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Sorry! The Complete Second Series
Sorry!: The Complete Second Series First aired in 1981,
  Sorry! was considered
  one of the best
  comedies of the decade.
  Starring Ronnie Corbett
  as mild-mannered
  librarian Timothy
  Lumsden, the second
  series of this hugely-
  popular comedy is now
  available on DVD...”

STILL VERY MUCH UNDER HIS MOTHER'S THUMB despite having reached his 40s, Timothy Lumsden (Ronnie Corbett) somehow manages to attract some half-decent totty and spends much of his time trying to escape the overbearing clutches of his mother Phyllis, played by the very accomplished Barbara Lott.

Much of the time this proves fruitless. Phyllis employs every trick in the book — cunning, spite, ruthlessness — to keep her claws into Timothy and her "baby" safely under her control for the rest of his natural life.

In Series Two the bright, funny and charming but terribly shy and tongue-tied Timothy continues the battle between Phyllis and his succession of girlfriends while his long-suffering father Sidney (the
very dry William Moore) spends most of his time hiding behind his newspaper in his armchair. Timothy's best friend Frank (Roy Holder)
and his sister Muriel (Marguerite Hardiman) try to open up avenues
of escape for Timothy but usually Phyllis finds a way to block them.

His parents wedding anniversary provides an opportunity for Timothy
to get the house to himself — and have a party — but organising a second honeymoon in Cromer, Norfolk, proves to be fraught with problems. And the impending anniversary only serves to remind Phyllis that she could have married Captain Bostock instead of Sidney, and Sidney that "nothing happened" between him and the attractive receptionist on his honeymoon.

Then Muriel walks out on her husband Kevin (Derek Fuke) and Sidney has an accident in the garden and an ambulance has to be called —
a state of affairs that infuriates Phyllis. When asked to call for an ambulance she complains: "What will the neighbours think?" and while her husband is lying on the ground in pain, she scolds: "you always have to be the centre of attention, don't you."

Timothy comes clean to Muriel about the party and says he wants to invite Veronica Struddles. "Why can't you pick on someone your own size?" asks Muriel and Timothy wails: "There is nobody my own size!"

Other episodes include surreal dreams about school, a hospital and a ship that disturb Timothy's sleep, featuring a marvellous John Bryans as Headmaster, Surgeon and Ship's Captain. And Timothy has a shock in store when he attends a job interview.

His mother decides that Timothy needs to get his hair cut as "all that hair causes nightmares"! He goes instead to see a female psychologist (Helen Fraser) who seems interested that his middle names are Christopher Robin and asks: "Have you ever had any frightening sexual experiences?" Timothy replies: "Well… they've all been frightening".

In another episode, Timothy finds himself sidelined by his cousin Brinsley (David Troughton). Suddenly Phyllis is singing and her culinary skills have improved. She refers to Timothy as a "little nobody" and consigns him to the attic so Brinsley — a surveyor, no less! — can have his bedroom. But Timothy has an ally in his cousin, who admires his tenacity at putting up with Phyllis. "You're a brick," he says. "Half
a brick," Timothy jokes.

Interesting for the social mores of the time, Sorry! is a real gem. Con-stantly apologising for the smallest indiscretion, Timothy keeps cheerful and upbeat. The evocative score was composed by Gaynor Colbourn and Hugh Wisdom and Sorry! was produced by David Askey.

The Sorry! Series Two DVD features six episodes from 1982: Cromer or Bust; Perchance To Dream; Sons and Lovers; Great Expectations; The Next Best Man; and Could Do Better. Extra features include a special 20-minute interview with Ronnie Corbett. Sorry! was released on 17 March (2008) at an RRP of £15.99 | Duration: 200 minutes approximately | Cat No: BBCDVD2443.