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Rex   “Deployed to Iraq after a shaky start
  in the United States Marine Corps,
  a troubled young woman dramatically
  turns her life around and faces the
  ultimate danger with the help of her
  partner, a devoted and brave dog, in
  the incredible story based on real life
  that has been turned into the highly
  watchable movie, Rex

DEEPLY UNHAPPY AND SEEKING A NEW LIFE, young New Yorker Megan Leavey (an outstanding performance from Kate Mara: House of Cards) is desperately seeking a way to leave her troubled past behind when she walks into a military recruitment station and enlists into the United States Marine Corps.

Far from being an answer to her problems, that include her issues around the death of her best friend Jesse, after successfully completing her gruelling training Megan experiences difficulties early in her chosen career. Following a disciplinary hearing, she is given the task of cleaning the K9 unit kennels — not an easy job for the uninitiated! — and comes face-to-face with an aggressive German Shepherd called Rex.

Rex is inspirational,
and ultimately a terrific
feel-good story
of true heroism...”
As she feeds Rex and cleans out his kennel, he becomes a challenge for Megan and by sheer guts, determination and hard work, she gains his trust and eventually earns the right to train him.

Working with Rex as her canine partner, Megan and Rex form a unique and unbreakable bond under the watchful eye of Gunny Martin (played perfectly by Common: Selma). Preparing for service in Iraq as a Patrol Explosive Military Working Dog, Rex quickly develops a keen sense for sniffing out explosives and Megan learns the three vital rules: Trust your training, Trust your partner and Trust yourself.

While at Camp Ramadi in Al Ambar Province, Rex proves himself time and time again as he and Megan — who have become inseparable — save lives and relentlessly put themselves in the firing line while out on patrol with their unit.

But while checking out an Iraqi in a car, an IED explosion injures both Megan and Rex, who courageously still complete their mission, in spite of their injuries. Megan is flown to Baghdad Hospital and Rex to the veterinarian hospital and it is the first time they have been apart since they began working together.

It is hard for both of them and as Megan is sent back to the US to Camp Pendleton for rehab and retraining her friend, fellow New Yorker and dog handler Matt Morales (Ramon Rodriguez) who is in Iraq with his dog Chico, tells her he will look out for Rex.

Under the impression that she will be reunited with Rex, Megan is distraught when he never arrives, even though Sgt Andrew Dean is back with his dog, Bruno. As always, there is tragedy to follow, but Megan eventually is able to see her dog.

Desperate to adopt Rex, she is horrified when told by vet Dr Turberville (Geraldine James) — who had taken an instant dislike to Rex as he was aggressive towards her when she hurt him — that Rex is not suitable for adoption or civilian life.

Heartbroken and yearning for Rex, Megan continually tries to find out where he is and if she can see him, but then she is told that the marine who is now Rex's handler, Lt Michael Forman (Damson Idris) has been posted to Afghanistan and once more faces danger on the front line.

Megan was awarded the Purple Heart for her bravery in Iraq, when she and Rex — who also received awards — saved the lives of fellow servicemen without thought for their own safety. Megan sees her and her dog as a team and loves Rex so much and cannot bear to think of life without him.

She never gives up. Rex taught her what it was like to truly love and as much as he is part of her family, she is part of his. The Marines see it differently: Sergeant Rex is a warrior, not a pet, and therefore Megan does not have a right to him. But the Marines have not reckoned for the intense love and trust between them and Megan will not leave a stone unturned until she can take him home with her.

Drawing strongly on the true life experiences of young Corporal Megan Leavey, whose unique discipline and bond with her military combat dog saved many lives during their deployment in Iraq, Rex is a thrilling and compelling movie. Over the course of their service, Megan and Rex completed more than one hundred missions until an IED explosion injured them both.

Although names and some situations have been changed (including those of the real Megan's parents), the film is a tribute to the courage of a young woman and her dog, without whom many more lives could have been lost. Tense and compelling, Rex is inspirational, heart-wrenching and ultimately a terrific feel-good story of true heroism.

Rex also features: Tom Felton (Harry Potter) as Sgt Andrew Dean; Edie Falco (The Sopranos) as Jackie (Megan's Mother); Bradley Whitford (Get Out) as Bob (Megan's father); Will Patton as Jim (Megan's Stepfather); Sam Kelley as Sills; Miguel Gomez as Gomez; Parker Sawyers as Navy Corpsman; Jeremy Jones as Reynolds; and Corey Johnson as Master Sgt.

Score Recorded and Mixed by Jason LaRocca; Music by Mark Isham; Director of Photography is Lorenzo Senatore; Produced by Mickey Liddell pga, Peter Shilaimon pga, and Jennifer Monroe pga; Written by Pamela Gray, Annie Mumolo and Tim Lovestedt; and Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite (Blackfish).

* Lionsgate UK presents Rex on Digital Download on 12 March 2018 and released in the UK on 19 March 2018. Certificate: 12 | Running Time: 112 Minutes Approximately. Extras — Behind The Scenes Featurette (Love And War) and three Trailers.

"Rex is inspirational, compelling, heart-wrenching and ultimately a terrific feel-good story of true heroism"
**** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Hard-hitting and tense, Kate Mara shines" — Backtothemovies