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Seinfeld Season 9
Seinfeld Season 9 “One of the longest-
  running and most
  television comedy series
  ever, the final season
  of Seinfeld is now
  available to buy on
  DVD — ensuring that
  the laughter doesn’t
  stop here...”

WIDELY REGARDED AS ONE OF THE GREATEST comedy series ever, Seinfeld was created by Jerry Seinfeld (who plays a character of the same name or maybe himself!) and Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm). The series has won a multitude of Golden Globe and Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy Series.

Dubbed "the show about nothing" Seinfeld is renowned for its take on the ordinary events of life. Cleverly putting together a series of ironic plots, whacky characters and drawing upon life experiences, the show has laughed its way into the hearts of an enormous American and UK audience from the premiere on NBC in 1990 through its many repeats. Seinfeld is Directed by Andy Ackerman and Jerry Seinfeld is an Executive Producer.

Jerry is a stand-up comedian who has achieved minor celebrity and has had a succession of short-term girlfriends. His childhood best friend George Castanza (Jason Alexander) — maybe best described as one of life's losers — doesn't seem to be able to hold down either a job or a girlfriend. Jerry's former girlfriend Elaine Marie Benes (a very watchable Julia Louis-Dreyfus) adds the female perspective with her own share of problems and their friend Kramer (the unstoppable Michael Richards) completes the four main characters.

Irreverent and non-PC, Seinfeld seeks humour where others fear to tread. Jerry's line that 95 per cent of the population is un-dateable prompts Elaine to ask how all these people are getting together. Jerry's simply reply? Alcohol. One of the jokes that rather took us by surprise was: "Father, I feel that my friend has converted purely because of the jokes." "Does it offend you as a Jew?" asks the priest. "No," comes the answer from Jerry. "It offends me as a comedian."

The episode where Jerry hires a maid is particularly funny. When he begins to date Cindy (Angela Featherstone), he gets more than he bargained for. In the same episode Elaine faces problems over a fax machine and loses a date because she has the wrong area code. There is a brilliant piece of dialogue with the telephone man (Sam Whipple) when Elain protests that she doesn't want her area code altered and tells him: "…not a new number, just changed." He counters with: "Don't try to lure me into some maze of circular logic."

A confrontation with the driver of a maroon Golf ends up with Elaine leading a group of people — including a pregnant, unmarried woman and a priest — on a melodramatic and hilarious adventure under seating stages to try to get to the other side of the road when it is closed for a South American celebration parade.

With such one-liners as: "She just dislikes me so much… it's irresist-ible!" and a scene that gives new meaning to the word "power shower", Seinfeld is cliff-climbing, chicken-walking, fire-raising… fun-loving, finger-lickin' good.

You might say that Jerry & Co get their just desserts when they laugh at and film a man having his car stolen and wind up getting arrested for breaking a little-known law that requires you to help or assist anyone in danger, as long as it's reasonable to do so. But their partial accep-tance of their fate can be explained away by their ability to see fun in every situation: Jerry (to Dentist): "Do you think you should be making jokes like that?" Dentist: "Jerry, it's our sense of humour that has sus-tained us as a people for three thousand years." Jerry: "Five thous-and." Dentist: "Even better."

Seinfeld Season 9 is a 4-disc box set packed with 24 entertaining epi-sodes, together with 13 hours of sparkling bonus features created in partnership with Jerry Seinfeld. Fans will also be delighted to know that The Complete Season 1 to 9 Box Set is also out on DVD. Both are available to buy now.

An amazing package of extra material includes all-new interviews with the show's cast and crew — including Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander, in which they reminisce about their final days making Seinfeld.

Other treats for fans are behind-the-scenes stories, never-before-seen bloopers and out-takes, and cast and crew audio commentaries.

The box set also features the classic, two-part episode The Finale, featuring some of the series' favourite characters, and in which Jerry
& Co find themselves sentenced to a year in jail!

The Seinfeld Complete Season 1 to 9 Box Set (on 32 discs) is a 'must- have' for all fans. This Limited Edition release also contains an additional exclusive bonus disc featuring an hour-long roundtable with the four key cast members and Larry David, and also includes a
lavish 226-page coffee table book, created by the cast and crew, chronicling the show.

Seinfeld Season 9 / The Seinfeld Complete Series 1 to 9 Box Set | RRP Seinfeld Season 9 4-Disc Box Set £34.99 / The Seinfeld Complete Series 1 to 9 with 33 discs £149.99 | Certificate 12 | Running Time
530 minutes approximately (episodes only).

DVD Extras — Seinfeld Season 9 extras (+ 13 hours) | The Last Lap featurette | Scenes from the Roundtable featurette | The Betrayal back-to-front Episode | Blooper Reel | 22 x Notes About Nothing | 13 x Inside Look | 11 x In The Vault (Deleted Scenes) | 11 x Yada, Yada, Yada | 3 x Sein-imation | 5 x Easter Eggs.

The Seinfeld Complete Series 1 to 9 Extras — 60-minute Roundtable with the cast of Seinfeld.