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Running With The Devil
Running With The Devil “A salutary lesson in how not to deal
  with drug cartels comes from an
  explosive thriller that follows a shipment
  of cocaine grown and harvested by a
  young couple with children in Colombia
  to delivery to the head of the cartel,
  during which it is compromised resulting
  in the tragic and violent consequences
  of Running With The Devil...”

A COLOMBIAN FATHER, along with his wife and children, harvest the cocaine bushes before preparing them for shipment into the United States of America in the explosive drugs thriller Running With The Devil.

It is the beginning of a journey that will see the harvest grow in value at every step of the way as it travels North, initially with Colombia, to be passed on in stages to be smuggled across the border to its final destination with the head of the drugs cartel.

An enjoyable,
compelling film with
a strong message
and the usual, expected
episodes of violence
that comes from
drugs thrillers...”
'The Boss' (Barry Pepper) has begun to realise that he is being cheated as the recent consignments have been lighter than expected. He calls on his two most trusted men to ensure the next consignment is received uncompromised.

Although 'The Cook' (Nicolas Cage), who is married with a child on the way, plays it straight down the line and never puts a foot wrong, 'The Man' (Laurence Fishburne) enjoys a drug-fuelled hedonistic lifestyle and has become hooked on cocaine. He is out of control and cutting the drug with dangerous substances.

Divorced from his wife and constantly disappointing his young daughter, The Man lives for quick fixes from cocaine and sex. Two street girls have already died after using his doctored drugs.

The Man's luck is about to run out when The Boss realises who is responsible for the missing cocaine and the spate of deaths following the circulation of bad drugs.

When a small girl (a very charming Marie Wagenman) is unable to wake up her parents — she's too young to realise they are actually dead — a female agent from the Field Office of the DEA in Seattle becomes involved in the investigation to discover the source of the bad cocaine that has caused their deaths.

As The Man and The Cook, once close friends who trusted each other, begin to realise the enormity of what lies ahead, The Boss makes his plans to eliminate those who have crossed and deceived him with horrifically violent vengefulness. Even friendship will not get in the way of the penalties of betrayal.

Nicolas Cage excels as the coldly calculating drug man The Cook, who appears to be a benign family man yet has become involved with drug trafficking to improve and maintain his lifestyle.

Laurence Fishburne is believable as the once-focused and trustworthy friend and colleague to The Cook, who falls into the trap of becoming addicted to drugs and sex and unwisely betrays The Boss — with dire consequences.

Running With The Devil is an enjoyable, compelling film with a strong message and the usual, expected episodes of violence that comes from drugs thrillers. There are two particular scenes (one at the beginning and one at the end) that some may find distressing and one more when The Boss disposes of another man who has betrayed his trust.

Sometimes the film is not easy watching, but we felt the overall content to be fascinating as the drugs journey from hand to hand across the border from South to North America.

Former active-combat Navy SEAL Jason Cabell makes his worthy debut as a director, using the military experience and knowledge he gained while serving in over one hundred countries throughout the world.

Running With The Devil includes filming in Colombia around Bogota and the Chingaza National Park, Vera Cruz, Mexico, Death Valley National Park, Seattle in the United States, and up to the Canadian Border through North Cascades National Park; the beautiful scenery often makes a stark contrast to the dark content of the movie.

Running With The Devil also features: Adam Goldberg as The Snitch; Leslie Bibb as Agent in Charge; Peter Facinelli as Number One; Clifton Collins Jr as The Farmer; Natalia Reyes Gaitan as The Woman; Christian Tappan Sorzano as Cartel Member; Cole Hauser as The Executioner; Jason Cabell as The Case Officer; and Sarah Minnich as The Cook's Wife. #Music is by Reinhold Heil; Director of Photography is Cory Geryak; Co-Producers are Scott Reed and Juan Pablo Solano; Produced by Jim Steele and Michael Mendelsohn; and Written and Directed by Jason Cabell.

Running With The Devil will be available on Digital Download from 4 November, 2019.

"Running With The Devil is an enjoyable, compelling film with a strong message and the usual, expected episodes of violence that comes from drugs thrillers" — **** Maggie Woods, MotorBar