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Sleepless starring Jamie Foxx    “A bent cop and his partner steal a
  cocaine shipment on its way to a drug-
  dealing casino boss with connections
  to the mob; but when the desperate
  dealer has to face the unthinkable
  consequences, he has his henchmen
  kidnap the cop’s son, giving his father
  less than one night to get the drugs
  back in the all-action thriller Sleepless.

BASED ON THE 2011 FILM NUIT BLANCHE, Sleepless is a fast action film that begins with Las Vegas cop Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx: Baby Driver; Django Unchained) and his partner Sean (Tip "T I" Harris: Ant Man) hi-jacking a cocaine shipment.

Whatever golden future they may have envisaged, the two men's lives turn into a nightmare as Stan Rubino (Dermot Mulroney: The Grey), the drug dealing casino owner who was waiting for the shipment to arrive, knows that he can expect to die a particularly grisly death if he does not get the drugs back, so he arranges for Vincent's 16-year-old son Thomas (Octavius J Johnson) to be kidnapped and held in exchange for the drugs.

Sleepless is an exciting,
 fast-paced action
movie with
a neat twist...”
During the struggle to seize Thomas, Vincent sustains serious stab wounds and, mindful of the precarious situation he is in, as the drugs were to be handed over to Rob Novak (Scoot McNairy: 12 Years A Slave), the sadistic son of a local mob boss, Rubino gives him just one night to get the drugs back.

Knowing his son was in grave danger and could well fall into even worse hands, Vincent begins to work out how best to get the drugs back to Rubino whilst also getting back his son in one piece.

But he is being tailed by Internal Affairs Investigator Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan: Patriot's Day) who, along with fellow policeman Dennison (David Harbour: Stranger Things) is about to cause Vincent a whole heap of trouble and put his son in extreme danger.

Relying upon his knowledge of the criminal underworld, and his courage and determination, the street-wise Vincent attempts to stay off Bryant's radar until the drugs are back with Rubino, with whom he has already clashed. But nothing goes according to plan; Novak is out for blood and Rubino is not going down without taking someone with him…

Described as a "gun-toting, wild ride of a thriller", Sleepless is an exciting, fast-paced action movie with a neat twist. A credible cast, a compelling storyline with some of the usual clichés and strong lead characters bind the story together well, despite it sometimes having a familiar feel — well, it is based on the 2011 French thriller Nuit Blanche.

We barely took our eyes from the screen and it was good to see Thomas's mother Dena (Gabrielle Union) spring into action when her son was in the line of fire.

Sleepless also features: Tim Connolly as McFerrin; Drew Sheer as Anderson; Sala Baker as Benik; Tim Rigby as Larry; and Holly Morris as Kelly Rubino.

Music is by Michael Kamm; Director of Photography is Mihai Malaimare; Screenplay is by Andrea Berloff; Based on the film Nuit Blanche, by Frederic Jardin, Nicolas Saada and Olivier Douyère; Produced by Adam C Stone; and Directed by Baran bo Odar.

* Sleepless is released in the UK by eone on Blu-ray, DVD and Download on 11 September 2017. EST Date: 1 September 2017. Certificate: 15.

"Sleepless is an exciting, fast-paced action movie with a neat twist" —
**** Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"… a thriller to keep you on your toes" — The Observer