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Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek: Into Darkness“Sticking rigidly to the original
  characters of the first Star Trek TV
  series from the 1960s and its spin-off
  films, imaginative and talented film
  Director J J Abrams boldly goes back
  to the future with Star Trek Into
, as the young crew of the
  Enterprise face a new and dangerous
an unstoppable force
  of destruction that Trekkers will
  already be familiar with..

PREPARING FOR THE DEATH OF THEIR YOUNG DAUGHTER, Lucille (Anjini Taneja Azhar), who is seriously ill in The Royal Children's Hospital in England, Thomas Harewood (Noel Clarke) and his wife Rima (Nazneed Contractor) unwittingly put into motion a series of events that will endanger Mankind when a stranger offers Thomas a way of saving his daughter's life.

In London, England, in the 23rd Century, a top secret branch of Starfleet designated Section 31 that, under the cover of an archive, houses the development of vital defence technology and the training of officers to gather intelligence on the Klingons and other potential enemies, is attacked by a destructive explosion, killing 42 men and women.

“An absolutely,
fantastically brilliant
with blistering visuals
and tension;
an exciting thriller
in its own right
It is a time when the warlike Klingons have begun to attack other planets in the galaxy and possibly have Earth and the Starfleet in its sights, so such an attack has potentially disastrous repercussions.

The young, inexperienced and hot-headed Captain James T Kirk (superbly played by Chris Pine) and the Vulcan Commander Spock (an equally good Zachary Quinto) have recently returned from a mission to the primitive planet Nibiru where Spock has risked his life to save the indigenous peoples and in rescuing him Kirk has violated a number of Starfleet regulations.

Admiral Pike (Bruce Greenwood) calls Kirk and Spock to account, effectively taking the Enterprise away from Kirk; but a further incident where Starfleet Command is itself attacked sees Kirk taking charge of the Enterprise to pursue the cold-blooded enemy.

All evidence points to the explosive devices having been planted by top agent John Harrison. Whoever he is, the man has incredible superpowers and has gone to ground on a war-torn planet inhabited by Klingons Kirk's orders are to fire a torpedo at the seemingly-indestructible Harrison, regardless of the Klingons whose presence could lead to a war being provoked.

Against all the odds, the young Enterprise crew the very credible cast includes Zoe Saldana as Uhura; Simon Pegg as Scotty; Karl Urban as Dr "Bones" McCoy; and John Cho as Sulu must work together to take out the impending threat while respecting other alien life-forms and avoiding an all-out galactic war. But it is a challenge that may lead them, and the Earth, into facing the most perilous fight of their lives.

The Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D packs are bursting with behind-the-scenes material detailing how the filmmakers delivered such a rousing epic filled with both spectacle and soul. Well worth checking out.

Earning a coveted 'A' CinemaScore, the phenomenal global sensation Star Trek Into Darkness delighted audiences around the world. Lovers of Star Trek, sci-fi and thrillers will be captivated by Star Trek Into Darkness, an absolutely, fantastically brilliant movie with blistering visuals and tension; an exciting thriller in its own right. A WOW of a film.

Star Trek Into Darkness also features: Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan; Alice Eve as Carol; Bruce Greenwood as Pike; Peter Weller as Marcus; Jerry Scully as Lt Chapin; and Amanda Foreman as Ensign Brackett.

Original Music is by Michael Giacchino; Director of Photography is Dan Mindel, ASC, BSC; Costume Designer is Michael Kaplan; Visual Effects Supervisor is Roger Guyett; Visual Effects Producer is Ron Ames; Written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtsman and Damon Lindelof; Based on the Star Trek series created by Gene Roddenberry; Produced by J J Abrams, Bryan Burk, Dakon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci; Executive Producer is Jeffrey Chernov; and Directed by J J Abrams.

* Paramount Home Entertainment presents Director J J Abrams' highly-anticipated debut of the worldwide blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness that sets a course for Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and On-Demand from 2 September 2013. Feature Running Time: 131 Minutes | Sound: DVD 5.1 Dolby Digital; Blu-ray 7.1 Dolby TrueHD.


Discs: 1 | RRP: £19.99 | Feature Film in Standard Definition. Special Features: The Enemy Of My Enemy: Find out how, and why, the identity of the film's true villain was kept a mystery to the very end | Ship-To-Ship: An in-depth and thrilling look at the filming of the iconic space jump sequence, which both defied the laws of physics and pushed the limits of visual effects.

Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray & Digital Copy)

Discs: 2 | RRP: £25.99. Special Features: Feature Film in high definition | Creating The Red Planet | Attack On Starfleet | The Klingon Home World | The Enemy Of My Enemy | Ship To Ship | Brawl By The Bay.

Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray & Digital Copy Combo Pack

Discs: 3 | RRP: £29.99. Special Features as for Blu-ray Combo Pack.

"Star Trek Into Darkness [is] an absolutely, fantastically brilliant movie with blistering visuals and tension; an exciting thriller in its own right" Maggie Woods

"Mind-blowing" ZOO

"Fantastic fun" Total Film

"Slick and action-packed" Daily Star

"…glistening visuals" The Guardian

"…jaw-dropping action sequences with engaging, personal dramas" The Sun

J J ABRAMS EXPRESSED HIS EXCITEMENT that viewers at home could now check out Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-ray and DVD.

"They did a great job and I'm thrilled with how everything looks and sounds. We also have some real fun behind-the-scenes special features that we shot on the Red Epic Camera and created entirely in-house at Bad Robot. They really look amazing and unlike anything I've seen on DVD or Blu-ray before.

"I hope fans enjoy seeing the process that went into making the moving and the truly amazing work of our most spectacular cast and crew."