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Ray Winstones Football Blinders & Blunders

Ray Winstone's Football Blinders & BlundersIf you love football and want to relive
  the blinding moments of the game, along
  with the blunders that cost the match,
ll really want to watch the great
  moments of soccer in Ray Winstone
  Football Blinders & Blunders

ACTOR AND SOCCER FANATIC Ray Winstone introduces a fascinating collection of amusing gaffes, craziest cock-ups and pure genius from the world of football on this highly-watchable, brand new DVD release from 4DVD
Ray Winstone's Football Blinders & Blunders.

"Hotter than a lorry load of stolen vindaloo and twice as tasty," says avid West Ham supporter Ray of this journey into the Beautiful — but sometimes downright ridiculous — Game. This is ninety minutes of the best footage football has to offer.

Ray — who admits that if he hadn't been an actor he'd have loved to have played football for England and actually represented his country in Boxing as an amateur — presents the great blunders, the nightmare misses, players losing it and moments of mind-blowing magic in his trademark no-nonsense style and, whether you agree or disagree with his comments, he is a joy to watch as he believes in giving it to you straight.

This superb character actor roasts careless goalkeepers and sloppy defending while he toasts the magnificent players who make it all worthwhile for their dedicated fans. This is a reminder of the sheer magic from players who produce the goods on the pitch as you thrill to the skill of the game.

Ray also takes us back to the legends of yesterday — stars such as Jimmy Greaves and Geoff Hurst — when the over-the-top celebrations on the pitch immediately after scoring a goal had never been seen and a mere handshake was enough. There is an unforgettable sight as a recent scorer gets carried away with the moment and performs a seven-flip somersault!

Reminiscing about the past, Ray describes one of his heroes, Alan Shearer, as "the ultimate goal machine" and cites "boy wonder" Cristiano Ronaldo as one of today's soccer heroes. And his voice is incredulous as he describes how the great Gary Linekar, taking a penalty against Brazil, misses the moment and therefore sadly fails to equal Bobby Charlton's all-time England goal scoring record of 49 goals for England.

If you want to relive the embarrassing own-goals, the unbelievable misses and classic gaffes along with the blinding goals that have passed into history, look no further than this fantastic collection that will entertain and amuse football fans everywhere.

Amusing moments include a goalie who appears to mistake another (bald) footballer's head for the ball and scorer Chris Bass who kicks the ball up into his own face from where it rebounds into the net to score an own goal.

Even Rio Ferdinand and Eric Cantona are not immune from mistakes. And German goalie Lehmann managed a couple quite close together. It was bad enough that Villa goalie Peter Enckelman made a mistake, but he was verbally abused by a man from the crowd who ran onto the pitch. Unfortunate events that cannot be explained and you really cannot criticise unless you were in the same position looking through the same eyes.

But the glory is worth waiting for. Check out the clever goal from Cristiano Ronaldo and a nonchalant flick from Zola. Not to mention Wayne Rooney's stunning goal and another great from Preston Northend's Nugent. For sheer brilliance, don't miss Arsenal's Adebayor and there's some nifty footwork from Ronaldo.

You'll see players behaving badly — like prats, says Ray — and players like Dicanio who behave sportingly. When the Everton goalkeeper was down and writhing in pain, Dicanio took control of the ball and stopped the game instead of taking advantage — earning himself a standing ovation from the crowd. There are controversial moments and over-inflated egos but, as Ray says, you are only as good as your last win.

"Football," says Ray, "has always been my first love." And he is excited at being able to share some of his favourite moments with fellow soccer fans by presenting this DVD, which also features an exclusive and insightful interview with Ray talking about all aspects of the game — including why he is so passionate about soccer and naming his favourite football heroes and villains.

One of the UK's best-loved actors, Ray Winstone was the FA's Fans' Ambassador for the World Cup. He is an Emmy-award winning film and television star who is mostly known for his 'tough-guy' roles, including that of Carlin in the 1979 film Scum. Ray recently played alongside Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008). He also appeared in The Departed (2006) and Beowulf (2007) and is currently shooting a remake of the classic 80s cop show, The Sweeney.

Produced the Directed by Brian Klein, Ray Winstone's Football Blinders & Blunders will be released exclusively by 4DVD on 24 November (2008).

"Ray Winstone's Football Blinders & Blunders This superb character actor roasts careless goalkeepers and sloppy defending while he toasts the magnificent players who make it all worthwhile for their dedicated fans" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar