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Shut Up And Shoot Me

Shut Up And Shoot MeCommitting suicide isn’t as easy as
  you might think — as Colin Frampton
  finds out when he loses the will to live
  following the tragic death of his wife;
  Colin even resorts to paying somebody
  to kill him in this dark, black comedy
  set against the beautiful city of Prague...”

DURING A ROMANTIC WEEKEND IN PRAGUE, a falling statue lands on Maggie Frampton (Klára Low) in an accident waiting to happen, leaving obsessive husband Colin (Andy Nyman) bereft and unable to face life without her. This tragi-comedy incident begins a compulsive chain of events during which Colin's life spirals hysterically out of control while he stays very much alive.

The distraught Colin tries to commit suicide, but after a failed attempt he decides to use the remaining balance on his credit card to hire a hit man to kill him. But unfortunately the man Colin has hired is hen-pecked Czech odd-job man Pavel Zeman (Karel Roden: 15 Minutes, Blade II, Bulletproof Monk, The Bourne Supremacy, Hellboy) who has zero experience in the killing game — and it shows!

After dropping off his short-tempered, gold-digging wife Liba (Anna Geislerová) at the beauty parlour, Pavel abandons Colin in the middle of a firing range. Miraculously Colin survives but he is completely broke and unable to continue to stay in the Hotel DUM (yes, it really exists) and therefore makes his way to Pavel's flat, discovering later that Liba is having a passionate affair with the man in the flat above (Matej Ruppert).

Carrying his dead wife's remains around in what looks like a tea caddy, the hapless Colin reels from one hilarious disaster to another with Pavel trying to orchestrate yet another hit on him — in the process, the body count is going up; but Colin just won't die.

As Colin and Pavel begin to bond (recreating the natural chemistry that exists between the two actors), Pavel spots an opportunity to steal a briefcase full of money from a Hummer owned by top Prague gangster Karlovic (Robert Polo), known as The Butcher of Prague and who lovingly carries his little dog Bibi (played by Jackie) around with him. He ropes in Colin to help, but unfortunately they have to deal with Karlovic's mistress Veronica (Denisa Knoblochová), who is not going to give in easily.

Shut Up And Shoot Me exploits gags galore as this darker-than-black comedy builds up to its ironic conclusion while reflecting on human behaviour. Unforgettable lines such as Pavel's disappointment when he finds out that Colin doesn't have access to hard cash: "If you screw me, I kill you." Um, wasn't that the point? And, in exasperation: "If I kill you, will you leave me alone?" There are plenty of these throwaway lines and great laugh out loud moments.

A little vicious in places, the film is generally funny and visual and it is a shame that there are not subtitles for the altercations between Pavel and Liba — but that's a minor quibble.

Shut Up And Shoot Me also features Petr Vanek as the Hotel DUM receptionist and Františka Jandová as the old lady. The film is written and Directed by Steen Agro (his first, very creditable, feature film); Produced by Paul Sherwood; Director of Photography is Howard J Smith and the majority of the music is written and performed by Frank Gough.

Shut Up And Shoot Me comes to DVD on 5 January 2009, courtesy of Stoney Road Films. Certificate: PG | RRP: Ł12.99.


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"…a gem of a movie… absolutely beautifully done… remarkable cinematic eye…" — Edinburgh International Film Festival (Nicole Osborne)

"…their spot-on timing is on a par with the interplay between Robert de Niro and Charles Grodin in Midnight Run" — Variety (Eddie Cockrell)

"A wonderfully observant study of Czech and English character" — Prague Post

"Shut Up And Shoot Me exploits gags galore as this darker-than-black comedy builds up to its ironic conclusion while reflecting on human behaviour" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

About Shut Up And Shoot Me

Karel Roden is widely regarded as one of the top actors from the Czech Republic and is known internationally for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters.

Andy Nyman first received critical acclaim for his performance as Keith Whitehead in the controversial British movie Dead Babies. He has played major roles in The Criminal and NBC's Uprising (with Jon Voigt and Donald Sutherland) as well as new movies Coney Island Baby, Zemanovaload and Played (with Gabriel Byrne and Val Kilmer).

Anna Geislerová is a leading Czech actress and has starred in many popular Czech films, including Requiem Pro Panenku, Jízda, Na´vrat Idiota and the recent Oscar-nominated Želary.

Shut Up And Shoot Me Awards

Cardiff International Film Festival 2006: Audience Award | Edinburgh IFF 2006: Rosebud Competition and Best Of The Fest Selection | Galway IFF 2006: Opening Film Selection | Karlovy Vary IFF 2006: Variety Critics' Choice and Ten Films To Watch In Europe | Cherbourg IFF 2006: Jury, Audience & Best Actor Prizes | AFI Dallas IFF 2007: Winner, Best Feature Film.

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