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Seraphim Falls
Seraphim Falls THIS TAUT PSYCHOLOGICAL ACTION WESTERN takes place in 1868, a couple of years after the American Civil War. In the opening sequence Gideon (Pierce Brosnan) is being shot at by Morsman
Carver (Liam Neeson) in the Ruby Mountains and in a series of flashbacks we are shown that there are very serious, unresolved issues between the two men.

Set against the breathtaking land-scape of the old west, the story unfolds as Gideon tries to escape the vengeance of Carver for a tragedy that happened as the result of a terrible accident when Gideon was a soldier fighting in the Civil War.

In his merciless and relentless pursuit of Gideon, ex-Confederate Colonel Carver is urged on by his obsession both to see justice done and his waking nightmare that can only be purged by the death of the former Union officer. In his dogged determination that nothing — and nobody — will stand in his way, Carver displays a cruelty far beyond the man that you imagine he might otherwise have been.

This epic manhunt takes them both far from the comforts and codes
of civilization, propelling Gideon down mountains, through a raging river and across a waterless desert. But can he avoid the showdown he is trying to escape — a showdown that will result in the death of either one or both of these men?

Although quite graphic in places, Seraphim Falls is never over indulgent with its necessarily-brutal storyline and is beautifully filmed entirely
on location in New Mexico and Koosah Falls, Oregon. The superb music score was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. A 'must-see' for Christmas, this compulsive, gritty thriller will leave you thinking well into the New Year.

Academy Award nominee Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan both display their effortless talent and they are joined by the enigmatic Anjelica Houston as Madame Louise touting her 'cure-all'. Carver has a wonder-fully casual encounter with a Native American who tells him: "That which is yours will always be yours; that which you take will always be taken from you".

Directed by David Von Ancken from the screenplay he wrote with Abby Everett Jacques, the film's impressive co-stars include Michael Wincott, Angie Harmon (Rose), Ed Lauter, Robert Baker, Xavier Berkeley and John Robinson.

Seraphim Falls, starring Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson will be released on DVD from Icon Home Entertainment on 24 December (2007). Cert 15 (tbc). Running time: 110 minutes. Special features include an audio commentary with Pierce Brosnan, Director David Von Ancken and Michael Hanan, as well as Behind the scenes of Seraphim Falls and an Icon trailer gallery.

"Mesmerising" — David Edwards, The Daily Mirror

"Tough, gritty and exciting chase thriller" — Alan Frank, Daily Star.
It was also hailed by the Daily Star as: "the best western in years, Seraphim Falls is the perfect gift for your Dad or Grandfather [or
me!!] this Christmas."