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Snowflake The White Gorilla
Snowflake The White Gorilla“Dare to be different but all a little
  white female gorilla wants is to be
  the same as the other gorillas at
  Barcelona Zoo; but that doesn
t mean
  she can
t have a whole fur-ball of
  fun as she goes on the run with a
  red panda and a clever little girl in
  Snowflake The White Gorilla..

BORN IN EQUATORIAL GUINEA BUT ENDING UP IN A ZOO in Barcelona, Spain, in 1966, impish-looking Snowflake (voice of Ariana Grande) isn't like any of the other gorillas — she is pure white.

Having seen her parents killed by poachers, Snowflake is rescued and brought to the home of a couple (voiced by Dan O'Day-McClellan and April Winchett) who have a young daughter Wendy (Claudia Abate, voiced by Dallas Lovato). Wendy and Snowflake become best friends, but Wendy knows a day will come that the gorilla will have to return to her own kind.

“In this moving and
utterly delightful
children’s tale, there are
many lessons to learn
if you will only
open your heart.
When the day finally dawns, Wendy sadly says goodbye to the little gorilla. She has caused a sensation as she is the only white gorilla in existence and she is headline news. Everybody knows about her.

At Barcelona Zoo she is befriended by young male gorilla Elvis (Nathan Cress) and his sister Petunia (Jennette McCurdy: Malcolm In The Middle), but their father Anvil (Keith David) refuses to allow his children to play with the strange little one who is not like any other gorilla in the world.

However, the Red Panda Jenga (David Spade: Grown-Ups) is close at hand with words of wisdom. He takes Snowflake under his wing and when, as a Buddhist, he is not deep in meditation he gives her more confidence in herself.

Snowflake is not happy. She wishes that she was like the other gorillas and longs to be black. Jenga believes he is a cat (he was, he says, reincarnated as a Red Panda and was once a black Panther). His wish is to be reunited with his family in India.

Little knowing that the sinister Dr Archibald Pepper (Pere Ponce, voiced by the terrific character actor Christopher Lloyd: Back To The Future) is out to kidnap Snowflake to achieve his dream of eternal life for which he needs a white gorilla's heart, Snowflake and Jenga set out to find Brunhilde the Witch (Elsa Pataky, voiced by Diane Michelle), who is visiting Barcelona and who promises to grant wishes.

A worried Wendy discovers Snowflake's absence and, with her friend Brian (Zachary Alexander Rice), is soon hot on their trail; but Dr Pepper has laid traps to catch the white gorilla and he isn't going to put off by anything.

Can Snowflake and Jenga escape the clutches of the evil Dr Pepper? Will their dreams come true? Or will they discover a way to be happy with their lives as they are? In this moving and utterly delightful children's tale, there are many lessons to learn if you will only open your heart…

Music is by Zacaría M de la Riva; Additional Music by Alex Martínez; Director of Photography is Sergi Bartolí, AEC; Original Songs by Mychal Simka and Stephan Deri au-Reine, performed by Dallas Lavato; Writers: Melanie Simka, Harry Glennon and Ross Mihalko; Producer is Julio Fernández; and Directed by Andrés G Schaer.

* The adventure begins… With a star-studded cast, the cute children's story Snowflake The White Gorilla is released in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray on 7 October 2013. Running Time: 81 Minutes approximately | Catalogue Number: LGD95037.

"Snowflake The White Gorilla… In this moving and utterly delightful children's tale, there are many lessons to learn if you will only open your heart"
Maggie Woods