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Rides: The Complete Series One

Rides: The Complete Series OneBe prepared for the mother of all
  Rides — if you can’t experience it for
  yourself in the flesh, you can at least
  get a good idea of how these
  magnificent machines perform when
  you drop in on Rides: The Complete
  Series One
, out now on DVD...”

ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE TAKEN ON A VISUAL JOURNEY of masterpieces of machinery — from designing and building, right into the passenger seat of the most extreme Rides around. Hosted by car enthusiast Jason Priestley, star of Beverly Hills 90210, the complete series one of the television programme Rides is now out on DVD and features Xzibit, Chip Foose, Jeff Beck, Jay Leno and Tim Allen.

This DVD is hot — and we mean really cooking! Get to meet a girl codenamed Daisy who really will drive you crazy. Crazy in love, that is. Daisy is a Cobra prototype that sizzles sex appeal and joins classic speed to a modern day icon. At the time of filming this amazing sportscar coming to life, the project was so deeply under cover that Rides was restricted to filming in the confines of the workshop.

A merging of concept car and prototype, Daisy has been engineered to an almost impossible level and is capable of speeds in excess of 100mph — unusual at this stage of a car's development. Not convinced by the name Daisy? Just like Petunia — the earlier code name for the macho Ford GT — Daisy is certainly no shrinking violet and sports a new aluminium V10 engine that is so exceptional that Ford had to take it out of its last concept vehicle to find a worthy home for it.

Furthermore, Ford has brought in Carroll Shelby for his approval and his expertise. We are not talking the birth of a car but the rebirth of an icon — a new version of a famous bad-assed car.

There are some unusual and amazing shots: watch a part being formed by a laser. One layer at a time, the laser cuts the shape out of photo-sensitive liquid plastic — performing a bizarre and fascinating light show.

Enthusiasts will adore the footage of road rides and their incredible journey to art form. Learn about 'mule cars' and get detailed views of the engines, interiors and exteriors of some powerfully mean machinery. Viewers are taken to some of the hottest places to accessorise while checking out the latest in technology — whether that be stompin' audio or bumpin' hydraulics.

From Custom Cars and Concept to Jaw Dropping Creation, Rides gets you in on the ground floor and few people ever get this lucky when it comes to exploring these vehicles close up!

Whether tackling challenges such as transforming an off-road racing legend into an on-road dream or introducing us to the wild and twisting world of drifting, Rides gets you the inside stories. Meet the men who make it happen — like the undisputed off-road king for four decades, Rod Millen.

Rod can do things with cars you couldn't imagine — not only while racing but also building cars such as the hot rod 32 roadster with a Lexus V8 powertrain and 440hp engine that rides on a four-wheel independent race suspension.

With a passion for vehicles, he has the likes of Toyota beating a path to his door to see what he can do with either existing models or one-of-a-kind vehicles. Like the muscled-up Toyota, the 'ultimate' Celica — a 500hp machine that's as close as you can get to a Pike's Peak race-car for the street. Rod so inspires his workers that they are every bit as passionate as he is about his craft.

Marvel as heavy metal hooks up with Rides. We're not talking music now — we're talking the most hard-core shop you're ever going to see: a Southern California hot rod factory.

Thrill as rotting hulks turn into beautiful, gleaming, colourful and stunning machines — you have to cut and bend and weld a whole lot of metal to get the glory. This DVD is a happening kind of a place. The kind of place where you see your automotive dreams become a reality.

Rides: The Complete Series One is out now on DVD (released 10 March, 2008) at an RRP of £34.99 for the 3-DVD pack. So go ahead, take a ride on the wild side…