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Shiva Rea Yoga for Beginners

Shiva Rea Yoga for BeginnersDesigned for the yoga novice, Shiva
  Rea Yoga for Beginners
is an easy-to-
  follow DVD that can help you to increase
  your flexibility and to improve your
  fitness as well as encouraging general
  relaxation and well-being...”

WITH MORE THAN TEN YEARS' TEACHING EXPERIENCE, internationally-renowned and acclaimed instructor Shiva Rea goes back to basics for newcomers to Yoga. A leader in the field of Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga™ and Yoga Trance Dance™ worldwide, Shiva Rea began exploring Yoga when she was fourteen in order that she should understand the name given to her by her father, a surfer and an artist.

Flow is a natural state of Yoga that we've known since birth and Shiva Rea demonstrates various positions, giving a running commentary: Foundation Flow; Beginner's Backbend Flow; Relaxing Flexibility Flow; Beginner's Standing Pose Flow; and Shavasana (deep relaxation).

Shiva doesn't demonstrate the full range of her flexibility because her target audience is beginners. She cautions against pushing yourself too hard — every movement should be slow, smooth and fluid. Shiva Rea has a clear, soothing voice and is meticulous with her explanations of how a position should be done and why. Some of the accompanying music/chants are a bit intrusive; but others bring a feeling of calm.

The aim is whole body integration and when you watch her demonstrating on the forgiving sand on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, next to a tranquil blue sea, you understand what she means.

Create the right atmosphere and use a yoga mat and end, as Shiva Rea does, with Shavasana — the deep relaxation that gives you the peace and healing of Yoga.

Following in the success of her previous yoga DVDs, Shiva Rea Yoga for Beginners is an ideal DVD for those wishing to learn the basics and alleviate the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Shiva's DVD, Shiva Rea Yoga for Beginners, will be released on 19 May (2008), courtesy of Acacia at an RRP of £14.99.