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Skyline“Some very unpleasant, inescapable
  and seemingly indestructible aliens
  have targeted Earth for a shocking
  purpose that could mean the end of life
  as we know it in the all-action, edge-of-
  your-seat sci-fi blockbuster Skyline...

WHERE DO YOU RUN TO WHEN there is an alien invasion and it seems like the enemy can hunt you down anywhere and everywhere? That is the dilemma facing a group of friends who wake up one morning to find that we are not alone.

Elaine (Scottie Thompson: Star Trek) and Jarrod (Eric Balfour: 24; Chain Saw Massacre) have gone to Los Angeles for a weekend away with friends Terry (Donald Faison: Scrubs) and Candice (Brittany Daniel: Sweet Valley High) in their luxury penthouse. There is friction between Candice and Terry over his assistant, Denise (Crystal Read: Crazy, Stupid Love) and Elaine has discovered she is pregnant, just when it looks as if Jarrod's ambitions may be realised.

Terry has become successful and wealthy and would like Jarrod to join him in LA, although Elaine has reservations about the move. After a night partying to celebrate Terry's birthday, the friends wake up to see a disturbing, eerie blue glow shining into the apartment and Jarrod is drawn towards it. His skin has begun to change and he looks as if he is in a trance. His friends pull him back and he recovers, but very soon they will have more to worry about.

Intense blue flares are dropping down among the city lights and high-risers of Los Angeles. As they look out of the window, they are horrified to see massive alien spaceships have blotted out the LA skyline, sucking people up from the streets and from the buildings. It is as if this terrifying, extraterrestrial force will swallow up everybody. The phones are dead, the television stations are broadcasting news feeds of empty chairs and they are helpless. It may only be a matter of hours before we are all gone.

Terry suggests they make a dash for his boat but the aliens have other ideas. Strange creatures are everywhere, searching the buildings and sending probes in to find the last survivors. There is seemingly no escape and even the military, now on the scene and fighting back, is suffering heavy losses. The creatures appear to be indestructible.

Trapped in the building with philosophical concierge Oliver (David Zayas: Dexter; The Expendables), it seems that the friends have nowhere to go. With no running water, no help at hand and no safe way out of the building, it is up to the individuals to use every survival instinct they can muster in order to escape capture by the monstrous creatures that are scouring the city to find every single human being.

Don't open the blinds. The end of the world is at handů and it's just outside the window. Prepare to be mesmerised by the spine-tingling threat from the skies in the stunning sci-fi thriller Skyline.

Skyline is a terrifying journey into Man's fear of the Unknown; a high velocity, special-effects extravaganza that resonates with feelings of urban panic in dangerous times. Visual-Effects masters The Brothers Strause (AVPR, Aliens vs Predator: Requiem) direct, produce and finance Skyline, a spectacular and chilling independent film of epic proportions. The Strause's company Hydraulx is responsible for the visual effects for Avatar, 2012, Iron Man 2, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and 300. Watch Skyline and you'll realise why there just has to be a Skyline 2!

Skyline also features Neil Hopkins (Lost) as Ray. Director of Photography is Michael Watson; Music Composed by Matthew Margeson; cleverly Written by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell; spot-on Casting by Liz Dean; Creatures Designed imaginatively by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr; Executive Producers: Brian Tyler, Brett Ratner, Brian Kavanagh Jones; Produced by Kristian James Andresen and Liam O'Donnell; Produced and Directed perfectly by VEX Specialists The Brothers Strause (Greg and Colin Strause).

Whatever you do, don't look into the blue light as the fatally-attractive and petrifying alien invasion thriller Skyline descends onto DVD and Blu-ray on 21 March 2011. Certificate: 15 | Includes Free Digital Copy Download.

DVD & Blu-ray Extras Include — Deleted, Alternate and Extended Scenes | Pre-Visualization Trailers | Feature and Bonus Audio Commentaries.

"Prepare to be mesmerised by the spine-tingling threat from the skies in the stunning sci-fi thriller Skyline" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Visually dazzling****" — Conor Nolan, The People