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Step-By-Step BellyDance With Leilainia

Step-By-Step BellyDance With Leilainia “Dancing your way to fitness is the
  most enjoyable and easiest way to
those inches, and Step-By-Step
  BellyDance With Leilainia
will give
  you a fun introduction to a sexy
  dance style and a fantastically toned

INTRODUCING AN ANCIENT AND POWERFUL form of artistic expression that originated in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Step-By-Step BellyDance With Leilainia is an elegant and fun way to achieve a sleek, slim physique.

Called Raqs Sharqi (oriental dance) in Arabic, belly dance is one of the oldest social dances in the world and is a great way to work out and to increase your physical awareness, co-ordination and core balance. Led by an inspirational performer, Step By Step Belly Dance With Leilainia will help you to lose weight and gain complete muscle tone while you learn this exciting art form.

Leilainia works her way through the movements, explaining each part of the belly dance thoroughly. Step-By-Step BellyDance With Leilainia is an ideal introduction to this unique dance practice and, after learning the basic movements from the tutorial, you will be able to try any one or all of the three fifteen-minute dance combinations.

Giving you choices to work around your own personal fitness level, Leilainia gives you a high energy routine for major calorie burn, a total body toning workout or a cheeky fun and flirty fusion of modern and traditional moves. Feel feminine as you get fit!

From shimmies to "snake arms", these exciting moves work the glutes, quads, arms and back as well creating an incredible midriff. You will feel strong, sexy and empowered as you burn fat and get fit. Embrace your personal style while creating a deeper connection between the music, your body and your mind. Slim and have fun!

Perfect for beginners, Leilainia is fantastic to watch and easy to follow on the Step-By-Step BellyDance With Leilainia DVD as she takes you literally step by step through the routines. Starting with the essential warm-up, through the High Energy Basics, Toning Angels and flirty Grapevine to the essential Cool Down, you will be amazed by how quickly you can pick up this fabulous dance.

Music is by Rara Avis and Amani Friend; Bonus Performance Music by Danyavaard; Producer is Paul Ecksteen; Director of Photography is Matt Ardine; and Director is James Wvinner.

Step-By-Step BellyDance With Leilainia is a brand new DVD from Acacia to help you to build core strength, co-ordination and muscle definition, whilst reducing stress and renewing energy and will be released on 12 April (2010). RRP: 14.99 | Catalogue Number: AC6073.

Bonus Features: Dance Performance (From Hemalayaa) | Bollywood Dance Blast | Dance And Be Fit Brazilian Body | History Of Belly Dance | Leilainia Biography | About The Composers | Audio option (Music and Introduction or Music only).

"Perfect for beginners, Leilainia is fantastic to watch and easy to follow on the Step-By-Step BellyDance With Leilainia DVD" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

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