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Season Of The Witch

Season Of The Witch“Edgy, exciting and ultimately scary,
  the tremendous period supernatural
  thriller Season Of The Witch takes
  place at the time of the Crusades in
the Fourteenth Century, following
the fate of a war-weary knight seeking
to make amends for the atrocities
  committed in the name of Christianity...

DISILLUSIONED BY THE CHURCH, with a strong distaste for bloodshed and ashamed of acts he has committed during the Crusades, brave and honourable knight Behmen of Bleibruk (Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage: Gone In Sixty Seconds; Drive Angry 3D), accompanied by his friend and comrade-in-arms Felson (Ron Perlman: Hellboy), leaves his fellow knights to return home.

Finding Behmen's homeland decimated by the Black Death and arrested as deserters, the two friends have no alternative other than to win their freedom by escorting a suspected witch to the Abbey of Severac, which lies many miles away across a dark and treacherous land.

The girl is believed to be The Black Witch who has brought the plague as a curse from hell and she is to be interrogated by the monks, who have in their possession the only copy of the ancient book of rituals believed to destroy the power of the witches and end the plague.

The accused witch, Anna (Claire Foy: The Promise) is a prisoner of the Church, but appears to be a normal young woman who has been cursed. Behmen and Felson have a number of companions on the journey: Debelzaq (Stephen Campbell Moore), Hagamar (Stephen Graham) and the knight, Johann Eckhart (Ulrich Thomsen).

A young altar boy Kay (Robert Sheehan), who is in service to Cardinal D'Ambroise (Christopher Lee), has run away to join them in order to prove himself. His father was a knight, Jurand of Vollenbad, who fought at Imbros during the Crusades. The companions must keep vigilant in order to stay alive despite Behmen's fears that the girl may in fact be innocent.

The journey is fraught with danger and soon death walks among them. As their companions suffer misfortune one by one, Behmen and Felson begin to have cause to doubt the girl and start to realise they are facing a terrifying enemy; an evil that lurks closer to home that will push them to the limit and beyond on their arduous journey as they negotiate deep gorges and a dark, wolf-infested forest called Wormwood where travellers regularly lose their way and are never heard of again.

Having escaped the brutality of the Crusades, Behmen and Felson will soon have to face a danger far greater than they have ever known. They will have to discover the name of this unspeakable evil and enter into a battle with a powerful and sinister force, fighting for the fate of the world.

What does this creature want from them? Why were they deceived into thinking the girl was a witch? What dark secret has been hidden from them and what evil now threatens the world because of the wickedness that possesses her? Can Behmen and the surviving companions defeat the dark forces that may soon be released? Is Anna truly a witch? The answer is even more bizarre and frightening than Behmen could imagine.

Nicolas Cage fronts a distinguished cast in this supernatural action adventure, with Ron Perlman as a worthy co-star and Claire Foy giving an outstanding performance as the troubled girl.

The fabulous music is by Atli Írvarsson; Director of Photography is Amir Mokri; Executive Producers are: Ryan Kavanaugh, Steve Alexander and Tucker Tooley, Alan G Glazer and Tom Karnowski; Written by Bragi Schut; Produced by Charles Roven and Alex Gartner; and Directed by Dominic Sena.

Season Of The Witch was filmed in 2010 on location in Budapest, Hungary and Salzburg, Austria.

From the distributor that brought you the box office-breaking The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo comes the supernatural action adventure, Season Of The Witch, starring Nicolas Cage as the knight charged with fighting the greatest evil known to man. Available on DVD and Blu-ray from 27 June 2011, the release includes a behind the scenes 'Making Of' feature and is packaged in a premium eye-catching 3D lenticular O-card. Certificate: 15.

"Edgy, exciting and ultimately scary, the tremendous period supernatural thriller Season Of The Witch"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar