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Santa Claus The Movie

Santa Claus The MovieSanta Claus The Movie is an enjoyably
  funny and magical story about the
  origins of Father Christmas, straying
  a little to the dark side as a scheming toy
  maker tries to corrupt a naïve elf and
  hijack Christmas

WITH SUCH GREAT COMEDIANS as the late Dudley Moore and the wickedly funny John Lithgow, Santa Claus The Movie travels well to the 21st Century from 1985 as a charming fantasy adventure story with Dickensian overtones and a bucket-load of memorable wit.

Centuries ago the kindly Klaus (David Huddleston), helped by his wife Anya (Judy Cornwell: Television's Eastenders; Keeping Up Appearances), would cut wood for the villagers' fires and make presents for the children, delivering them in a sleigh pulled by their two faithful reindeer, Donner and Blitzen.

One night Klaus and Anya set out to deliver presents to children on the other side of the forest and they lose their way in a terrible blizzard, potentially spelling disaster for the couple and their reindeer. But all is not lost and, as Klaus and Anya begin to lose consciousness, they are surrounded by a bright light and a number of elves, who seem to have been expecting them for a long time.

The elves, including Patch (Dudley Moore: Bedazzled; Arthur) and Dooley (John Barrard) take them to a magical kingdom where an ancient and respected elf (Burgess Meredith: Rocky; The Return Of Captain Nemo; Batman) declares that the prophecy has come to pass — an artist, a craftsman and a maker of toys has arrived to become Santa Claus.

Klaus and Anya are to be given immortality and on every Christmas Eve Santa Claus will deliver presents to children all over the world on a special flying sleigh led by a team of reindeer: Donner, Blitzen, Comic, Cupid, Prancer, Dancer, Dasher and Vixen.

The Centuries pass and by the time they reach the 20th Century Santa is getting tired and Anya suggests he should have an assistant. The contenders are Patch, who is full of innovative ideas and inventions and Puffy (Anthony O'Donnell), who favours more traditional methods. Although Patch wins, his work causes problems for Santa and Puffy takes over, causing a resentful Patch to leave the kingdom.

In New York a little girl, Cornelia (Carrie Kei Heim) watches Joe (Christian Fitzpatrick), a homeless boy, out in the snow and takes pity on him. She leave him food and drink, little realising that they will both be part of a much bigger story.

Santa Claus The Movie
is fairy good so treat
your elf and watch it
at gnome while you’re
goblin popcorn
Meanwhile, Patch has thrown his lot in with villainous second-rate toy manufacturer BZ (John Lithgow: Third Rock From The Sun; Shrek), who takes the opportunity to exploit the elf as he seeks to hijack Christmas.

Will Patch remain with BZ or will he return to Santa and the kingdom? Could this be the end of Christmas or will its spirit prevail? Or will a disillusioned Santa Claus lose out to the master criminal? As BZ resorts to dastardly deeds that include kidnapping, Patch and Joe are in danger. So who will rescue them?

There are some stunning shots over the 1980s New York skyline and a now emotive World Trade Center. If you have ever wondered where Santa Claus came from, how he can deliver all the toys in one night and why he wears a red outfit; if you have children or have never lost touch with the child within, this highly-amusing film is for you. There are touches of Willy Wonka here and there and it is delightful to see the lovely Melvyn Hayes as Goober.

Elf jokes abound as Patch talks of "elf-confidence" and "elf-control" and produces an elf-propelled carriage called the Patchmobile.

As a tribute to Dudley Moore, we came up with: "Santa Claus The Movie is fairy good so treat your elf and watch it at gnome while you're goblin popcorn."

Made at Pinewood Studios, Santa Claus The Movie also features: Jeffrey Kramer as Towzer, BZ's assistant; Don Estelle as Groot; Tim Stern as Boog; Peter O'Farrell as Honka; Christopher Ryan as Vout; Aimée Delamain as Storyteller; Dorothea Phillips as Miss Tucker; John Hallam as Grizzard; and Judith Morse as Miss Abruzzi. Flying and Second Unit Director is David Lane; Photographed by Arthur Ibbetson; Director of Visual Miniature Effects is Derek Meddings; Written by David Newman and Leslie Newman; Screenplay by David Newman; Original Music by Henry Mancini; Choregrapher is Pat Garrett; Produced by Ilya Salkind; and Directed by Jeannot Szwarc. Every Christmas Eve is sung by Aled Jones and Christmas All Over The World is performed by Sheena Easton.

Santa Claus The Movie is released on DVD, Blu-ray and DVD/Blu-ray combined on 2 November (2009). Certificate U | Year: 1985 | Feature Running Time 104 minutes approx | Cat No OPTD1664 | RRP: £17.99.


Making of The Movie | Trailers 1 & 2 | Shooting Press Conference Scene | Deleted Scenes.

"Santa Claus The Movie… a charming fantasy adventure story with Dickensian overtones and a bucket-load of memorable wit" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar