper with his own inimitable style of gritty fight sequences and fast-paced action.
Keeping Fit In Your 50s — If you believe that life begins at 40, why should it end at 50? These DVDs are designed especially to maintain fitness at 50 and beyond and are extremely helpful, with worthwhile work-out plans that are encouragingly simple to follow.
The Kettering Incident — A strangely riveting ride with finely-paced tension, The Kettering Incident is an edgy mystery thriller set against the striking Tasmanian scenery.
Khumba: A Zebra's Tale — A young zebra born into the African wilderness with black stripes only to the front of his body is blamed for the sudden drought that affects his homeland; leading him into a dangerous adventure to discover the legendary watering hole where the first zebras were given their stripes. Will charm and enthral children and adults alike with its thrilling storyline and quirky humour.
The Kid — Two youngsters on the run in the wild American South West: one a notorious outlaw avoiding capture by a dogged sheriff and the other trying to keep himself on the right side of the law after he and his sister are violently orphaned; and while he is attempting to protect them both from falling into the clutches of their wicked uncle, their world touches that of a famous outlaw in the action-packed Western The Kid.
The Kid Detective — A once famous and gifted child detective, now a self-pitying man in his early thirties who has turned to drink and seems to be on the road to self-destruction, is given a new lease of life by a naïve new client whose boyfriend has been brutally murdered, bringing him fresh hope and a kick-start to his adult career n this tongue-in-cheek mystery drama.
Kidnap And Ransom Series Two — Skilled British hostage negotiator Dominic King (Trevor Eve) returns for a second series in this totally absorbing and tightly-scripted television crime thriller mini-series set in India.
Kiki's Delivery Service — For a young teenaged witch the time has come for her to leave her parents and find a town of her own in this delightful Studio Ghibli anime. One of the best loved animated features in Japan. Not to be missed.
Kill 'Em All Following a shootout, a mysterious stranger is brought to A&E but before he can be treated a foreign gang force their way into the hospital to hunt him down, putting the young nurse helping him in deadly danger in the gripping thriller Kill 'Em All.
Killing Gunther Bearing a grudge against the deadliest and most feared hitman on the planet (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Blake (a remarkable performance from Taran Killam) plots to take him down. In a riotous blend of dark comedy and pseudo-tension, Killing Gunther is hilariously brilliant.
The Killing Based on the best of Nordic Noir (the original hit with a strong female lead that put the genre firmly on the map), The Killing is a brilliant and absolutely riveting can't-miss US remake. A cracking atmospheric drama; darkly compulsive and with ample twists to keep you guessing.
Kind Hearts And Coronets — Brilliantly executed, very funny and ahead of its time, the 1949 black comedy Kind Hearts And Coronets tells the story of a man whose mother was wronged by her aristocratic family and whose subsequent revenge has disastrous consequences.
A Kind Of Murder — An intriguing crime thriller that follows in the footsteps of classic film noirs, the slow-burning whodunit A Kind Of Murder is well worth watching and is notable for its evocative Sixties atmosphere.
The King — From Memphis to New York and Las Vegas: a terrific and poignant musical road trip taking in the sights and sounds that the legendary Elvis Presley would have known during his lifetime; along the way discovering political America and finding out more about the hugely talented singer and actor who became justifiably known as The King.
The King Maker — Based on the true story of a Siamese queen who set out to murder her husband in order to put her lover on the throne. Colourful, swashbuckling historical adventure with a dash of romance.
Kings Of The Road The final part of the loose trilogy of Wim Wenders' road movies, Kings Of The Road is a compelling, fascinating and enjoyable slice of life in post-war Germany; a swansong for the golden days of cinema, crafted around Wim Wenders' masterful direction and visionary photography.
The Kite Runner A terrific and deeply moving film that cannot fail to stir your blood with anger at injustices and melt your heart with compassion for the sin of being human.
Klondike Based on incredible true events and with an all-star cast, the terrific hit US mini-series Klondike tells the story of two ambitious young men who brave the savage land of turn-of-the-century Yukon and face the violent men who would fight to the death in their quest for gold.
Kokoda: 39th Battalion An unforgettable war movie that graphically portrays the devastating horrors of jungle warfare. Inspired by the heroic true story of a small band of untrained army recruits, whose outstanding courage and bravery helped save Australia from Japanese invasion during World War II.
Kokoro — Ultimately tragic Japanese films have much more to offer than an excuse for a good weep. A fine example is Kokoro, a film by the respected Kon Ichikawa: beautifully filmed in 1955 in black-and-white and finely acted and poignantly driven, it tells the story of the folly of envy.
Kung Fu Kickboxing Workout Fight your way to fitness with martial arts champions Tiffany and Max Chen.
Kung Fu Panda — With exotic music, well-orchestrated fight scenes and unbelievable animation, Kung Fu Panda is funny, mystical, superbly executed and a 'must see' for the whole family.

L'Avventura — Voted the second best film of all time and beaten only by Citizen Kane L'Avventura is groundbreaking Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni's tour de force.
La Femme Musketeer — If your swash has buckled and you think you've seen it all, then how about a young lady who becomes a Musketeer? Featuring such well-known stars as Michael York and Christopher Cazenove — not to mention the fabulous Gerard Depardieu — La Femme Musketeer adds a gender-bending new twist to Alexandre Dumas' classic novel.
La Grande Illusion — A classic and very watchable black-and-white film that deals with relationships between prisoners-of-war and also their captors during the First World War. A fascinating eye on history.
La Jetée / Sans Soleil Quirky, thought-provoking and entertaining: La Jetée is clever and captivating; Sans Soleil is fascinating stuff… a magical voyage of discovery. Both are the work of cinematic essayist and audio-visual poet Chris Marker and brought to life with compelling narrative.
La Notte — Shot in black-and-white, the film is an X-ray of modern man's psychic desolation. Can love and communication be possible in a world built out of profligate idylls and sexual hysteria?
La Ronde — With its theme of exploring sexual morals (or lack of them!), La Ronde (a circular dance) is a fascinating story of romance and infidelity across various levels of society. Originally filmed in black-and-white in 1950 and now restored on Blu-ray, La Ronde exudes a fine sense of the period.
Ladies & Gentlemen... The Rolling Stones — Considered by many fans to be the band's finest performance ever captured on film, and billed at the time as '...the most powerful rock film ever made'.
Lakeview Terrace — Tense, well-paced thriller that develops superbly... with Samuel L Jackson at his sinister best playing the obsessive cop going over to the dark side.
Land Of Plenty — A mysteriously beautiful film touching on America's controversial decisions over Iraq and the 'war' against terrorism following 9/11 and the story of a compassionate, peace-loving young woman dealing with her tragically-damaged Vietnam veteran uncle.
The Landlord — During the early 1970s, the impact of mixed race relationships and racial prejudice were still considered by many too sensitive as subjects for films, but The Landlord handles the story of a young, wealthy white boy buying a house in a black ghetto and becoming involved with his tenants exceptionally well.
Laputa: Castle In The Sky — A treasure hunt turns into a fantastic adventure and a fight against evil in Hayao Miyazaki's homage to Jules Verne and Jonathan Swift. A superb combination of the Japanese master-director's twin obsessions of eco-thriller and aerial escapades. Not to be missed!
The Last Movie Star — A fantastic, tongue-in-cheek journey of discovery for two people generations apart who need each other to make them re-evaluate what they believe in and to see who they really are. Cute and sassy.
The Last Vermeer A Dutch Jew who fought with the Resistance during World War II in Holland is assigned to discover who stole valuable paintings to sell to the Nazis; but while questioning a flamboyant and hedonistic Dutch artist and art dealer accused of collaborating and facing execution, he begins to believe the man is innocent and sets out to defend him in the intriguing true-life drama, The Last Vermeer.

Last Of The Mohicans This clasic BBC drama, originally broadcast in '71, is one of the best and most faithful adaptations of the book and has lost none of its appeal over the years.

Last Passenger The remaining six passengers on a late-night train from London are in for the shock of their lives: a sociopath has hijacked the train and is driving it at breakneck speeds towards its destruction, forcing them to come up with workable ideas to stop it in this tense thriller staring Dougray Scott.
The Last Remake Of Beau Geste Prepare for lots of laughs and classic cinema tributes in Marty Feldman's star-laden comedy from the Seventies.
Last Resort: The Complete Series Shortly after rescuing some Navy SEALs from the sea, the Captain of a United States nuclear submarine refuses to accept the validity of an order to nuke Pakistan, causing the entire crew to become fugitives in the gripping, explosive military 13-parter.
The Last Stand An impressive film with the wonderful Arnie giving his all amid spectacular stunts, great cars, fine acting and bullet-peppered action. Brilliant!
Laughter In Paradise An elderly prankster dies, leaving four of his relatives a lump sum of £50,000, but there is a catch: before they can claim their inheritance, they each have to perform a task that is against their nature, which gives rise to humorous consequences — and the dear departed has not even finished with them yet in the hilarious 1951 comedy Laughter In Paradise.
The Lavender Hill Mob Classic crime caper starring Alex Guiness as a timid gold bullion bank transfer agent who enlists the help of a souvenir maker and two professional criminals in order to steal a million in gold to fund a wealthy retirement in Rio.
Le Silence De La Mer A simple, fascinating and brilliant film dedicated to the French Resistance which will appeal especially to those interested in the Second World War and the occupation of France.
Legion — In this clever, action-packed supernatural thriller, Mankind faces the danger of extinction by a frightening force from the other side. Only this time the threat comes directly from God Himself.
Les Mâitres du Temps A finely animated metaphysical rescue mission. If you love science fiction and animation, this delightful film is for you.
Les Petites Vacances Would you trust your mother with your children? Of course you would! But in Les Petites Vacances, when Veronique sends her son and daughter on a train journey to see their father for the Easter holidays, accompanied by her mother, they may not be as safe as she believes.
The Level A dedicated feisty female detective with a troubled family background has a secret that could jeopardise her career; but it is a risk she is willing to take, even putting her life in danger to uncover the murderer of her schoolfriend's drug-trafficking, corrupt businessman father in the exciting and compulsive series The Level.
Life As We Know It Comical, captivating and cute, Life As We Know It unwraps little bundles of fun!
The Light Between Oceans A beautiful love story between a young man newly returned from the horrors of the Great War and a young woman he meets on his way to take up a position as a lighthouse keeper on an isolated island, a job that turns into a nightmare when they make a decision that is to have far-reaching consequences.
Limitless Pulse-racing trip into a fantasy world where there is nothing you cannot do. Terrific, must-see tongue-in-cheek action thriller.
Line Of Duty Series One With a force under pressure to perform and a host of characters at odds with each other, a sometimes gruesome and occasionally light-hearted venture into the murky world of Police corruption is the setting for this highly-watchable, gritty and hard-hitting cop series.
Line Of Duty Series 4 A young DCI with two children returns to her career and becomes the senior officer heading an investigation to track down a serial killer; but she falls under suspicion from her colleagues when she seems overly anxious to charge a young man with learning difficulties, despite forensic evidence throwing doubt upon his guilt in this fourth series of the critically acclaimed, thrilling police corruption drama Line Of Duty.
Line of Duty Series Five — An undercover cop appears to have gone rogue, deeply involved with dangerously cold-blooded criminals who, while hijacking a confiscated drug lorry being taken under police escort to a special facility, are responsible for the deaths and serious wounding of the accompanying officers; but the crooks could not know about the transporting of the drugs unless there is a corrupt police worker passing on information in the fifth series of the gritty and highly compulsive television drama Line of Duty.
The Lion In Winter — Patrick Stewart is Henry II in this gritty and thoroughly absorbing film of historical splendour. Who needs swords when you can squeeze another ounce of venom into the already-caustic dialogue?
Little Women — From the pen of Louisa May Alcott in 1868 to a 21st Century screenplay written by Greta Gerwig: the compelling story of the ups and downs of a family of four young ladies and their kind-hearted mother, waiting for their father to return from the American Civil War in the 1860s and making their way in the world, unfolds in Little Women.
Liverpool FC: The Official History Captures the pride and traditions of what is arguably one of the world's greatest football clubs; and also encapsulates the unique relationship that the club has with its most important asset: the Fans.
Living In Oblivion In this multi-award-winning cult comedy classic, Steve Buscemi is his usual magnificent self as he plays Nick Reve, a luckless low-budget film director struggling against all odds to get his artistic vision on screen.
Lola In post-war Germany a young woman whose father was killed during the Second World War works at a high class brothel frequented by city officials as a high class prostitute and singer. Unexpectedly she attracts the attention of a respectable gentleman who falls in love with her and wants to marry her, little realising what she does in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 1981 drama Lola.
Looking For Hortense A fascinating study of a relationship where cracks are starting to show, and a man's determination to help a young woman facing the threat of deportation from France. A bittersweet romance that's sprinkled with an uplifting light-heartedness.
London Ink The creator of the most famous body art in the world (David Beckham's Guardian Angel), Louis Molloy is a tattoo artist whose work is recognised by millions. Now he's created the most talked about tattoo studio in Britain London Ink.
The Lone Hand An enjoyable Western with an appealing and tightly constructed storyline starring Joel McCrea and the lovely Barbara Hale.
Lonesome Dove — From the writer and producer of the acclaimed Brokeback Mountain comes a great story: the multi award-winning TV mini-series that's not so much a western as an enjoyable, rip-roaring tale of action and adventure!
Long Shadow: The Great War — Renowned British historian David Reynolds looks at the Great War, its repercussions, how it shaped the world today and its affect on future generations in the intriguing and informative BBC World War I documentary series Long Shadow: The Great War. A must-see factual series for everyone — lest we forget.
Lords of LondonA ruthless London gangster is shot at point-blank range in a night club; but when he comes round covered in blood he has somehow been transported to an abandoned villa in an out-of-time Italy, with no recollection of getting there. Mysterious and strangely compelling.
Lost At Christmas — A young man, deeply hurt and disappointed when he is rejected by the woman he wanted to marry, finds himself stranded in a snowstorm in the wilds of Scotland with an equally distressed young woman who has just discovered the man she loved and had planned to spend Christmas with is married with a young son, in the touching and light-hearted seasonal film, based on the acclaimed short film Perfect Strangers (2015), Lost At Christmas.
Lost Kingdoms Of AfricaExploring The Dark Continent of Africa, with its diverse communities and cultures and little-known history, is absolutely fascinating; especially in the very capable hands of art historian Dr Gus Casely-Hayford.
Love And Honour — The beautiful, sad but ultimately heart-warming story told by the film Love And Honour is typically Japanese and explores the consequences of a loving wife's sacrifice following her samurai husband's tragic blindness. Includes a swordfight that will be remembered as one of the greatest duels in Japanese cinematic history.
Love Crime — Described as 'a must for fans of modern film-noir suspense thrillers'. Officially selected for both the Toronto International and LA Film Festivals. Murderously compulsive.
Love On The Ground With a creditable cast, Jacques Rivette's Love On The Ground is an intriguing foray into the ongoing theatre-versus-film debate.
Lovers' Guide Sexy, savvy and educational, The Lovers’ Guide Interactive provides advice and information on everything you could ever want to know on the subject of sex.
Lucky Luke Hugely funny and entertaining French comedy with nods to the great westerns including The Magnificent Seven, High Noon, The Gunfighter and Wyatt Earp. And not a John Wayne in sight!
The Luminaries A young woman seeking a new life panning for gold in New Zealand in 1865 meets her soulmate on board ship on the way there; but, following interference from an older married female mystic who wants to use her as an apprentice, she finds herself lost to her love and abandoned and penniless as her life takes a downward spiral in the lavish period drama The Luminaries.
Lymelife First love, unfaithfulness, lies and tragedy touch the lives of timid teenager and Star Wars fan Scott Bartlett and the object of his desire, strong-willed girl-next-door Adrianna Bragg when her father Charlie is struck down by Lyme Disease in this critically-acclaimed film and winner of The International Critics Awards at the Toronto Film Festival.

Mad Men Season 3 — Critically-acclaimed US drama about the lives of bad-assed ad men in the Swinging Sixties.
The Magnificent Seven — Seeking justice following the killing of her husband, a young widow enlists the help of a bounty hunter to take on a cold-hearted land-grabber whose gunmen are terrorising the town in this creditable remake of the 1960 hit western The Magnificent Seven.
Maid Marian And Her Merry Men — Forget anything you've ever read about Robin Hood and Maid Marian — well almost! — and enjoy the mucky antics of the astonishing characters who grace the screen as Maid Marian And Her Merry Men comes to DVD.
Mammon: The Complete Season One — Darkly mysterious, über-compulsive and delivering relentless tension, Nordic noir political thriller Mammon is a must-see, can't-stop-watching thriller from the land of the Vikings.
Man Of A Thousand Faces — A masterpiece of filming with brilliant characterisations and an emotive script based on the true story of the gifted Lon Chaney.
The Man Who Fell To Earth Quirky, compelling and ultimately poignant, The Man Who Fell To Earth follows the fortunes and misfortunes of a desperate and altruistic alien who leaves his family to come to the planet of water to seek help for his own dying world but becomes corrupted by Earthly temptation.
The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot — A remarkable title and a remarkable film; this rip-roaring adventure movie in the form of a unique, genre-bending production that follows a legendary American war hero from his youth, when he assassinated Adolf Hitler, to his twilight years, when he takes on his second notorious adversary, could be both a war film and monster film.
The Man Without a Past A quirky film celebrated for its deadpan humour, Aki Kaurismäki's The Man Without A Past is a darkly intriguing mystery of a man who has to build a new life after he loses his memory.
Marauders A fast-paced, finely-tuned and suspenseful crime thriller with an all-star cast headed by Bruce Willis that never pauses to draw breath through its many twists and turns.
Marcella Series Two Moving into Series 2, one of the best and most gripping television dramas heads into the grim and disturbing world of child abduction and murder, investigated with dogged determination by a deeply troubled female detective in the tense, well-paced and compulsive Marcella.
Marcella Series Three With the promise of the latest series being as dark as ever, the deeply troubled detective returns to the small screen with a brand new identity to go deeply under cover infiltrating a notorious and dangerous crime family in Belfast in the gritty and compulsive Marcella Series Three.
Marcus Brigstocke Planet Corduroy Followers of Marcus Brigstocke, the star of The Late Edition and News Knight, will know what's in store for them in Planet Corduroy, his first stand-up show.
Mary, Queen Of Scots Powerful viewing. 1558 and Queen Elizabeth I goes head-to-head with Mary, Queen Of Scots.
Masada Set in 70 AD at the time of the fall of Jerusalem along with the second temple, the explosive historical drama Masada chronicles the rebellion of Jewish Zealots against Roman rule.
Mayday A fourteen-year-old girl due to be crowned May Queen mysteriously disappears on her way to the Mayday celebrations in a sleepy village where some of the residents have more than one secret to hide. Sinister and supernatural elements make it compulsive viewing.
The Mechanik Dolph Lundgren is 'The Mechanik' in this all-action, edge-of-your-seat thriller that takes you on a nail-biting ride into the realms of Russian gangsters with a kidnapping and the launch of an heroic, all-out rescue.
Medici: Masters of Florence The spectacular historical drama of Italy's most powerful and influential banking dynasty, Medici: Masters of Florence, stars Hollywood giant Dustin Hoffman as the head of the Medici dynasty whose mysterious death is followed by the threat of war and the scheming of enemies against the family; and is a fascinating tale of political rivalry, sexual liaisons, adultery, murder and intrigue.
Meet Dave — What you see is not always what you are really getting — and when you Meet Dave, you're in for a few little surprises as this humanoid alien hides an astonishing secret.
The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season The California Bureau of Investigation is responsible for solving every case on their books so far — except one, which will need one of their own to be outwitted by the unconventional ways of The Mentalist in this at times serious and tense, light-hearted but always enthralling hit police series.
A Mermaid's Tale — A young girl whose mother has sadly died moves to a peaceful seaside town from San Diego with her father to live with her grandfather who has been unwell; only to discover the truth about her family and the existence of magical beings in this heart-warming modern-day fairytale.
The Merry Gentleman — A riveting movie with a superb and heady mix of suspense and quiet humour; a gripping, uniquely entertaining tale of forgiveness and redemption that blends a hopeful spirit with a surprisingly dark heart.
Metamorphosis — Decidedly tongue-in-cheek and with a different slant on the story of the Blood Countess in the '71 film Countess Dracula, Metamorphosis brings something new to the long list of vampire stories.
Michael Jackson's This Is It — A glimpse of the excitement, the glamour, the talent and the passion that MJ had been preparing to present to his eagerly-awaiting audience... the concert to end all concerts.
Michael Wood The Great British Story: A People's History — Fascinating eight-part BBC documentary that digs deep into the past to uncover who we really are and the journey we took to become British.
Microcosmos Sex, violence, genocide and wholesale destruction — all up-close and personal. A world beneath our feet: spiders, beetles, ants, snails, caterpillars and mosquitoes... Spectacular!
Midsomer Murders: The Complete Series One & Two — Few drama series tick all the right boxes in the way that Midsomer Murders does. With tight plots, riveting performances and characterisations with keep-you-guessing crime-busting set in sleepy village locations, it was destined for greatness.
Midsomer Murders - The Complete Series Eighteen — A police drama set in an idyllic and picturesque county with a canny Detective Chief Inspector at the helm ready to solve the unusually high number of killings, the delightfully challenging successful Midsomer Murders is still going strong as Britain's most popular television crime drama that now sees the eighteenth series released on home entertainment.
Midsomer Murders: The Fans' Favourites — Riveting storylines, likeable characters and keep-you-guessing plots give this mystery crime drama series an irresistible appeal.
Midsomer Murders: The Killings of Copenhagen — An English businessman dies in Copenhagen from cyanide sent from his own biscuit factory in Badger's Drift, bringing the Midsomer Police to Denmark to co-operate with Danish detectives as they sift through the many suspects in the Nordic Noir-style 100th episode of Midsomer Murders The Killings of Copenhagen.
The Mill — Set in rural industrial England in the turbulent year of 1833, when cruelty, sexual harassment, poverty and hardship are endured by the female mill workers, The Mill brings characters realistically to life while weaving a credible and fascinating story.
The Mill Series Two — Compelling and utterly convincing, The Mill is a brave and raw period drama vividly reflecting the changing times around the Industrial Revolution.
Minnie & Moskowitz — Off-beat, quirky, low-budget rom-com that follows the unlikely matching of a disillusioned divorcee with a loud, brash parking lot attendant. Fascinating viewing.
Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears — A long way from her native Australia, a female detective has come to Morocco to rescue a young Bedouin woman who is being held prisoner for daring to insist that a natural event, a violent sandstorm that wiped out her village, had not been the cause of her family's death but had covered up their murder in the enjoyable and amusing period mystery romp.
The Missing — Fascinating and highly compelling TV series about a living nightmare as a young boy goes missing in France. A must-see, hard-hitting drama with awesome twists and turns that leave you teetering on the edge of your seat as his parents try to find out what really happened to him.
The Missing Series 2 — Secrets and lies abound in The Missing Series 2; an exciting, emotive, outstandingly well-paced series that has all the intrigue and powerful appeal necessary to create a first class thriller.
The Missing Million — A delightful black-and-white classic whodunnit with a clever plot that doesn't take itself too seriously.
Molière A delightful and amusing costume about Molière, France's greatest dramatist. Molière is summoned to the bedside of a mysterious dying woman and as he looks at her he is transported back to the days before he became famous, when he knew her and loved her.
Monsters Mesmerizing sci-fi with the feel of a docu-drama, Monsters is set in Mexico where a colony of dangerous aliens is attacking San José and a photojournalist desperate for a front page image of a creature is instead saddled with the task of escorting his boss's daughter to safety.
Mork & Mindy Robin Williams is Mork, the whacky alien from planet Ork who lands in Boulder, Colorado, in a giant egg and inveigles his way into the life of Mindy. The crazy, scatterbrained and naïve Mork keeps the laughter coming with a series of non-stop slapstick episodes and endearingly innocent misunderstandings.
Mrs Palfrey At The Claremont Amusing and heart-warming story about an elderly widow who decides to go to live in London to be near her grandson, and is rescued by a young stranger who becomes an important part of her life.
Mulan — Awe-inspiring, compelling and filled with astonishing action-sequences, Mulan is both a moving romance and an exhilarating and brutal action adventure.
Mumbai Calling — Wonderfully funny send-up of the call centre industry. Great fun to watch, Mumbai Calling (Season One) is highly entertaining and uplifting with amusing dialogue.
Murder: The Complete Series — Using the same format as the Bafta award-winning drama Murder: Joint Enterprise, three new films join the Murder stable: The Third Voice, Lost Weekend and The Big Bang — the praiseworthy result of intensive research in the public galleries of The Old Bailey.
Murray Walker's Motorsport Madness — An adrenaline-charged collection of some of the most exciting, spectacular and jaw-dropping clips from the hi-octane world of Motorsport.
My Brilliant Friend Series 2: The Story Of A New Name — A gorgeous, evocative and deeply compelling story about a 1960s mob-ruled, poverty-stricken neighbourhood in Naples and an unbreakable bond between two girls. A delightful flavour of Naples past.
My Name Is Earl Season 2 Crack open the beers, dip the Doritas and watch all 23 hilarious episodes of My Name Is Earl from Season 2.
My Neighbour Totoro A wonderful, heart-warming and visually delightful animé from Studio Ghibli. An out-and-out joy to watch...
My Neighbours The Yamadas — Cute and compelling, My Neighbours The Yamadas is a wacky, family values cartoon animé from Studio Ghibli that takes a quirky, fun look at life through the eyes of a Japanese extended family.
My Teenage Daughter — A war widow bringing up her two daughters in peacetime London is horrified when her usually-obedient eldest child falls in with the wrong crowd and becomes insolent and uncontrollable, resulting in her arrest and threatening her mother's career and romance in My Teenage Daughter.
The Mystery Of Edwin Drood — Although Charles Dickens died before completing his alluring, darkly-gothic classic murder mystery story of sibling rivalry, destructive jealousy and unrequited love, The Mystery Of Edwin Drood remains a fascinating and intriguing example of the Victorian author's talents, perfectly adapted for television by the BBC.
Mystery Road Series 2 — Riveting, emotive and thoroughly absorbing, the Australian television police series Mystery Road moves into its second series to follow an Indigenous detective as he investigates drug-dealing, corruption and murder while respecting his culture and protecting his family.
The Myth A wow of a film, The Myth sees master of entertainment Jackie Chan slip easily between two worlds to be a hero in both on the adventure of a lifetime.

Nanny A great sense of period and the locations are lovely; there are some wonderful examples of brilliant child psychology coming into play and of snobbery among the nannies, along with well-observed 1930s life.
Naruto Shippuden The Movie 2: Bonds Fantastic and exciting animé with brilliant innovations and likeable characters. The ninja Harry Potter for the Pokemon generation.
National Treasure A much-loved British comedian, well established as a household name, falls from grace when he is accused of an historical sexual assault that threatens both his glittering career and his rock-solid marriage in the Channel 4 mini-series National Treasure.
Need For Speed An awesome, punchy, and pulsating illegal road race between supercars is the climax to the adrenaline-charged thriller Need For Speed as a talented motor mechanic sets out to prove a rival driver framed him for auto theft and the manslaughter of a close friend.
Never Forget Take That With great song and dance routines, amazing special effects and an incredible catalogue of Take That hits, this spectacular stage musical with a feel-good happy ending is an absolute must-see!
Never say Goodbye An eminent American doctor who is bringing up his only child in the United States, after his German-born wife is declared missing presumed dead after disappearing behind the Iron Curtain after the Second World War, is astounded to discover she is alive on a return visit to the Continent in the 1956 romantic drama Never Say Goodbye.
The New (In)Complete and Utter History Of Britain Irresistible for the witty tongue-in-cheek send-up of historic events and figures as much as for its nostalgia… It could only be Monty Python!
The New World The famous tale of a beautiful American Indian princess who saves the life of a 17th Century English sailor on the barely-discovered American continent is consigned to history and the many films and dramas that follow; but a new, re-imagined movie takes the legend one step beyond in the extraordinary and visually-exciting The New World.
New Worlds An epic story of love and loss, the gripping lavish period drama New Worlds takes place during the reign of King Charles II in England and on the other side of the Atlantic in the early days of English Colonialism as promises are broken and, despite a bloody civil war, tyranny and terror still thrive.
Night At The Museum 2 — Revealing further secrets of what happens if you stay in the museum after dark. Rip-roaring action adventure all through the night as all hell is let loose.
Ninja — Let the fight begin! All action martial arts thriller featuring amazing Ninjutsu action sequences.
Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear Not just another revenge film, the remarkable Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear sees a man who returns home to find someone has violently murdered his beloved wife and their unborn child and sets out from Japan to Thailand to hone his skills, then to Myanmar to track down the killer and exact retribution — Ninja-style.
No Country For Old Men If you found a case filled with two million dollars in cash at the scene of a massacre, would you a) leave it where it was; b) take it to the police; or c) keep it? On the run with the cash, a former Vietnam veteran finds he is the hunter hunted and at the mercy of a crazed killer.
Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom The king of the Arctic and his family and friends are back with the Polar Bear being invited by his young human friend to revisit New York, where he is forced to clear his name when he becomes America's most wanted after being accused of robbing a bank in Chinatown; meanwhile, back at home, there is a fight to save his kingdom in the enjoyable comedy animation Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom.
Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror An iconic film of the German Expressionist Cinema and one of the most successful horror films of all time. It was also the first ever, although unauthorised, screen adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula by the director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Delightfully creepy. Leave the lights on!
Not Another Happy Ending When struggling maverick publisher Tom Duval discovers his only successful author has writer's block, he knows he has to unblock her or he's finished. Highly watchable romantic comedy that develops nicely into a delightfully funny farce, with cute and sassy scenes.
Not Now Comrade Over the top, typically Seventies-style comedy about a Russian ballet star intent on defecting to the West, helped by a sexy stripper who manages to rope in a number of innocent bystanders with hilarious consequences. As the clothes come off, Not Now Comrade warms up into a comic, utterly absurd and watchable British farce.
Not The Messiah (He's A Very Naughty Boy) — Fantastically funny, wonderfully visual and must be seen to be believed.
Now You See Me 2A hard act to follow; but the makers of Now You See Me have set the elite magic-makers an impossible task accompanied by a whole new range of magnificent special effects to give this stunningly-presented tale with a twist the extravaganza and lightning-paced action of the first with Now You See Me 2.
Nowhere To Go — A Canadian con-man escapes from a British prison having committed a scam involving the theft and sale of a rare collection of coins in the classic 1958 thriller from Ealing Studios Nowhere To Go — but he discovers it's not so easy when he attempts to take the money and run.
Numb A young married couple deeply in debt are offered a way out of their financial crisis when they stop for a brother and sister hitching a ride in the snow-covered Canadian wilderness and have the chance of finding a fortune in gold; but ahead are almost impossible challenges and dangers in an unforgiving landscape which they may not all survive.

Obsessed — Is her handsome, successful husband having an affair or is he being innocently targeted by a sick and dangerous fantasist? That is the dilemma facing attractive Sharon Charles (Beyoncé) in this sexy hit thriller.
Ocean Waves — Studio Ghibli's usual fascinating animé films are either science fiction or a journey into the realms of fantasy with such magical productions as Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. Ocean Waves, which takes place in present-day Japan, is a charming tale about first love.
Oliver Twist This latest dark, edgy and gripping BBC1 adaptation has breathed new life into Dickens' much-loved novel.
On The Black Hill The rolling hills of the Welsh Border Country at the turn of the century make an outstanding backdrop for an evocative tale of an unsettled marriage between a vicar's daughter and a farm-worker.
Once A Thief: The Complete Series Crazily tongue-in-cheek (think Adam West's 1960s Batman) and loaded with fascinating characters, John Woo's film spin-off TV series is humorous, exciting and compulsive.
Once Upon A River Blamed unfairly for trying to seduce her uncle, a young part-American Indian teenager unwittingly causes her father's death and while grief-stricken and traumatised sets off down river to find her mother who abandoned them some years before, putting her in the paths of both friends and foe in the dramatic Once Upon A River.
One Desire Ticks numerous boxes for a first class Western romance with morals, tragedy, touching moments and a fine cast. Rock Hudson and Anne Baxter are superb as the star-crossed lovers.
Operation Condor: Armour of God II Exciting treasure-hunt adventure packed with Jackie Chan's unique brand of terrifically funny, clever comedy and hair-raising stunts.
Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg Plot To Kill Hitler — The inspiration for Tom Cruise's recently-released film Valkyrie, this fine documentary reveals the riveting facts surrounding a daring attempt during World War II to kill Hitler and put an end to his reign of terror.
Orange Is The New Black Season One — Billed as 'the break-out comedy of the year', Orange Is The New Black is not for the faint-hearted; amusing and emotive, the series is a tongue-in-cheek look at survival inside a women's prison.
Orangutan Island — Compulsive, funny, heart-breaking, tragic but ultimately heart-warming and fascinating documentary about our close cousins that explores the orphaned Orangutans' behaviour and the dramas they have to face as they try to cope with life in the wild.
Origin Wars — A young lieutenant working for an off-world military contractor defies orders and steals a shuttle to rescue his young daughter from the planet his superiors have deemed as dangerous and intend to annihilate, knowing he could well run out of time in the sci-fi adventure movie Origin Wars.
Our Girl: Complete Series Three — The third series of one of the most successful primetime dramas on BBC One, Our Girl follows a popular young female British Army medic through dangerous combat and humanitarian tours of duty in extreme conditions aound the world.
The Other Guys Living in the shadow of a couple of idolised bad-boy cop heroes, two overlooked and mismatched NYPD Detectives (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) get an opportunity to shine in this funny and totally entertaining comedy action film.
Outlander Season 5 — A young 20th Century nurse slips between time zones, having fallen in love with a brave young Scot in the 1700s, as the fantastically compelling and stunning television drama cleverly combining the genres of history, science fiction, romance and adventure moves on to Colonial America for a mesmerizing fifth series of Outlander.
Outlander Season 6 — Sees the Frasers finding out just how far they will go to protect their home and their family. Magnificent, with beautiful scenery and period sets. Utterly compulsive viewing. A word of warning: You cannot stop watching!
The Out-Laws — You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family; or, for that matter, your siblings' partners, and when four women find out just what manner of man their sister has married they are driven to do something drastic about it in the smash hit Belgian black comedy crime drama series The Out-Laws.
Outside The Law — Gritty post-World War II thriller that follows Algeria's fight for independence from France alongside a poignant and raw story of a family pulled apart by tragedy with dire consequences for the future. Highly watchable.
Overhaulin' The complete second series of this popular automotive reality TV show that 'steals' someone's car (with the help of the owner's friends or family) and then, in just seven days, totally overhauls it, transforming it into a custom masterpiece before reuniting it with the unsuspecting owner. But will they like the result?
Oyu-Sama (Miss Oyu) — A poignant and contemplative tale of two sisters and their ill-fated relationship with the same man, Oyu-Sama is a literary adaptation of a story by one of Japan's modern literary masters, novelist Tanizaki Jun'ichiro, filmed by one of Japan's most revered filmmakers, Kenji Mizoguchi.
Oz And James Drink To Britain — If you like crazy wit and repartee served up with a light-hearted exploration into the Great British drink, Oz And James Drink To Britain is definitely for you!

Paddington 2Paddington 2 is that rarity: a genuinely entertaining family film. Its feel-good factor and hilarious comedy around the antics of Paddington and Hugh Grant are a must-see for everyone. A splendid movie that should not be missed — whether you are eight or ninety-eight!
The Pale Horse Discovering a dying priest in an alley implicates a young biker in his killing in this adaptation of Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse, but as he struggles to clear his name he is led deeper into a sinister world of dark forces, murder and black magic.
The Paperboy A bizarre, sometimes violent, sexually explicit period film that takes place in the late 1960's, The Paperboy has a sleazy charm that is strangely compelling thanks to Nicole Kidman's sizzling portrayal of the dangerously naïve young woman who becomes engaged to a prisoner on death row.
Paranoia The cut-throat world of technology and corporate power is about to get nastier, as a young and gifted new recruit is to find out when he ends up in the middle of a deadly and bitter battle between the world's most powerful tech billionaires in the high-octane corporate espionage thriller Paranoia.
The Paranormal Incident A simple, low-budget film that nevertheless achieves a great deal of fright-appeal as, with shades of the excellent Cloverfield, the exploration of a creepily-haunted abandoned asylum is filmed by a team of students for a college project.
Paris, Texas A fantastic film, well shot and superbly directed, with terrific music, fine performances and a theme that explores in depth the emotions and disappointments of a man and a woman who walk away from their unhappy lives, causing repercussions for their loved ones — this is cinema at its creative best.
Partners In Crime A husband and wife detective team put themselves in danger, becoming involved with the world of espionage after a murder and a disappearance; and they investigate the kidnapping of a top scientist, uncovering a spy in the smart BBC adaptations of two of Agatha Christie's Partners In Crime novels, The Secret Adversary and N or M?
Passengers A terrific supernatural thriller that adds a new dimension to the genre with a totally plausible account of the other side.
Penguins: Spy In The Huddle Filmed from a totally new perspective and narrated by David Tennant, Penguins is fascinating, breathtaking, totally amazing and delightful.
Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief Scores high as mythology clashes with the 21st Century, setting Gods at loggerheads, unleashing all manner of dangerous creatures and causing mega-problems for a young demigod called Percy who is unaware of his real identity.
Perlasca: The Courage Of A Just Man Given the opportunity to get out of Budapest, Hungary, during the German occupation in 1944, an Italian cattle dealer chooses instead to risk his life to save as many Jews as he possibly can in this harrowing yet at times heart-warming film.
The Phoenix Incident Based on true events The Phoenix Incident is a riveting foray into the world of UFOs as well as a fascinating reconstruction of what actually happened before four young men disappeared. Is the truth really out there?
The PianoA mute female pianist, travelling with her young daughter from Scotland to an arranged marriage in New Zealand in the mid-19th Century, is indifferent towards her new husband but when she is seduced by the overseer there are devastating consequences in the compelling period drama The Piano.
Pied Piper of Hützovina This compulsive documentary is the story of two people travelling together on different courses: a journey that tests their relationship and gives them an alternative view of the gypsy music they both love.
The Pillars Of The Earth A fascinating melting pot of romance, political intrigue, war, power struggles, envy and religious turmoil set in 12th Century England. Compelling!
Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides All the comedy, thrills and plenty of spills of the first three Pirates Of The Caribbean films combine in a new adventure as the totally unique Captain Jack Sparrow crosses swords with the notorious Blackbeard, his daughter, and some very determined Spaniards, all searching for the elusive Fountain of Youth.
Please Give Quirky, amusing and a colourful window on people-watching, Please Give is a joy to watch as three families go through a range of emotions while facing up to the problems of being human.
Plenty A wonderful, highly-watchable and thought-provoking film with sympathetic characterisation by a hugely talented cast that follows two decades in the life of a French Resistance operative who struggles to build a new life amid the apathy of post-war England.
The Poet A hit-man kills an innocent young photographer who has witnessed an assassination then finds himself inextricably drawn to the boy's sister. Hooks you right to the very end.
Point Blank An innocent nurse's aide is dragged into the hazardous criminal underworld when his heavily-pregnant wife is kidnapped to force him to release a dangerous patient being guarded by the police. Thrilling, chilling and absolutely riveting.
Poldark (Series 3) With the dashing hero still rebuilding his life and his arch-enemy determined to see him go under, the must-see popular Cornish-based period drama Poldark moves into its third series, beginning in 1794 with a war and the French Revolution hanging over Britain — a precarious situation that is to bring danger to the Cornish shores.
Police — At times a little off-beat and perplexing, Police grasps every opportunity to string you along as obsessively-determined detective Louis Mangin (Gérard Depardieu) steps over the line to nail a drugs ring.
Predestination — Described as a "mind-bending ride through time", Predestination is an intriguing movie that explores the possibility of being able to interact with oneself and influence an outcome in the past, and therefore alter the present, during time travel.
Pressed — Luke Goss stars in this tense thriller as a redundant high-flying sales director who, with the threat of bankruptcy looming, is persuaded to use his savings to invest in a drugs deal that goes disastrously wrong.
The PreyNever trust your cellmate: he may be far more dangerous than you think, as a man imprisoned for robbing banks discovers to his cost in this terrific, rapid-paced non-stop action French thriller. A must-see movie!
The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie — Lauded by critics since its initial release, the The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie is a great classic film about loyalty and betrayal set in a strictly run girls’ school in the 1930s — and a very different teacher whose influence was to have far reaching consequences.
The Princess Of Montpensier — As war rages through 16th Century France, innocent beauty inflames the hearts of four men: their fates are intertwined with a lovely French noblewoman who desires one man while married to another, and who enchants both her husband's closest friend and the brother of the King of France.
Prisoners — A child disappearing is the reality of the unthinkable; but not knowing if his daughter and her friend are alive or dead drives a dedicated father and family man to the brink of madness, where he will do whatever it takes to discover the truth.
The Private Life Of Henry VIII — A beautiful costume drama that blends comic moments with serious issues while taking a light-hearted sojourn into the life and loves of Britain's best-known monarch.
Privates — National Service is still compulsory fifteen years after the end of the Second World War. And in 1960 young British men called up to serve their country see an unavoidable two-year interruption in their pursuit of pleasure, girls and rock 'n' roll in the BBC drama series Privates.
The Proposition — A wealthy and successful couple have all that life can offer them except for the one thing that would make their life complete, but as they cannot have their longed-for child their desperation drives them to make an unthinkable proposal to a young man whom the husband is interviewing for a job in their business — but it is a proposal that will have tragic consequences.
The Proud Rebel — An excellent Western starring the superb Alan Ladd, The Proud Rebel is the story of a father's search to find a cure for his son, who has witnessed an horrific incident that has left him unable to speak.
Public Enemies A stark, perfectly-delivered and tense heavyweight BBC television drama, now making its debut on DVD, Public Enemies follows a convicted murder, released from prison on probation, who desperately wants to find his way back to normality.
Public Enemy The hugely successful Belgian series Public Enemy Season One sees a young female detective investigating a case where a convicted child killer has been released on parole to the custody of monks at an abbey only for a young girl to disappear from a nearby village.
Pure Race A terrific film, covering a controversial — and potentially explosive — subject without using any of the apparent current trend for explicit violence. Pure Race introduces shock and tension without resorting to unnecessary and sadistic blood and gore… Full marks to the multi-talented Rocco DeVilliers.
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Quantum Of Solace — Thrill after thrill of fast-paced derring-do, riding high on the back of a line of wonderfully successful films featuring Ian Fleming's valiant and charismatic hero.
The Quiet American — A British journalist has a rival for the affections of his much-loved mistress in 1950s Saigon with the arrival of a 'quiet' American to an explosive Vietnam during their war of liberation from the French; an event that is to lead to a terrible atrocity and a murder. Intriguing Graham Greene story that's both a reflection upon history as well as compulsive entertainment.

Raging Phoenix Raging Phoenix is a different, exciting, ferocious and breathtaking tale of revenge.
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Gordon Ramsay really knows his stuff and, despite his liberal sprinkling of that four-letter word in his delivery, he gets his point across perfectly. Featuring Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack in Brighton, one of his most famous success stories.
Ransom Tightly-plotted, well-paced terrorist thriller starring Sean Connery as Colonel Nils Tahlvik, Scandinavia's resourceful and potentially ruthless Head of Security.
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Santa's very real but you wouldn't want to meet him! An astonishing, thrilling, strange and brilliantly-executed take on the origins of Father Christmas.
Ray Winstone's Football Blinders & BlundersActor and soccer fanatic Ray Winstone introduces a fascinating collection of amusing gaffes, craziest cock-ups and pure genius from the world of football on this highly-watchable, brand new DVD.
Red Dog — Stirring up a whole range of emotions, Red Dog is a terrific film based on the true story of an Australian dog who belonged to nobody and everybody and who finally found a master he could truly love until a tragic event took him on an incredible journey.
Red ScorpionTerrific, hot-paced story full of earth-shattering tension starring Dolph Lundgren as the rogue Russian Special Forces operative gone native.
The Red Turtle Combining the magic of Japan's most beloved animation studio, Studio Ghibli, and the wonderful gift of storytelling by Oscar-winning director Michael Dudok de Wit, the delightful and highly-acclaimed Oscar-nominated anime The Red Turtle is the story of a man shipwrecked on a tropical island and his fight for survival.
Red Wagon A black-and-white film from 1933 about an orphaned boy with a dream to own his own circus that's fascinating both for its period value and for its human story.
Real: The Movie This fabulous, innovative film is not just about Real Madrid and football. It is about people and passions, and is part documentary and part fiction.
Reign of the Supermen — Reporter Clark Kent is missing and Lois Lane is grieving. Along with the rest of the world, The Daily Planet has been rocked to hear of the death of Superman, leaving an enormous gap in Earth's defence system. Without Superman, who will protect Mankind?
Requiem On the verge of a career-defining American tour, a talented cellist is horrified to witness the apparent suicide of the woman she thought was her mother, only to discover her connection with a missing child and a seemingly haunted mansion in Wales in the chilling thriller Requiem.
Requiem For A Killer A sophisticated assassination thriller snapping with high heels and nail-biting tension until the bitter end, set in the Swiss Alps at a prestigious operatic festival.
Rescue Dawn Inspired by true events, Rescue Dawn is the amazing story of one man's survival against overwhelming odds. Dieter Dengler (Christian Bale) is a US pilot shot down on his first mission — a top secret air-raid to take out enemy supply lines during the Vietnam War.
Resident Evil: Afterlife — In a future world ravaged by a dreadful viral infection, a lone survivor struggles to defeat a rogue organisation and an army of Undead while searching for any others who may have survived the bloodbath.
Resident Evil: Damnation — US special agent Leon S Kennedy returns for the ultimate battle against extraordinary and seemingly-indestructible new Bio Organic Weapons in the next gripping chapter of the smash hit Resident Evil saga, Resident Evil: Damnation.
Resident Evil: Retribution — Alice is back! Milla Jovovich returns in the action-packed and adrenaline-charged fifth instalment of Resident Evil, continuing the seemingly-impossible fight against the undead for Man's survival.
Reuniting The Rubins — Human, funny, tragic and heart-warming as a family in crisis makes an hilarious attempt to sort itself out. The accusations fly!
The Revelation Of The Pyramids — Fascinating, informative and compelling exploration into the mysteries of the ancients.
Revenge Of The Electric CarFirst they killed them off; now they're resurrected as society's saviours: the dramatic and electrifying race to create the ultimate electric car.
Rex Deployed to Iraq after a shaky start in the United States Marine Corps, a troubled young woman dramatically turns her life around and faces the ultimate danger with the help of her partner, a devoted and brave dog, in the incredible story based on real life that has been turned into the highly watchable movie, Rex.
Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey — An epic culinary journey. Mouth-wateringly good.
Rides — Take a ride on the wild side! Hosted by Jason Priestley (car enthusiast and star of Beverly Hills 90210) and featuring Xzibit, Chip Foose, Jeff Beck, Jay Leno and Tim Allen, Rides takes you on an amazing custom car journey from concept to jaw-dropping creation.
Ringo Starr & The Roundheads Live The amazing Ringo Starr brings his effortless performance to high- definition DVD with the one-night event Ringo Starr & The Roundheads Live, filmed at the historic Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois.
The Rise Clever, intriguing and riveting plot with enough oomph to keep you hooked. A British heist movie of exceptional originality.
Rise of the Viking — In a violent time in 700AD when the Franks seek to conquer all of Europe and in the name of Christianity begin a bloody battle to convert and forcibly baptise everyone into the Catholic church, a hero rises to protect his people in the blistering, non-stop action historical epic Rise of the Viking.
Road — A well-constructed documentary about the Dunlop Dynasty of road racers, ROAD looks at the racers and the circuits and the highs and lows of the sport: a thrilling, fascinating and entertaining must-see for race fans.
Robot Overlords — Among the best of the teen movies and highly watchable whatever your age, the teen sci-fi Robot Overlords tells the story of a future Earth where robots have taken over and everyone is subjected to a curfew or they die; but their captors have not reckoned on the determination of a plucky group of youngsters.
Rocco And His Brothers — An epic study of family, sex and betrayal, Rocco And His Brothers has been acknowledged as an influence on Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather and Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull.
Ronja: The Robber's Daughter — Born among a band of robbers to parents who adore her, a young woman meets and becomes very attached to a young man from a rival band and cannot see how she could ever be with him in the wonderful animé from Studio Ghibli, Ronja: The Robber's Daughter.
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead — Creative and inspired, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead is off-beat, clever and weirdly enticing, constructing a feast of wit and wisdom that sits somewhere between fantasy and reality. Or is it all an illusion?
Ross Kemp In Search Of Pirates — The romantic idea of pirates from two centuries ago prevails, with a resurgence of interest stirred by Jack Sparrow, played by heartthrob actor Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean. Today pirates are again a reality and a serious threat to shipping, as actor Ross Kemp finds out in the television series In Search Of Pirates.
RPG — As old age brings with it an ailing body and the diagnosis of a terminal disease, a multi-millionaire is tempted by a biotech company's dubious promise of a youthful, beautiful and healthy body of his choice in this taut thriller starring Rutger Hauer.
Ruggles Of Red Gap — Brilliant comedy western set in 1908 about an Earl's butler who is lost in a poker game to a rich American couple and to his horror ends up in a cowboy town in Washington State.
Runaway TrainOne of the all-time classic break-out movies. In Stonehaven, a brutal maximum-security prison in the wilds of Alaska, ruthless bank robber Oskar "Manny" Manheim has been welded into his cell by the sadistic governor; but when he finally manages to escape he finds himself on a runaway train.
Running With The Devil A salutary lesson in how not to deal with drug cartels comes from an explosive thriller that follows a shipment of cocaine grown and harvested by a young couple with children in Colombia to delivery to the head of the cartel, during which it is compromised resulting in the tragic and violent consequences of Running With The Devil.
The Rutles All You Need Is Cash: 30th Anniversary Edition Far from home and far from talented, The Rutles finally make it to… Hamburg, from where they pick up the celebrity trail in the footsteps of those four mop-tops from Liverpool whose name sounds remarkably similar! This mockumentary is astonishingly clever and highly amusing.

Sacrifice Impressive, highly watchable and emotional period drama that benefits from terrific battle scenes and well-paced tension.
Safe House An attempt to kidnap a young boy out with his family results in his father being beaten up, reviving tragic memories from the past for a former police detective as he seeks to protect them from a thuggish and seemingly unstoppable drug dealer in this thrilling ITV mini-series now on DVD.
Sally Lockhart Mysteries Billie Piper conquered the future with her role as Rose in the BBC's Dr Who; now she has also conquered the past as gutsy young Victorian heroine Sally Lockhart in the period dramas The Ruby In The Smoke and Shadow In The North.
Sansho Dayu Adapted by Kenji Mizoguchi from a short story written in 1915 by the celebrated Japanese author Mori Ogai, Sansho Dayu is based on an ancient legend and is a beautiful film. Regularly voted by critics as one of the best films of all time, it won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1954.
Sans Soleil / La Jetée — Quirky, thought-provoking and entertaining: Sans Soleil is fascinating stuff… a magical voyage of discovery; La Jetée is clever and captivating. Both are the work of cinematic essayist and audio-visual poet Chris Marker and brought to life with compelling narrative.
Santa Claus The Movie — An enjoyably funny and magical story about the origins of Father Christmas, straying a little to the dark side as a scheming toy maker tries to corrupt a naïve elf and hijack Christmas.
Sarogossa Manuscript Horrific, erotic and funny… this is one mother of a film. It's also Martin Scorsese's, Francis Ford Coppola's and rock star Jerry Garcia's favourite film.
Saving The Titanic The tragic sinking of the Titanic has been the subject of countless films and documentaries from the perspective of the passengers; this is the fascinating true story of those working fearlessly below deck attempting to keep the liner afloat.
Scared To Death — Although tame by today's standards, the unusual take of this 1947 film, the acting and the tension all hang together well enough to make Scared To Death a fine and fascinating chiller.
The Scarlet Blade During the English Civil War, as Cromwell's men root out every Royalist true to the doomed King Charles I, The Scarlet Blade leads the resistance raiding Roundhead strongholds; aided by the loyalty of a would-be enemy and hindered by the betrayal of a star-crossed lover.
The Scarlet Tunic Set in 1802 when Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France, Italy and the German provinces and Britain was standing against him, The Scarlet Tunic is a tragic love story adapted from Thomas Hardy's The Melancholy Hussar.
Searching For Sugar Man Stranger than fiction is the remarkable story of a star who never was; a gifted musician called Rodriguez discovered in a Detroit bar in the late Sixties who disappeared into obscurity amid rumours of an horrific death; until two of his admirers found out his true fate in this fascinating documentary.
Season Of The Witch Edgy, exciting and ultimately scary, this tremendous period supernatural thriller takes place at the time of the Crusades in the Fourteenth Century, following the fate of a war-weary knight seeking to make amends for the atrocities committed in the name of Christianity.
Second ActA heart-warming and compulsive story of a talented young woman with a sad secret who, overlooked for promotion at the store where she works until her friend's tech-savvy son creates a professional Facebook page for her and invents a whole new resumé, gets more than she bargained for as she begins her Second Act.
The Second Wind A dark story of the beautiful Manouche and her associations with the French underworld starring the enchanting Monica Bellucci as the sexy Manouche and Daniel Auteuil as her notorious gangster lover Gustav "Gu" Minda. A fascinating window onto the underworld of over half a century ago and a starkly poignant reminder of a changing world.
Secrets Of The Castle Absolutely mesmerising and a joy to watch, an ambitious project to build a Mediaeval castle from the ground up is followed step by step in this don't-miss BBC documentary series that's now available on DVD.
The Secrets She Keeps When a pregnant well-heeled woman meets a struggling mother-to-be working in her local supermarket, they bond over their expected new arrivals, but one has a sinister hidden agenda and both have closely-kept secrets in the tense Australian psychological thriller The Secrets She Keeps.
Security Separated from his wife and daughter and desperately seeking work, a special forces veteran finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time — holed up in a shopping mall protecting a young girl from a psychopathic killer and his equally-ruthless crew in Security.
Seinfeld Season 9 One of the longest-running and most critically-acclaimed television comedy series ever, this final season ensures that the laughter doesn't end here.
Seraphim Falls A taut psychological action western set in 1868, a couple of years after the American Civil War. Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson are mesmerising as the hunted and the hunter
SetUp Terrific, fast-paced action thriller that keeps you guessing to the very last shot. Bruce Willis and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson star.
Seven Pounds — Will Smith is superb as the man with a life-changing secret for seven strangers in this rare and thought-provoking film, with romance and a moral that steps over controversial boundaries.
Shadow Of The Sword — The horror of the Inquisition hangs over the heads of those who upset the Catholic church in 16th Century Austria, where a monk and an executioner are caught up in the middle of a religious fervour that threatens both their lives and their close friendship.
Sharkwater Extinction — Sharks are our oldest remaining predator and are now an endangered species. With over 150 million sharks killed each year, biologist and conservationist Rob embarks upon an exciting and dangerous quest to film beneath the ocean and to travel across four continents while investigating the shocking depths of corruption, destruction and danger of the multi-billion-dollar pirate fishing industry and widespread illegal shark fin trade.
Shepherd The Hero Dog — Distraught to be told he cannot keep his beloved German Shepherd dog because Jews are not allowed to own pets under the Third Reich in 1930s Germany, a young boy is reunited with Kaleb when he is separated from his family and facing certain death in a concentration camp in the heartbreaking Shepherd The Hero Dog.
Sherlock Holmes A magnificent, original and tongue-in-cheek Sherlock Holmes caught up in non-stop action. A brilliant, must-see movie!
Sherlock Holmes: The Hound Of The Baskervilles Dastardly deeds are afoot in a remote part of Devonshire's moors where legend has it that the owners of Baskerville Hall are cursed to find death in the jaws of a giant beast in this well-dramatised Russian adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes adventure The Hound Of The Baskervilles.
Sheryl Crow Live — Wow! Sheryl is superbly visual, with a terrific stage presence. The golden girl sings and the watcher is spellbound. You can't get much closer to the live action than this.
The Shield Season 5 — Well-acted, utterly believable, graphic, nerve-racking and harder than nails. The Shield shoots from the hip. Compelling viewing.
The Shield Season 6 — The grittiest, most controversial television cop drama is back with a vengeance on DVD. Good cop, bad cop? Forget it — The Shield Season 6 has bad cop, worse cop!
The Shield Season 7 LA's finest but most controversial and corrupt cops inveigle their way onto DVD for the concluding season of the sensational and gritty US television drama series. A tense, unpredictable conclusion with a shocking event that leaves the Strike Team reeling. The series will be badly missed.
Shine A Light — Phenomenal footage of The Rolling Stones both on stage and behind the scenes comes to DVD with Martin Scorsese's dazzling film Shine A Light, featuring the band's concert at The Beacon Theater in New York City.
Shinobi The stuff of legends, this delightful offering about the Shinobi (elite and strangely-gifted ninja warriors who live only for battle) is set in the Japan of 1614. Magical.
Shiva Rea Creative Core + Lower Body — A beautifully produced and helpful DVD from world-renowned Yoga teacher Shiva Rea.
Shiva Rea Creative Core + Upper Body — A fitness DVD with a new approach to physical and emotional well-being that offers a fantastic new programme to help attain a healthy, supple body and a peaceful mind.
Shiva Rea Yoga for Beginners An ideal DVD for those wishing to learn the basics and alleviate the stresses and strains of everyday life.
Shiva Rea Yogini Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Women — Keeping fit, well and flexible could not come in a better package. Beautiful to watch and easy to follow.
Shogun's Samurai — Sibling rivalry takes a violent turn in Shogun's Samurai, the dramatic, all-action tale of loyalty, betrayal, envy and tragedy in 17th Century Japan.
Short Circuit — After being struck by lightning and gaining human intelligence, an experimental military robot goes on the run in this exciting comedy sci-fi adventure. But he is being closely followed by laboratory security guards who want to terminate him — permanently.
Shrink — Kevin Spacey is brilliant as a top celebrity psychiatrist in this bitter-sweet, raw drama about losing and finding happiness in Hollywood.
Shut Up And Shoot Me — Committing suicide isn't as easy as you might think — as Colin Frampton finds out when he loses the will to live following the tragic death of his wife; Colin even resorts to paying somebody to kill him in this dark, black comedy set against the beautiful city of Prague. A must-see!
Sicko Almost fifty million Americans pray they don't get sick, because they have no health insurance. Another acerbic and thought-provoking film from Michael Moore.
Sixth Of May A multi-award winning, thrilling political conspiracy drama centred around a bloody assassination, the Dutch government and fraudulent Americans. Compelling.
Skyline — Some very unpleasant and seemingly indestructible aliens have targeted Earth for a shocking purpose that could mean the end of life as we know it. All-action, edge-of-your-seat sci-fi blockbuster.
SleeplessA bent cop and his partner steal a cocaine shipment on its way to a drug-dealing casino boss with connections to the mob; but when the desperate dealer has to face the unthinkable consequences, he has his henchmen kidnap the cop's son, giving his father less than one night to get the drugs back in the all-action thriller Sleepless.
Sleuth — Jude Law takes on Michael Caine in a deadly duel of wits for possession of Caine's wife. Caine is on cracking form as the vengeful, cuckolded husband.
The Slipper And The Rose — The King of Euphrania grows increasing concerned that his son, the heir to the throne, does not seem interested in marriage, rejecting all the princesses his parents consider suitable; so he organises a "Bride Finding Ball", much to the prince's horror — but a surprise is in store for him in the much-loved, light-hearted 1976 British musical based on the Cinderella story, The Slipper And The Rose.
Smashing Pumpkins: If All Goes Wrong — Prepare for an intimate meeting with the Smashing Pumpkins in a beautifully-presented double-DVD set that includes a first live concert release.
The SniperIntense action thriller about a crack sniper team attached to the Hong Kong Police, The Sniper centres around a new recruit who is fascinated by a former team member who spent four years in prison for the accidental shooting of a hostage and is now out for revenge.
The Snow Queen: Fire And Ice Having bravely defeated the Snow Queen and the Snow King, a girl and her younger brother dream of reuniting their family after their parents are spirited away by the North Wind, and she sets off on a perilous journey to enter the Forbidden Cave to make a wish for their return on the Wishing Stone in the exciting children's fairytale The Snow Queen: Fire And Ice.
Snowflake The White Gorilla All a little white female gorilla wants is to be the same as the other gorillas at Barcelona Zoo; but that doesn't mean she can't have a whole fur-ball of fun as she goes on the run with a red panda and a clever little girl in this moving and utterly delightful children's tale.
The Snowman and The Snowdog Following in the footsteps of Raymond Briggs' iconic The Snowman comes the charming and magical story of a little boy whose dog dies and who builds a snowman and a snowdog, which magically come to life at midnight and take him on a wonderful adventure.
Snowpiercer A train known as the "Rattling Ark", home to the only surviving humans and divided into three areas from privileged to lower class, travels through a future world-wide frozen landscape following a failed climate change experiment in the sometimes shocking science fiction film of a dystopian future Snowpiercer.
The Son Of Bigfoot An epic coming-of-age adventure animation movie for all the family tells the legendary tale of Bigfoot — as you've never seen it before — from the perspective of a young teenager whose scientist father disappeared while working on a secret project and is presumed dead, but when he discovers his father is still alive he learns that he is… The Son of Bigfoot!
The Sorcerer's Apprentice — A terrific fantasy creation that cleverly works its magic in present-day Manhattan. Nicholas Cage stars.
Sorry! First aired in 1981, this was considered one of the best comedies of the decade. Starring Ronnie Corbett as mild-mannered librarian Timothy Lumsden; forty+ and still under his mother's thumb.
South Park Season 6 Outrageous, irreverent and controversial. The little guys are back!
The Spirit — Fantastic Batman-like comic-strip superhero and babe-magnet The Spirit puts himself in danger to fight the forces of evil and corruption in a Gotham-style Central City.
The Spy — A Norwegian-Swedish actress and singer tries to get on with her life and her burgeoning career while avoiding involvement with the Second World War during Norway’s occupation in 1941; but when her father is arrested by the Germans and she is approached by Swedish Security to spy for them she can no longer ignore events in The Spy, a thrilling and intriguing World War II drama based on true life.
Star SuckersThe film "that Max Clifford didn't want you to see" is thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining.
Star Trek Into Darkness — Director J J Abrams boldly goes back to the future with Star Trek Into Darkness, as the young crew of the Enterprise face a new and dangerous adversary — an unstoppable force of destruction that Trekkers will already be familiar with. A WOW of a movie!
Stardust Everything you could wish for is here in this gritty adult fairytale: A handsome hero, a beautiful heroine, a unicorn, romance, fearsome witches, treachery, cold-blooded murder, a handful of power-hungry princes (not all of them of this world) and sky pirates with a fantastic galleon-airship.
Stardust With the rider that the story should not be taken too seriously, the years before one of the greatest stars in music history — David Bowie — became famous are reconstructed as he strives to recreate the success of his early recording and also to break into the American music scene in the tantalising film Stardust.
Stargate: Atlantis With its clever mix of gutsy, determined human and alien characters, season 4 of this exciting and innovative sci-fi series takes you to the outer limits.
Starship Troopers: Invasion If you thought you'd seen the last of them, you'd be wrong because the giant bugs are back with a vengeance and with a new intelligence that leaves the survival of Mankind and the future of planet Earth hanging in the balance.
Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans A Hollywood legend with a string of successful films to his name, Steve McQueen gained critical acclaim as an actor; but his first love was motor racing and he was ruthless in his ambition to make a film reflecting that — Le Mans was the movie and Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans is a documentary about the star's struggle to perfect his dream and the detrimental affect it was to have on his life.
Step-By-Step BellyDance With Leilainia A fun introduction to a sexy dance style and a fantastically toned physique! Lose those inches as you dance your way to fitness.
Still Life China's Three Gorges dam has already displaced over a million people. As the Chinese government prepares to flood Fengjie, a 2,000-year-old town, a man searches for his runaway wife and a woman for her absent husband. Exquisitely filmed, Still Life is a poignant acknowledgment of both the changing times and the loss of a way of life.
Stolen Left to his fate by his getaway driver, a master thief serves eight years in prison and loses touch with his family. On his release his former partner in crime wants his share of what he believes is well hidden and kidnaps his daughter to hold to ransom in this relentless and pulse-thumping Nic Cage thriller.
The Stranger — A thrilling drama from the golden age of Hollywood and luring cinemagoers into the gripping storyline from the word go, Orson Welles' 1946 Film Noir The Stranger builds up gradually into a taut and tantalising thriller. Don't miss it!
The Stranglers On Stage On Screen — Spellbinding. From the moment the band storms onto the stage, the audience is enthralled. Described as their greatest ever live gig.
Street Wars — Hard-hitting, sharp-shooting action thriller starring the wonderful Steven Seagal who can always be relied upon to come up with the goods.
Strike: Career of Evil — Third of the hit series Strike is every bit as compelling as the first two, about the dour war veteran turned private investigator who works out of an office over a guitar shop in Denmark Street; a hero whose military past has left him scarred psychologically as well as physically and is now being framed by a person bearing a grudge for the murder of a young woman.
Strike: The Cuckoo's Calling — A supermodel is found dead and her brother, unsatisfied with the Police investigation that points to suicide, hires a down-at-heel detective to take on the case in the hit series based on the Strike crime novels of J. K. Rowling, writing as Robert Galbraith.
Suite Française — A bitter-sweet love affair between a Frenchwoman whose husband is missing in action and a talented and gentle German officer billeted in her home during the terrifying turmoil of Nazi-occupied France.
Super — Off-the-wall, amusing and thought-provoking superhero spoof. Keeps you hooked to the unpredictable end.
Survive The Night — Two brothers, one of whom is trigger-happy and out of control, have staged a robbery leaving one man dead. While fleeing to Mexico they stop at a gas station where all hell breaks loose in a shootout; but one of them is badly hurt and in urgent need of medical attention so they follow a doctor home from a clinic, threatening his family unless he operates on the injured brother in the tense thriller Survive The Night.

Tabu: A Story of The South Seas Director F W Murnau filmed this finely-shot silent movie on location in Tahiti. This classic silent tells of the power ancient beliefs had over the people who lived with them.
Tai-Chi Master Jet Li is a true force of nature in this truly spectacular martial arts movie.
The Taking Of Pelham 123 — Exhilarating remake that's every bit as good as the original. Pitching Washington and Travolta at each other's throats is inspired and The Taking Of Pelham 123 is a big hit for both entertainment and tension.
The Talented Mr Ripley — Clever and manipulative Manhattan hotel worker Matt Damon experiences the other side of life when he's paid to go to Italy and persuade a wealthy man's playboy son to return to America. But it's a trip that triggers a horrifying series of events.
Tales From Earthsea Terror reigns over the land of Earthsea as a malevolent sorcerer causes crops to fail and animals to die; and with the rare appearance of dragons, a master wizard fears for the future of the people as the evil spreads in this fabulous Studio Ghibli animé.
Tales Of Beatrix Potter A glorious extravaganza featuring delightful characters and fabulous routines by the dancers of The Royal Ballet.
TCT At The Royal Albert Hall The Teenage Cancer Trust benefit shows, filmed live at London's spectacular Royal Albert Hall, are packed with performances that capture the spirit of this unique event, including one-off collaborations between Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller and also Razorlight and The Who's Roger Daltrey.
Terminator 2: Judgement Day One of the most iconic, exciting and nail-biting action sci-fi movies of its kind, Terminator 2: Judgement Day has been fully restored and released on home entertainment to captivate and thrill both existing fans addicted to the high tension as two Terminators from the future with opposing missions try to destroy each other, and a new audience that will quickly realise what it has been missing.
Terminator Salvation — A truly awesome epic movie, Terminator Salvation is all-action and totally compelling with an incredible cast.
They Who DareBased on the true story of Operation Anglo, the planned special forces destruction of two German airfields on Rhodes in order to protect Allied troops in Egypt from the threat of bombing by the Luftwaffe. A credible cast led by old hands Dirk Bogarde and Denholm Elliott add to the attraction of this ultimately tense, enjoyable film that is based on an important historic event of World War Two.
This Beautiful Fantastic — A young woman, abandoned as a baby near a duck pond in Hyde Park and suffering a myriad of problems as she grows up with a chronic case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that threatens to ruin her life, finds happiness and beauty in unexpected places in the fascinating, heart-warming film This Beautiful Fantastic.
This Happy Breed — Slip back to England between the two World Wars for a captivating slice of family life. A heart-warming, cheering story for rainy days.
This Sporting Life One of the most notable films from cinema's British New Wave. Starring Richard Harris as frustrated rugby player Frank Machin and Rachel Roberts as the embittered widow with whom he lodges — both on perfect form in one of the films that came to define the Sixties.
Thomas & Friends It's all aboard with Thomas and his trusty friends for a delightful journey of fun, frolics and mischief in this special collection of Thomas & Friends that brings together onto one DVD all 26 of the exciting episodes from Series Seven.
Tickle Me Elvis swings those famous hips in the unmissable, very funny and hugely entertaining Tickle Me.
Tigrero — A film of contrasts as legendary Hollywood character Samuel Fuller persuades fellow director Jim Jarmusch to join him when he returns to South America in 1993 to revisit the Karajá Indians for the first time since he first met them forty years before.
Time To RememberA wonderful, fascinating journey into the past, Time To Remember is a chronicle of the social and cultural forces that shaped the Twentieth Century. Spellbinding.
Tin Man A fantastic, grown-up, epic fairy tale adventure with plausible heroes and villains, beautiful maidens, and strange characters who are not at all what they appear — a brilliant, unforgettable production with an engaging cast.
Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy A sparkling, beautifully-imagined story of a rogue fairy who steals the precious fairy dust and runs off to become a pirate captain. Funny, heart-warming and exciting as the Disney magic works its wonder yet again.
To Hell And Back Superb classic film highlighting the exploits of a genuine war hero. Talented actor Audie Murphy plays his courageous self as he leads his men along the perilous road to hell and back.
To Walk With Lions A fabulous film based on the lives of two men whose passion for lions and their welfare drove them to extraordinary lengths to protect these amazing creatures — despite the seemingly-immovable hurdles that stood in their way in their determination To Walk With Lions.
Tokarev — Leaving his criminal past behind him following the loss of his wife to cancer, a man (Nicolas Cage) brings up his adored only child and remarries, becoming a successful businessman who has it all; until one fateful night the past returns and he wreaks a bloody revenge to find those responsible for the killing of his daughter.
Total Recall Brilliant sci-fi adventure and cult classic Total Recall is back as an Ultimate Rekall Edition. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the man from Mars with a mind full of dangerous memories seeking 'total recall'. A rocket-load of turbo-paced action.
Touch Of Evil Rightly rated as one of cinema's finest films.
Traffik A romantic road trip turns into a nightmare when a young couple fall foul of a biker gang working for a violent criminal who will kill anyone who crosses him or interferes with his lucrative but appalling illegal business in the tense thriller Traffik.
Traitors In the closing days of the war in 1945, with Britain on the brink of social and political upheaval and the Cold War with Russia looming, a naïve young woman uses her secret agent training by spying for the Americans to help track down a Soviet agent believed to have infiltrated Government offices in the intriguing six-part Channel 4 thriller series Traitors.
Transformers American teens help transforming robots to save the World… And the stars of the show are here in their magnificent glory: a benign race of aliens dedicated to protecting both their own race and humanity from the scourge of the galaxy in the movie that shook the summer of 2007. Terrific!
Transformers: Beast Machines — A bevy of beautiful and fantastic beast machines in iridescent colours storm their way across Cybertron as they fight to wrest their home planet back from the evil Decepticon Megatron and his Vehicons in Season 2 of the hit animated television series. Kids and adults alike will be entertained!
Transporter 3 — He will transport any package for anyone for a price and he will get it there — whatever it takes. Jason Statham is cool; Jason Statham is Frank Martin. And Frank Martin is The Transporter.
Trial & Retribution - The Fourth Collection — If you're looking for suspense, great storylines, terrific acting and a plot to keep you guessing, look no further than Lynda La Plante's brilliant crime drama series Trial & Retribution.
Trial & Retribution - The Fifth Collection — Continuing to enthral its many fans with the riveting, well-paced action, the superb fifth series of Trial & Retribution comes to DVD with four more superb double episodes to thrill and perplex.
Triple 9 — When a crew of dirty cops is blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a virtually impossible heist, they realise the only way to pull it off is to manufacture a 'Triple 9' — police code for 'officer down'. But their plan is turned upside down when the unsuspecting rookie they set up to die foils the attack.
Troll Hunter — Brilliant, skilfully-constructed and light-hearted monster horror movie from the land of folklore that gives trolls a bad press!
Trust What if your teenaged daughter fell into the hands of a sexual predator who had groomed her via the Internet by convincing her that he, too, was a teenager? A gut-wrenching warning of our times.
Tsubasa The popular anime series Tsubasa returns for a fourth instalment and Destiny’s hand is not the only force guiding Syaoran and his friends as they hunt through time and space for Sakura's lost feathers — chasing dreams without end in a future without a guide.
The Tudors: Season 2 The Tudors may not be faithful to history but this exciting historical drama based on the early reign of King Henry VIII is a visual delight as, against a backdrop of passion, danger, infidelity and malicious scheming, the monarch woos, marries and tires of Anne Boleyn.
The Tudors: Season 3 — Plotting and passion abound in this lavish account of one of the most turbulent reigns in English history.
Twin Daggers — Superb action period revenge thriller with terrific fight scenes that subtly challenges you to be a super-sleuth with clever twists to throw you off the right track as a hit-man is hired to kill a murderous sister.
Two And A Half Men Hollywood star Charlie Sheen stars in the hit television comedy as confirmed bachelor and unconventional family man Charlie Harper, a successful and respected advertising career man living out a luxurious, sun-soaked lifestyle in Malibu.
Two Daughters A captivating and sensitively-produced Indian film that cleverly explores relationships between two sets of people from completely different backgrounds.
The Two Ronnies Together they were the brilliant faces of one of the best British comedies of the 70s and 80s.

Ugetsu Monogatari (Tales Of The Rain And Moon) Based on a pair of 18th Century ghost stories by Ueda Akinari, Ugetsu Monogatari is a highly-acclaimed masterpiece of Japanese cinema from one of Japan's greatest filmmakers, Kenji Mizoguchi.
The Ugly Truth No-holds-barred, comic update of the age-old battle of the sexes.
Ultraviolet A different take on the vampire story with great storylines that keep you hooked, a likeable cast and a cleverly constructed thrill factor.
Under The Volcano Set in Guernavaca, Mexico, during the Mexican fiesta The Day Of The Dead on 1 November, 1938, it covers twenty-four hours in the life of former British Consul, the alcoholic Geoffrey Firmin played unforgettably by Albert Finney.
The Uninvited Creepy and intense. A terrific film about a girl who believes she is being urged by the ghost of her mother to expose the unthinkable truth about her untimely death. Will leave you guessing until the final, fatal twist.
Unit One: Series Two The compellingly addictive second series of Unit One (one of the hardest-hitting of the Scandi-crime series, not least because of its depiction of crimes based on real-life events). A must-watch for all Nordic Noir fans.
The Unit: Season 3 The Unit: Season 3 is part of a gritty, thrill-a-minute series about a team of Special Forces operatives that combines compelling drama with tight, tense, action-packed storylines and believable, in-character acting, all bound together by a riveting plot.
Unknown — For Dr Martin Harris (Liam Neeson), the only thing worse than losing his memory could be getting it back: it could be the death of him. Tense, exciting and superbly-executed thriller with a fantastic car chase. An absolutely brilliant film.
Unlocked — A gifted young desk-bound CIA analyst is called back into action where she faces danger and betrayal, placing her life and the lives of those close to her on the line, as London is threatened with a potential chemical attack in this terrific modern espionage thriller with a fast-paced storyline.
Uwasa No Onna (The Woman In The Rumour) Set in Kyoto in the mid-20th Century, Uwasa no Onna is the poignant story of the kind-hearted madame of a modern geisha house, and offers a contrasting portrait of attitudes and mores concerning love and relationships.

Valkyrie — Not all Germans supported the Führer and the Second World War, but a group of men loyal only to the Fatherland was brave enough to do something about it — risking everything, including the lives of their families, in a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler and put into place Operation Valkyrie.
Valkyrien — Exciting and clever Norwegian thriller series that hooks you almost immediately and refuses to let go. Addictive, poignant and wonderfully dramatic, this is another winner for Nordic-noir.
VendettaLate returning from a tour of Afghanistan, a top Special Services soldier finds that his parents have been horrifically murdered; and he sets out to track down the cold-blooded killers responsible to give them a taste of their own medicine in this violent yet compulsive thriller.
Vantage Point Action-packed political thriller that never takes a breather as it rewinds and replays a number of different 'vantage points' before and immediately after the assassination of the US President at an anti-terrorism summit in Spain.
Vengeance A young woman walking home with her daughter late at night after a party is attacked and savagely raped by four men, but they are being represented in court by a hot-shot attorney who is determined to see them walk free in this compulsive, well-constructed thriller.
Vengeance — Johnny Hallyday stars as a French restaurateur who is gradually losing his memory but who has a score to settle with the three hit-men who wiped out his family and their brutal employer.
Vexille — Spellbinding, action-packed, vividly-rendered animé sci-fi adventure set around a disturbingly plausible scenario for the extinction of humankind, and enhanced by an exhilarating musical score from international DJ Paul Oakenfold.
Victorian Farm — The perfect replica of rural 19th Century England, Victorian Farm is an enthralling 'fly on the wall' look at the way our forefathers structured their lives.
The Von Trapp Family: A Life of Music — An intriguing, uplifting yet poignant story told by Agathe from an elder daughter's perspective of the fairytale times and subsequent struggles of a family at the beginning of the German occupation of Austria in 1938. An enthralling movie.

Wainwright Walks The hugely successful BBC series is a visual pleasure of spectacular views and towering peaks on rugged mountains that are older than either The Alps or The Himalayas.
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story 1953: fourteen-year-old Dewey Cox and The Dewey Cox Four win the Springberry High School Talent Show and the girls go mad, ripping open their clothes! Dismissing him as "devil's spawn", his father throws him out of the house, but Dewey vows to return and make his parents proud of him.
The Wall A unique war film and a psychological thriller, The Wall takes place in the Iraqi desert where two United States Army Sergeants are carrying out investigations when they come under fire from a disturbingly accurate marksman.
Wallander Series Two The brilliant but sensitive detective Inspector Kurt Wallander returns for series two of the BAFTA-winning Wallander, with three exciting new feature-length investigations.
War Pigs An army captain (Luke Goss) is disgraced after he is forced to take the rap for a command decision made above him while following orders; but a chance comes to redeem himself when, demoted to lieutenant, he is recruited to lead a team of misfits on a vital top secret mission in this Second World War action thriller.
War On Democracy — One of the most powerful and thought-provoking documentaries of 2007 in which award-winning writer John Pilger investigates the repercussions of the United States' foreign policy, in particular to South America.
WarriorHighly exciting, emotionally-stirring; a blistering combination of classical storytelling and Twenty-First Century combat. A noteworthy movie you won't want to miss.
A Waste Of Shame This critically-acclaimed BBC television drama is the story of the intense, passionate and destructive love triangle that consumed one of the finest poets and playwrights ever to have lived — William Shakespeare.
Welcome To The Punch — A breathtaking, fast-moving and terrifically watchable British cops-and-robbers thriller that will keep you pinned to your seat. Not to be missed!
The Well-Digger's Daughter — A love story set just before and during the Second World War in France, The Well-Digger's Daughter is a delightful, poignant, amusing and highly-watchable film. Five stars. An absolute 'must see' movie.
Went The Day Well? — Terrific hard-hitting wartime film about an English village that unwittingly plays host to an advance force of ruthless German paratroopers paving the way for Hitler's planned invasion of Britain. Stirring stuff!
Whale Wars — As adrenaline-fuelled as any blockbuster… Dramatic, tragic, heart-warming and beautiful; Whale Wars sensitively handles a worthwhile project that should be of interest to us all.
What Remains — Exciting and compelling mystery tale of a tragedy that, initially, does not appear to touch other people's lives.
When Marnie Was There — A young orphaned Japanese girl, a loner with attitude who lives with her foster mother, believes she is not loved and wanted when she discovers her guardian is being paid to look after her; but she overcomes her difficulties in a magical way when she has an asthma attack and is sent to live in the country in the delightful and stunningly beautiful Studio Ghibli animation When Marnie Was There.
Whip It — Heart-warming, ballsy, uplifting and full of thrilling, fast-paced roller skating and wonderfully emotional performances.
Whisper Of The Heart — Charming and visually fascinating anime from the esteemed Studio Ghibli. Scripted by the legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki, Whisper Of The Heart follows the life of schoolgirl Suzuku as she strives to follow her dreams and falls in love along the way.
Whitney — A wonderful and poignant tribute to a talented superstar with unique footage and live performances, Whitney charts the life and accomplishments of the late Whitney Houston and offers a compelling glimpse of both her successful public and her troubled private life.
The White QueenColourful and enthralling, Philippa Gregory's vivid best-selling novel series of The Cousin's War has been turned into a dramatic and unmissable TV series, The White Queen, by the BBC. A white-knuckle, blood-drenched ride though the dangerous and uncertain 15th Century when a king was no more safe than a commoner.
Who Dares Wins — Tense, exciting and with a great black ops storyline, Who Dares Wins gets the adrenaline flowing spectacularly.
Who Pays The FerrymanA highly watchable and successful BBC drama from 1977 set on the beautiful Greek island of Crete, where a former soldier who fought alongside the Resistance during World War II returns to the island to make his peace with the past but encounters danger and tragedy. Timeless, dark, dramatic and compelling.
Wild At Heart Glorious colour, fantastic music and brilliantly evoking the passion of the Dark Continent, Wild At Heart captures the spirit of the fabulous African landscape and the exotic wildlife.
The Wild Geese Richard Burton leads a group of mercenaries into darkest Africa to rescue a former political leader against overwhelming odds in this no-holds-barred 70s thriller out on Blu-ray.
Wild Target Wickedly funny crime caper splattered with dry wit and black humour.
Will Hay Collection The Will Hay Collection comprises The Ghost of St Michael's, The Black Sheep of Whitehall and Radio Parade of 1935. Hay, best-known for portraying scoundrels, is in cracking form in this extremely entertaining 3-film collection.
Wind River In modern-day Wyoming, a teenaged American Indian girl is found dead on the snow-covered plains, barefoot and partly dressed and miles from the nearest town; but what seems to be death by misadventure rapidly becomes a murder investigation led by an inexperienced female FBI agent and a highly-competent tracker in the riveting thriller Wind River.
The Windsors Irreverent it may be, but get ready for a right royal romp into the lives of the re-imagined royal family as Channel 4's hilarious and outrageous satirical comedy series The Windsors makes its home entertainment debut.
The Windsors: Royal Wedding Special Wickedly, shockingly and irreverently funny, the UK is about to be graced with a further episode of the satirical The Windsors as the actress and the prince prepare for their alternative wedding in Channel 4's The Windsors: Royal Wedding Special.
The Windsors: Series Three Imagine, or rather don't (!), the royal family at their most outrageous with all the jealousies, resentments and bitchiness that can be dredged up to take us one step beyond what might have been. The Windsors: Series Three is here to cheer us up in this time of uncertainty as the nation is stuck in coronavirus-enforced lockdown.
Wings Of Desire Wim Wenders' most metaphysical work, Wings Of Desire plays out a clever and touching storyline about a discontented guardian angel who longs to be human. Rated as 'one of the best movies you can see'.
The Witches Tense, creepy and chilling pastoral Sixties horror film from Hammer about a young woman who escapes an attempt on her life by witch-doctors in Africa and returns home to an idyllic village in England only to find that the dark arts thrive there too. Be spooked.
Wolfhound — Riveting sword and sorcery adventure (Lord Of The Rings meets Conan The Barbarian) dominated by heart-stopping battles and innovative creatures.
Wonderland — The Golden Age of writing from 1888 to 1945 saw a number of exceptionally talented British writers, lost in their imagination despite personal suffering, produce unforgettable children's literature; tales of a blissful existence which, together with their creators, are explored in the four-part documentary series Wonderland, that premiered on Sky Arts.
World War II: The Long Road Home — A young soldier leaves his family to fight in the Second World War where he falls into enemy hands, becoming a prisoner of war during which time Italy changes allegiance from Germany and he is freed; but he is in mortal danger as he makes his way across the country during the German invasion as former POWs are rounded up and Italians punished for aiding them.
Wreck Rescue — Television's Mark Evans presents the workshop adventures of five determined enthusiasts who have lived the nightmare and followed their dreams of a Wreck Rescue.
Wrong Move Road movie that follows the life of a writer who has lost his way and is seeking inspiration from companionship — however bizarre and however brief. Wild, Wistful and Wim-sical Wim Wenders at his poignant best.
Wuthering Heights Weird and wonderful music echoes throughout this melancholic retelling of Emily Brontë's gripping, much-loved classic love story, Wuthering Heights that shifts the backdrop from the wild Yorkshire Moors to France, between the Beaume and the Vidourle, in 1931. Interesting it most definitely is.
Wycliffe: The Complete Second Series — Acclaimed ITV crime drama series set in the ruggedly beautiful county of Cornwall with likeable and believable characters led by the relentless Detective Superintendent Charles Wycliffe.

The Yellow SeaGory but well-constructed and enthralling action thriller remarkable for its riveting chase sequences and a frenetic pace that never lets up.
Yoga For Beginners — You may surprise yourself and join the many others for whom Yoga has been a life-changing practice.
Yoga To The Rescue For Back Pain By following the advice given in Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain, you could reclaim your flexibility and find a new freedom from pain.
Yokihi A fabulous period romance that tugs at the heartstrings, Yokihi is as compelling today as it was when it was first filmed by Kenji Mizoguchi in 1955.
You, Me & Them After a series of disastrous romances a thirty-something singleton meets the man of her dreams following his messy divorce, but he is 26 years older than her and will soon be history if her nightmare family and his ex-wife have anything to do with it in the highly amusing UK TV Gold family comedy series You, Me & Them.
The Young And The Guilty A poignant and heartfelt story of two innocent teenaged schoolchildren who fall madly, deeply in love, and the resulting backlash of a father's misunderstanding, The Young And The Guilty is a fine and thought-provoking film.
Your Sister's Sister Oh-my-God, Your Sister's Sister is surprisingly fascinating, sad and funny as human emotions are laid bare.
Youth Without Youth The first film directed by Academy Award-winning Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather Trilogy) since The Rainmaker in 1997, Youth Without Youth is a beautiful film with wonderful scenery of India, Romania, Malta and Switzerland and is part romance, part psychological thriller and part science fiction. With a dose of history and reincarnation thrown in.