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Stolen“When a master thief is left to his fate
  by a getaway driver, he serves time
  in prison and becomes estranged from
  his family; but on his release his
  former partner in crime wants his share
  of what he believes is well hidden and
  kidnaps his daughter to hold to ransom
  in the exciting thriller Stolen..

PART OF A CLEVER BANK RAID that fools the FBI, Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage: Drive Angry) is let down by his getaway driver and serves eight years in prison.

On his release he is followed by FBI agent Tim Harlend (Danny Huston: Wrath of the Titans) who, in common with his former partners, erroneously believes Will still has the missing $10 million from the bank job.

“Stolen is a keep-you-
guessing, pulse-
thumping thriller that
is relentless
in its delivery
Desperate to see his 15-year-old daughter Alison (Sami Gayle: Television's Blue Bloods), who is having counselling for abandonment issues, he finds she is not receptive to him.

Hearing that his former friend and partner Vincent (evilly-played by Josh Lucas: J Edgar) has died, Will is unprepared for a telephone call from Vincent, who demands his share of the money and tells him that a bullet to the leg wrecked his life.

But Vincent does not believe there is no money and he kidnaps Alison, keeping her drugged and moving her around New Orleans as he keeps Will at bay with the threat that he will kill her unless Will comes up with the money. And he has just twelve hours to do so.

Will goes to see his old friend, the beautiful, tough and determined Riley Jeffers (Malin Akerman: Watchmen), and they team up to try to rescue Alison before it is too late in this rapid-paced action heist thriller that sees them frantically racing across New Orleans to track down the wily Vincent.

But Vincent has a trick or two up his sleeve and manages to stay one step ahead of them and it takes some quick thinking and brinkmanship to keep Alison alive. How do you trap a madman with a grudge?

With a suitably nasty bad guy, exciting car chases and a well constructed story, Stolen is a keep-you-guessing, pulse-thumping thriller that is relentless in its delivery. Superb, and perfectly cast with the fabulous Nicolas Cage and an empathetic Malin Akerman in the lead.

Stolen also features: Mark Valley as Fletcher; M C Gainey as Donald Hoyt; Edrick Browne as Jacobs; and Barry Shabaka Henley as Reginald.

Music is by Mark Isham; Director of Photography is James Whitaker; Executive Producers include: Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbout and Trevor Short; Written by David Geiggenheim; produced by Rene Besson, Jesse Kennedy and Matthew Joynes; and Directed by Simon West (The Expendables 2).

* Action director extraordinaire Simon West and superstar Nicolas Cage team up for the first time since the genre-defining blockbuster Con Air for Stolen, out to own on Blu-ray and DVD on 5 August 2013. RRP: DVD 17.99; Blu-ray 21.99. Features: Behind The Scenes of Stolen | The Cast & Crew of Stolen.

"Stolen is a keep-you-guessing, pulse-thumping thriller that is relentless in its delivery"
Maggie Woods