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Robot Overlords
Robot Overlords“Among the best of the teen movies
  and highly watchable whatever your age,
  the teen sci-fi Robot Overlords tells the
  story of a future Earth where robots
  have taken over and everyone is
  subjected to a curfew or they die;
  but their captors have not reckoned
  on the determination of a plucky group
  of youngsters..

COMPARISONS ARE UNDOUBTEDLY DRAWN between the occupation of the Robot Overlords on Earth and the German occupation of Europe during the Second World War. The teen sci-fi movie begins three years after the Robots invaded Earth — purportedly for a few years while they study humanity, but they may have an evil master plan.

With reassurances that they will leave the planet once their studies are complete, the robots also tell the people of Earth that "Robots never lie" and that they will not harm anyone as long as their rules are obeyed. Leaving their homes without permission could mean the humans will be vaporised by a hulking Sentry or picked off by a lethal Sniper.

Robot Overlords
is a thrilling, compulsive
and fun teen sci-fi
movie where the action
never lets up...”
Confined to their homes, at times it becomes too much for the humans and they make a desperate bid for freedom, only to be exterminated with the cold-blooded ruthlessness of Dr Who's enemies, the Daleks.

Living in a house against their will with teacher turned Robot collaborator Robin Smythe (Ben Kingsley: Iron Man 3), is Kate Flynn (Gillian Anderson: The X-Files) and her son Sean (Callan McAuliffe: The Great Gatsby). Worryingly, Kate's husband Danny (Steven Mackintosh) has disappeared and Sean has been catapulting posters bearing his photograph across the street, hoping someone may know where he might be.

Also in the house is Alex (Ella Hunt), who with her brother Nathan (James Tarpey) has been orphaned. Kate has taken them in and they watch helplessly as a younger boy, Connor (Milo Parker) tries to stop his father (Justin Salinger) from leaving the house as he finally flips and disobeys the curfew, resulting in his death.

Connor is taken in by Kate and the four youngsters are united in their determination not to allow the robots to control them any more. All humans have to wear a blue fluorescent tracking device and so far nobody has found a way to remove or disable them. But the resourceful teenagers, wary of Smythe, soon discover that they can temporarily disable the device and therefore can go outside without fear of discovery.

The youngsters decide to set out to join a resistance organisation that is rumoured to be hiding in the woods, but in doing so they place themselves in great danger. Smythe pursues them as they make their way across the ruins of the seaside town but, helped by Swann (Lalor Roddy), a tough, disabled man, and Monique (Geraldine James), they at last are given some useful information.

Despite being the youngest, Connor proves himself adept at creating diversions so that the four of them can keep safe; but the robots are hot on their tail, guided by a sinister child-like robot that spouts empty promises and reassurances. Finally captured by the terrifying robots and Smythe, they fear losing their lives — or worse.

Having witnessed the dreadful reality of the robots' invasive procedures a process that tells the robots what they want to know about human life and leaves the subject's neurogenic motors permanently impaired Alex, Sean, Nathan and Connor seek sanctuary with free humans by following the clues on some standing stones.

But how will they know who to trust and who, like Smythe, will turn out to be a collaborator? First they must get Kate free of Smythe then face inconceivable danger to reach sanctuary. But will the humans survive? The adults lost the war with the robots and now it is up to the children to save the world.

Described as a home-grown homage to the action adventure films of the 1980s, Robot Overlords is a thrilling, compulsive and fun teen sci-fi movie where the action never lets up. Packed with some great special effects and excitement for all ages, the movie was filmed on location on the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.

Robot Overlords also features: Roy Hudd, OBE, as Morse Code Martin; David McSavage as Watchmaker; Craig Garner as Mediator 452; Tamer Hassan as Wayne; and Jonathan McAndrew as VC Teen.

Composer is Christian Henson; Director of Photography is Fraser Taggart; Special Effects by nvizible; Written by Jon Wright and Mark Stay; Producers: Ian Flooks, Justin Garak and Steve Milne; Produced by Piers Tempest; and Directed by Jon Wright.

* Signature Entertainment presents Robot Overlords in the UK on Digital HD from 24 July 2015 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 10 August 2015. Certificate: 12A | Running Tme: 90 Minutes | Catalogue Numbers: DVD: SIG334; BD: SIG364; Steelbook: SIG369.

"Robot Overlords is a thrilling, compulsive and fun teen sci-fi movie where the action never lets up" Maggie Woods, Motorbar

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