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Safe House
Safe House“An attempt to kidnap a young boy
  out with his family results in his father
  being beaten up, reviving tragic
  memories from the past for a former
  police detective as he seeks to protect
  them from a thuggish and seemingly
  unstoppable drug dealer in the thrilling
  ITV mini-series Safe House..

ANY DRAMA COMING FROM THE ACCLAIMED makers of Foyle's War and Collision should not be missed; none more so than ITV's drama Safe House, with a sympathetic cast putting a new stamp on an old thriller theme of a family under police protection.

Having been shot in the line of duty while trying to save the life of a witness, Robert (Emmy Award-winning Christopher Eccleston: Doctor Who; Fortitude) and his wife, schoolteacher Katy (Marsha Thomason: White Collar; Lost) try to leave the past behind for a peaceful life in the beautiful Lake District, running a secluded guest house.

Safe House is full of
twists and turns;
a tense and enjoyable
television drama
However, with the arrival of their friend Mark (Paterson Joseph: Peep Show; Babylon) they are about to step back into the unpredictable and dangerous world Robert thought he had left behind forever.

Mark believes that Robert and Katy's guesthouse is the perfect safe house for those under police protection and persuades them of its value. At first reluctant, the couple agree to help but in doing so they find they are opening up a can of worms.

Mark arrives with former prison officer David Blackwell (Jason Merrells: Clocking Off; Cutting It) and his wife Ali (Nicola Stephenson: All At Sea; Holby City) and two of their children, Joe (Max True) and Louisa (Harriet Cains).

David was viciously attacked by drug dealer Michael (Peter Ferdinando: A Field In England; Starred Up) while trying to protect his youngest son Joe from a potential kidnap. They also fear for the safety of their eldest son Sam (James Burrows), whom they are unable to contact.

The family's arrival brings back an old obsession as Robert is haunted by his failure to protect Susan (Kelly Harrison), the glamorous wife of notorious criminal Eddie Reynolds (David Schofield).

Susan was shot dead after she had agreed to testify against her husband and Robert was seriously injured while trying to save her. He had never been able to find out how Eddie knew where they were going to be. With the return of his fears and anxieties, Robert tries to unlock the dark secrets of the past, but it isn't only those he is protecting who have something to hide.

Why does Michael want to harm the Blackwells and what is the secret that they are so reluctant to disclose? Could it be drug related or to do with David's job as a prison officer? Did David cross the wrong person or is there something more to Michael's determination to find the family?

In uncovering the family's secrets, Robert will discover the reason for Michael's hatred of the Blackwells and will unravel the web of lies surrounding the death of Susan. The truth may have consequences for all concerned and Robert will have to think on his feet to keep everyone safe from Michael, who is like a man possessed.

Described as a "gripping, dark, atmospheric" series inspired by true events, Safe House is full of twists and turns; a tense and enjoyable television drama series in four parts.

Safe House also features: Christine Tremarco as Becky; Nicholas Moss as Ben; Sarah Smart as Megan; Eleanor Samson as Gemma; Macaulay Harewood as Dom; and Harriet Cains as Louisa.

Music is Composed by Daniel Giorgetti; Director of Photography is Jan Jonaeus; Executive Producers are Jill Green and Paula Cuddy; Created and Written by Michael Crompton (Silent Witness; Code of a Killer); Produced by Andrew Benson; and Directed by Marc Evans (Snow Cake; Hinterland).

* ITV's brand new four-part drama Safe House is a tense, chilling thriller and it is released as a two-disc set on DVD in the UK, courtesy of RLJ Entertainment's Acorn Label, on 25 May 2015. Running Time: 240 Minutes Approximately on Two Discs | Catalogue Number: AV3226 | RRP: 19.99.

"Safe House is full of twists and turns; a tense and enjoyable television drama series" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar