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Short Circuit
Short Circuit“After being struck by lightning
  and gaining human intelligence,
an experimental military robot goes
  on the run in the exciting comedy
  sci-fi adventure Short Circuit.
  But he is being closely followed b
laboratory security guards who
  want to terminate him permanently..

FIVE MILITARY ROBOTS CREATED BY GIFTED scientist Dr Newton Crosby (Steve Guttenberg) are being put through their paces when a bolt of lightning hits Number 5 (voice of Tim Blaney) during an electrical storm, causing a power surge that somehow gives him human intelligence.

Knocked off course by accident, Number 5 finds himself outside the perimeter fence of Nova Laboratories and, while he is being chased by security men led by the dogged Schroeder (G W Bailey), he launches himself spectacularly from a bridge and ends up on top of a snack van owned by Stephanie Speck (Ally Sheedy).

A captivating
and emotive science
fiction adventure,
Short Circuit has sparks
flying everywhere...”
Faced with Number 5, Stephanie believes him to be an alien. However, she soon discovers that he is a robot and innocently calls Howard Marner (Austin Pendleton), the head of Nova, to tell him where Number 5 is, not knowing that this could mean the end of the little robot.

Meanwhile, Newton and his assistant, Benjamin Jabituya (Fisher Stevens) are desperately trying to get Number 5 back safely in one piece before Schroeder can find him and dismantle him. Not only that, but with an eye to the main chance Stephanie's no-good former boyfriend Frank (Brian McNamara) has seen a news report about Stephanie and the robot and is determined to get a reward.

With the realisation that he is to be terminated, Number 5 panics and Stephanie begins to realise just how human the robot really is Number 5 is alive. With Newton and Ben trying to save Number 5 and Marner and Schroeder out to put him completely out of service, who will get to him first?

A captivating and emotive science fiction adventure, Short Circuit has sparks flying everywhere. Follow Number 5 in his zany escapades that include some fantastic chase sequences. This thoroughly enjoyable family film will keep the family 'riveted' this Christmas.

Music is by David Shire; Director of Photography is Nick McLean; Written by S S Wilson and Brent Maddock; Produced by David Foster and Lawrence Turman; Executive Producers are: Mark Damon and John Hyde; Directed by John Badham.

* Number 5 is alive in the classic 1986 comedy sci-fi adventure Short Circuit which comes to Blu-ray for the first time (and is also available on DVD), courtesy of Second Sight Films, on 19 November 2012.

Running time: DVD: 95 Minutes Main Feature; Blu-ray 99 Minutes | Catalogue Number: DVD 2NDVD3239; Blu-ray 2NDBR4011 | RRP: DVD £15.99; Blu-ray £17.99.

Special Features: Commentary by Director John Badham and Writers SS Wilson and Brant Maddock | Original Theatre Trailer | The Creation of Number 5 | Cast and Crew Interviews | Behind The Scenes Featurette.

"A captivating and emotive science fiction adventure, Short Circuit has sparks flying everywhere" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A disarming sci-fi skit… a movie for kids of all ages"

"Youngsters will love this hip spoof on hardware movies" Radio Times