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The Shield Season 6
The Shield -- Season 6 The grittiest, most
  controversial television
  cop drama is back with
  a vengeance on DVD.
Good cop, bad cop?
  Forget it —
The Shield
  Season 6
has bad cop,
  worse cop!”

CONSISTENTLY OUTSTANDING, the sixth season of the The Shield the multi-award winning television series will be available to buy as a four-disc DVD box set from 24 March (2008), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Accusations and insults fly as thick and fast as the bullets as The Shield Season 6 continues the blistering pace set in Season 5, which left fans begging for more. The repercussion of past deeds result in
a fallout as The Barn — the special and utterly corrupt LAPD Strike Team — has to face up to some home truths.

Vic Mackey (played with passion by Michael Chiklis, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer) is horrified to discover that it was his supposed friend, Detective Shane Vendrell (Walton Goggins) who killed Lem — especially shocking as Vic has already meted out his own form of justice in the wrong direction. And he faces being forced to leave the unit in two weeks unless he can pull off something big or coerce City Controller Robert Martin to help him in exchange for doing a cover-up job on the story of Martin's missing daughter Emily — who had turned to prostitution to fund a drug habit.

Oscar winner Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland) returns in his guest role and continues to give a superb performance as the uptight and tormented Internal Affairs officer Detective John Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is beginning to resort to some underhand tactics of his own to see Vic and his team exposed and his scenes with Chiklis are dynamite!

Detective Claudette Wyms (the fabulous C C H Pounder) tells Vic
about the San Marcos house murders where eleven people — all illegal Mexicans, three of them women — were hacked to pieces. An unidentified severed arm was also found and the killers are believed to be Salvadorians. Claudette warns Vic that solving the killings is the Strike Team's top priority and solving it quickly means the difference between keeping The Barn open and facing closure. They have to deliver the goods before the quarterly crime statistics are released or they are in big trouble.

Meanwhile, the guilt-ridden Shane covers his back by documenting everything that could incriminate The Strike Team and hiding it "in a safe place". He also does some investigating of his own — including helping a young woman whose father is dying and who may not be all she seems to be. To add to his misery, his pregnant wife finds some hidden condoms and realises he is having an affair.

The unit is also investigating a rape and a sawn-off shotgun attack on people at a street fair and is trying to protect an FBI operative who is working undercover. There has also been some trouble for Russian prostitutes and a young woman from a bakery has some interesting information for Vic.

To complicate things even further for Vic, he has some personal problems to sort out. His daughter Cassidy (Autumn Chiklis) has found out that she has a baby brother and wants to confront her father.

Using brutal interrogations and confrontations with heavy-handed tactics and threats, Vic and his team are not above using every trick at their disposal to get to the truth. And they are working against the clock to save both Vic's job and the uncertain future of the Strike Team. With Season Six, The Shield just got even better.

Created by Shawn Ryan, The Shield Season 6 contains episodes that are produced and directed by Michael Chiklis. The series also stars Michael Jace as Officer Julien Lowe, Jay Kames as Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach, Benito Martinez as Captain David Aceveda, Catherine Dent as Officer Danielle "Danny" Sofer, Cathy Cahlin Ryan
as Corrine Mackey and Paula Garcés as Officer Tina Hanlon.

The Shield Season Six 6 is available to buy on DVD on 24 March (2008). The four-disc set comes with the usual high standard of
bonus features.

The Shield Season 6 | 4-DVD Box Set | RRP £34.99 | Extras: Featurettes — Two Directors Commentaries (30 mins); Satan's
(11 minutes); Full Circle (12 mins).

"…the toughest police drama ever… Tense, brutal stuff! — **** Maxim

"…one of the best cop shows on TV! — **** Empire

"…a series on fire… one of the edgiest, rawest shows on television" — **** Total Film

"Good cop, bad cop? Forget it — The Shield Season 6 has bad cop, worse cop!" — MotorBar