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Star Suckers

Star Suckers“Billed as ‘the film that Max Clifford
t want you to see’, Star Suckers
  is an exposť of the way that big
  business uses celebrity to
  misdirect, distract and control

  audiences everywhere...”

EVERYONE WHO WATCHES STAR SUCKERS will know that the media has much control over what the public thinks. But just how far is the media willing to go to ensure you believe something? How did we get to a place where celebrity is worshipped, emulated and the core of a must-have fantasy a world where, if there isn't a story you can always spin one?

From Chris Atkins, the director of BAFTA-nominated Taking Liberties, comes Star Suckers — a fascinating journey into the dark underworld of modern media, uncovering the real reasons for our addiction to fame and blowing the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from us by influencing our children and our spending. Star Suckers claims that you, the audience, has unknowingly become part of a great illusion created to captivate, misdirect, distract and control. And it's all down to a natural attraction to Fame.

Although you might deny it, says Star Suckers, EVERYBODY is naturally and powerfully attracted to fame. The younger you are exposed to the celebrity culture, the more likely you will be sucked in. Influencing the next generation to believe that they can and will follow that dream is big business and there are even companies that offer you the chance to be a celebrity for a day.

A survey by Jake Halpern (the author of Fame Junkies) of around 750 American teenagers, talking of their aspirations, found boys wanted fame almost as often as intelligence but girls wanted fame over intelligence. Reality shows are turning young people into narcissists and the more they watch these shows, the higher their addiction is to celebrity.

With celebrity status comes the heady cocktail of publicity and performing itself can produce a high akin to the chemical rush of cocaine.

There is an insatiable demand for factual television shows involving children, and parents appear to be prepared to do anything just to put their children in the limelight. Sponsors play on your emotions with celebrity endorsements, making big money from your obsession with celebrity. If you entertain the world, you can reach and influence a vast audience.

Not all of this influence is negative, of course. With the cultivation of the need to get familiar with and to copy celebrities, some famous people have worked on campaigns that could alter our lives in positive ways. The James Dean Road Safety Campaign in 1955 was a great idea; but sadly the star did not listen to his own words. Gossip is essential to the media, but hearing about other people's experiences may also help with our own problems.

A covert operation filmed over a two-year period, Star Suckers uses a combination of previously unseen footage, undercover reporting and stunts that fool the public and the media alike as well as animation to reveal the toxic effect that the media is having on us all. The film also argues how truth has become a distant memory in some modern news reporting and presentation, and climaxes with shocking revelations about Live 8. A warning of being too susceptible and too obsessed with celebrity, yes, but Star Suckers is thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking. And there's also a list of disclaimers at the end of the film!

Do you want to know how much Simon Cowell pays publicist Max Clifford? Or what the PR guru does to protect one of his influential clients who enjoys sex in public places? Would you like to know what Samuel L Jackson , Clint Eastwood, Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes think about celebrity culture and their fans? Or how about hearing how to make a quick £600 for a fake story that a reporter is too lazy to substantiate?

All is revealed in Star Suckers, the highly controversial documentary about a media obsessed by celebrity, available to rent and buy on 12 April (2010), courtesy of Network Releasing. Certificate: 12 | RRP: £14.99 | Running Time: 101 Minutes | Catalogue Number: 7953312.

Bonus Features

The Media | Celebrities | Fans | Celebrity Charity | Making Of Documentary | Trailer | Promo Animation.

Special Features

Audio commentary with Director Chris Atkins and Producer Christina Slater | Companion Booklet Written by Chris Atkins | 100 Minutes Of Previously Unseen Video Footage of Celebrity Interviews.

PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN BONUS FOOTAGE available exclusively on this DVD includes some tongue-in-cheek interviews with 50 Cent, Samuel L Jackson, Keira Knightley, Clint Eastwood, Emma Watson, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Chris Noth, Jennifer Tilly, William Moseley, Eddie Izzard and Ralph Fiennes and their relationship with fame and their fans.

"Starsuckers is thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

The Sunday Times, Heat Magazine and The Express all awarded Star Suckers ****.