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Stargate: Atlantis (Season 4, Volume 1)

Stargate: AtlantisThe adventures of the Stargate crew
  continue with their voyage to the lost city
  of Atlantis in the hugely-popular Stargate
spin-off, Stargate: Atlantis...

THE MOST DANGEROUS ADVENTURE YET in Stargate: Atlantis finds the team dealing with a power drain in the first episode of Season 4. They are cut off from Earth, following a battle with The Asurans that leaves many wounded. Having lost their location, they are drifting out into space and have to rely on their own resources. But is that enough to get back on track and repair the damage to the city?

The familiar Stargate: Atlantis team — Lt Col John Sheppard (Joe Flannigan), Dr Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) and attractive alien warriors Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell) and Ronan Dex (Jason Momoa) are controversially joined by new leader Colonel Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping). And you can see them all again now as Stargate: Atlantis Season 4, Volume 1 is released on DVD.

Dr Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson) is among the more seriously injured and is in a coma, suffering from a brain oedema. Dr Keller is attempting to resuscitate her and there are fears that, even if she does survive, she will have irreparable brain damage and will never be the same again. By a twist of fate; Elizabeth will need to live to help to destroy a disturbing invasion — even if she has to then sacrifice herself in order to save the rest of the crew.

McKay's concern is that Atlantis has started shutting down its artificial gravity and he orders the protective shields to be collapsed to compensate for a damaged power system — leaving them open to attack. In turning off all non-essential systems, everything has been collapsed to the point where only the main tower is protected and there are just 28 hours left to save everyone from death.

Having made a desperate jumper mission to clear a path for the city through an asteroid belt, Sheppard leads a team to make a daring raid on the Replicator home world. Deep within the Replicator City, they are in grave danger and at risk of discovery.

And Ronan and Teyla come across a group of warriors from Ronan's home world of Sateda who are planning to infiltrate a Wraith weapon facility — and are asking for help from Atlantis.

What is the crystalline growth that threatens to start an epidemic? Will the team be able to save Atlantis from destruction and complete their mission? Or is there a darker force at work that will not easily be stopped?

Exciting and innovative, Stargate: Atlantis takes you to the outer limits — with a clever mix of gutsy, determined human and alien characters who entice you into this absorbing science fiction series.

Created by Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper, Stargate:Atlantis is Directed by Martin Wood, Produced by Andy Mikita and John Lenic and written by Martin Gero. Also featured are Jewel Straite as Dr Jennifer Keller; Michael Shanks as Dr Daniel Jackson; Richard Dean Anderson as General Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill; and Beau Bridges as General Hank Landry — brought out of retirement to take over from O'Neill.

Stargate won the 2008 People's Choice Best Sci-fi Favourite Sci-Fi Show.

Stargate: Atlantis 4.1 is available now on DVD (released 2 June, 2008). Certificate: 12 | RRP: 19.99.

Volume 1 Special Features — Mission Directive: Doppleganger with Robert C Cooper | A New Leader: Amanda Tapping joins Atlantis | Photo Gallery | Commentaries with Cast and Crew.

Stargate: Atlantis Season 4, Volume 1 was released on 2 June (2008). Volume 2 will be released on 16 June; Volume 3 on 30 June; Volume 4 on 14 July; and Volume 5 on 28 July. The complete box set of all volumes will be released on 4 August (2008) by MGM and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

"Exciting and innovative, Stargate: Atlantis takes you to the outer limits — with a clever mix of gutsy, determined human and alien characters who entice you into this absorbing science fiction series" — MotorBar